Jahni Denver

FRESH HEAT: Is Jahni Denver The Dopest Denver Rapper So Far… Or Ever?

Since Hip-Hop’s inception, its popped up in some of the most unlikely of places. From the suburbs to the farthest reaches of the planet, Hip-Hop has gone from an inner city phenomenon to a worldwide lifestyle. But has there ever been a poppin rapper from Denver? Like one with a chance to have an impact on the game?

Enter Jahni Denver, an artist pushing his music within Snow the Product’s WOKE Movement. He started as worker in a bud dispensary, and now he’s heavy in the medical marijuana game and has a real following in his city.

Besides Snow, Jahni is the only other artist on the label and he’s been a part of three national tours, including one recently with Dizzy Wright and Demrick.

Aside from his tracks with Krizz Kaliko and Bizzy Bone, Jahni has features coming soon with Snow, Dizzy Wright, Demrick and others. Currently Jahni is also working with FigzTV for more visuals like the one below so expect weekly content from the WOKE camp, with their new WOKE app with exclusive content and live streams every Sunday at 5pm pst on WOKEtv

  • Executive

    He has a song with one of the Greatest, Bizzy Bone and of course I went straight to his verse and after that I exited.

  • fTHAT

    Major Key ALERT, gimme the keys…that thing slaps and the video was going. Almost had a seizure in a good way lol Jahni dope as F

  • Alvaro Rincon

    Been an honor workin with such a talented & humble individual, & more bangers to come -pumbaareyounutz

  • mariah_96

    Jahni is the hardest working rapper from Denver. Making moves across the world he’s gonna kill it. Better watch out for JAHNI DENVER 🔥🔥

  • Taz Braddy

    Jahni seems to be always be expanding his horizons, and he continues to put Denver on the map. Never had more respect for a Denver artist that goes so hard for the city – nothin but respect. #CCI

  • Kenneth Kinney

    Jahni Denver is Hip Hop! I love this new artist from his delivery to his energy to his realness! This is truly my new favorite rapper! He is what the rap game needs now more than ever! #WokeBoys

  • Terry Kinney

    Jahni Denver is truly the most authentic rapper ; not just in the city of Denver but in the entire rap game.
    Every lyric in every song is a true story.
    That’s what separates & makes Jahni a “real rapper” in now a days hip hop culture.

  • Christian Ramirez

    My boy has some serious talent  bomb lyrics one of the few mcs that will make true hip hop lyrics matter again I’m proud as a dj to perform higher levels and the crowd goes crazy‪#‎staywoke‬ ‪#‎higherlevels2‬ ‪#‎missenchilada16‬‪#‎jahnidenverwalkbyfaith‬

  • Neko26

    Super dope track by Jahni showing his real talent here best outta Denver at the moment !! #StayWoke

  • Villoneous1

    Definitely the best out of Denver. Jahni makes real music for real people and stays true to his heart. I have yet to see another artist go state to state and across the world representing Denver so hard.

  • Karl Gunnar Anderson

    Jahni Denver has been killing the game for years and finally is gaining more of the recognition he deserves! He has worked with some real bad ass talent and always finds a way to shine through! Big up to Jahni, snow da product and the whole woke fam! Jahni is dialed in, don’t sleep on this artist, BIG things on the way!!

  • Dj Toca

    Absolutely agree that Jahni Denver is one of the Hottest out here. All my peoples in the Chi rock with him.. He’s been on the come up this past year, the only big homie I know making moves outta Denver and still reppin hard from where he came from. Not only is he underrated but mostly a role model for the homies that can make it Big, Consistency is key… and the flow and lyrics are provided and delivered on a hot plate if you know what I mean.. -Dj Toca Aka Mr Street Tunes

  • Mark Smokesalot

    Jahni is the best, there’s no question about it! From Mountain Lion Vol 1, til his latest tracks, he never lets up. Just unrelenting truth through poetic verse after poetic verse. I expect big things from Jahni in 2016 and beyond.