Young Thug, Thugger

Has Young Thug Inspired A Movement Of “Flexible” Rappers?

I swear people are going out of their way to kill rap LOL! A Texas rapper named Blues has admitted that he’s influenced by Young Thug. Thugger and this “flexible” movement have reached new heights. Blues rocks make up, pink faux fur, and a see through mesh/net shirt. Are you feeling this? It’s like Young Thug and Jaden Smith combined. Texas hold this L. What are your thoughts?

  • Savimbi

    Appalling to say the least.

  • DrakeDoesn’tWrite

    *Loads gun* *puts gun to head* *pulls trigger*

  • Brindle

    Terrible, has no place and definitely untalented… but with his supporters, gay supporters, this website giving him the time of day and the APATHETIC he’ll be winning a grammy within 5 years… STAND UP & SPEAK OUT

  • Hahahaha…. Hold up… Hold up…. Bwahahahaha…

  • Delano Walker

    “flexible” rappers LMAOOOOOOOOO

  • StephenDedalus

    Young Thug= gay for pay.

    • Banksy

      Cut the shit. Gay for pay. The denial is strong with your generation. Just like it was strong with the previous one who tried to tell me nothing was gay about Baby and Wayne kissing. A video could surface of that man servicing a nigga a nigga like you would still find a way to call it fake.

      • StephenDedalus

        I was merely pointing out the obviousness of this man’s intent. He might be gay, he might not be, it really doesn’t matter, what does matter is his use of the controversy. His music is fucccin trash, but he keeps his name out there by flaunting sexual ambiguity. and your “outrage” s what fuels the media circus around him.the best thing would be to ignore him, or wait till Game catches him.

      • Banksy

        Nobody is outraged. To be honest I can’t name a single song from this weirdo. What I do find annoying is how dudes like you put a question mark on him because he’s famous but would never do that if he was a regular nigga. Like when I asked some of Waynes fans that if they saw two grown ass men kiss the same way Baby and Wayne did would they automatically assume that they were just greeting each other like “gangsters” do? Of course not! The same way with this nigga. If you seen a regular nigga do all of the suspect shit this nigga did there would be a question in your mind about his sexuality but he because he’s “famous” there has to be some conspiracy attached to it. Man FOH miss me entirely with that.

  • Banksy

    “In the absence of truth Bull shit will Prevail” -DMX
    This is what happens when NY loses its strong hold on Hip Hop. Say whatever you want to say about NY but under our reign none of this went down and thats real.

    • Vinsanity

      Mister Cee?

      • Banksy

        Really nigga? Whatever Mister Cee did he kept on the low you niggas no F’s what so ever when it comes to gay shit. If anything it seems like you niggas wear that shit as a badge of honor down there.

    • NCcatsBALLhard

      NY started the downfall of Hip Hop…

      Blame Puff
      Blame Mase
      Blame all the superthugs and mafioso rappers
      Blame beefs
      Blame 50 Cent keeping everybody divided
      Blame Pink tees
      Blame NY DJs
      Blame NY rappers who rap like they’re from everywhere else
      Blame NY for supporting BS hip hop like every other state

      • Banksy

        Everybody you’re blaming from NY makes and made better music and had way more respect for the culture than all of the gay artists your region produces and celebrates.

      • NCcatsBALLhard

        Right so what about French Montana?

      • Banksy

        What abut him? He’s under the South Reign where wack ass rappers are not only accepted but are also celebrated. Lets not try to act like the “Kang” of The South did not put on and cosign Iggy! Stop reaching because you know its the truth. Under NY’s reign every single region produced quality. Under the Souths reign those safe guards were removed, the standard was lowered and we’re stuck with the garbage that we have today. Go ahead and try to debate it. Even the gay dude in this article is from the South. You niggas made it cool to be wack, gay and weird.

      • NCcatsBALLhard

        If u knew your Hip Hop you would know NY niggas were the 1st to start that fruity fashion wear…Google ANY album cover pre 85 and see how suspect niggas look.

        T.I. signed a money maker. Look at her album sales.

        Dont try to put wack ass French on the South. Where is he from and where does he claim?

        Why did ALL of NYs top rappers have to spit on some South shit?
        Jay Z
        All of em either switched styles to sound Southern or rap on South beats…

        Then yall tried the whole ‘NY is back’ thing and it still failed…

        Now go back to listening to Rappers Delight and reminiscing about the good ol days when only NY hip hop was played…

      • Banksy

        You’re a kid. Which is obvious by the way you type. For example look at how you trying to be funny by talking down on old school rappers. This right here reinforces what I said to be true. You niggas have zero respect for Hip Hop period. Talking about culture vultures, you niggas are the real culture vultures. Not white people! At least they have a decent level of respect and understanding for Hip Hop but not you niggas. Thats why you idiots but out the crap that you do and whats funny is you niggas even know its crap but you’d rather continue supporting grown ass men calling each other bae while they hit the Quan then to admit what I’m saying is true. That When NY had the reigns we brought balance and a standard to the game that is non existent thanks to you niggas. But of course I can understand why you niggas don’t have respect for the culture because it was never your culture to begin with. You niggas adapted it but it’s not yours.

      • NCcatsBALLhard

        You didn’t address a word I typed because you know you’re on some BS…

        Nigga I dont listen to none of these new age wack rappers…I can tell you’ve never left your state. You have NO idea how it goes down here. I know plenty of people down south that don’t listen to Young Thug or the rest of this wack sh*t…I would continue but you dont have the balls or the knowledge to address my last post.

      • Banksy

        Your last post is stupid. You know how many South rappers rapped over East coast sounding Beats. And flipping a flow for a song and actually running with another niggas whole style are two different things. These new niggas like Asap Rock and French Montana are lames who have to act like they’re from the South to survive in this wack ass climate. Plus their skill set as rappers is low so they know NY niggas won’t accept them with open arms the same way you niggas will. One mans trash is another mans treasure. Also if our top rappers can flip your style I think that speaks highly to the versatility because I can say I’ve ever heard a top rapper from the South able to flip our style because they’re not that versatile. BTW I’ve been out of my city. Actually traveled around the world twice. And truth be told whenever the topic of “real Hip Hop” is brought most of the rappers that are named come from NY and the rest come from The West Coast or is someone like Scarface or Andre 3K other than that. I don’t hear nothing else. No address my last statement about the fact that you niggas have zero respect for the culture. You niggas don’t even have respect for the city that made it even possible for you niggas to even know wtf a Hip Hop is to begin with.

      • NCcatsBALLhard

        Bruh peep my avi…J. cole, Rapsody, and 9th Wonder are our state’s representatives who got cosigned by the 2 GOAT NY rappers, Nas and Jigga…
        If you traveled so much you would understand that mostly bitches support Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan and the rest of the wack rappers from down South.
        NC supports artists from all over. I’ve personally listened to underground from all over.
        You name drop ASAP and French but I guarantee they’re bigger in NY than down here. I was just in Manhattan before Xmas and all I heard on the radio is South shit and Drake. Don’t blame the South, blame record companies and the people in power in NY that let/made it happen…

        Do me a favor. Name the 5 hottest rappers in NY in your opinion.

      • KRS, Kane, Big, Tupac, G Rap, ATCQ, EPMD, Melle Mel, etc.

      • NCcatsBALLhard

        KRS-legend but irrelevant
        Kane-legend but irrelevant
        BIG-legend but dead
        Pac-Cali nigga and dead
        G Rap-legend but irrelevant

        All those rappers you named are irrelevant. I’m pretty sure I asked to post the 5 HOTTEST rappers. Not greatest. I just want insight from a fellow NYer who they think is holdin it down from NY without sounding like an out of towner…

      • Relevant?
        That’s subjective….what is your definition? Lyrics that change your life perspectives or sales?

        Nicki Minaj? sells more than Killer Mike or David Banner, but I wouldn’t consider her better or more relevant.

        Who buys actual physical albums?
        Tupac was Born in NY, Manhattan, @ 125 Worth st, Manhattan Detention Center aka : The Tombs

        Respecting Hip Hop means respecting NY….don’t confuse Hip hop with RAP!

      • NCcatsBALLhard

        I asked about the hottest rappers, which means rappers who’ve actually dropped material within the last yr or 2 that people have actually heard. You’re posting people who aren’t even alive.

        Nicki is just as relevant as Killer Mike bc they’ve both dropped recent material. Banner not so much.

        Pac wasn’t raised in NY. Hell he didn’t even go to high school in NY.

        I respect alot of legends of hip hop which happen to be from NY. However I don’t respect these hating ass cats who try to look down on another region bc they are the forefathers of a genre. The dumbest sh!t I’ve ever seen…

      • Dogs don’t understand English, they understand “TONE” & listening to music uses more of the brain that any other activity.

        If dropping music that people hear is “HOT,” Bobby Schmura is HOT by your definition, not mine, but……

        I don’t hate on the south, I respect their position, I just hate on Ninjaz that promote Sambo’ism.
        IE: Gay Thug, Stench Montana, Officer Ricky, etc.

        I don’t see anyone dissing Killer Mike or David Banner, but Lil Durk, Chief Keef, etc…get dissed, while MatLock, also from Chicago, and white, is holding it down for Hip Hop.

        MATLOCK feat. Moodswangz- “Hang ’em Up High”

        MatLock – ChicagoLand

      • Celz

        I fuccs wit NY rappers heavy since Big L was still alive.. to niccas like Nature and Cormega.. I owned the Giancana Story and Beneath the Surface when they first dropped.. But man my niccas be gettin all caught up in they feelings when discussin Hip Hop. You can’t blame the short comings on one region just like you can’t proclaim NY untouchable when discussing those shortcomings. Much respect to NY but the Watts Prophets were rappin on beats before Hip-Hop existed..

        But the 5 hottest rappers from NY right now are

        Grafh, Smoke DZA, Joey Badass. Kiss the OG still doin shyt, and the rookie to watch is Tweezie..

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        You speak without facts. Pac was born in Harlem stop lying he lived there till 15 moved to bmore for two years and then move to Cali in 88. He died at 25 so he wasn’t in Cali for only 8 years. He still had his NY accent he didn’t sound like a cali cat. 15 years versus 10 away from NYC is a New Yorker. He still went back to NYC constantly there after but his family mopreme and others were still there in NYC. Wacka Flocka is from NYC but moved to the south. So yes he was raised in NYC because he was their for most of his life. That doesn’t make sense what you said because he missed high school doesn’t mean he still wasn’t living there or was born there. SMH! Also you can say everyone from NYC hates the south if anything it is the opposite. You had some of the greatest mc’s come out of the south Andre 3000, scarface etc. They are well respected by NYC. It is you calling Kool G rap irrelevant or legends irrelevant because they are not making bs music on the radio. Yet when they go over seas millions of people go crazy over them. They sell out stadiums overseas. Music has changed over the decades. The garbage on the radio is pushed by labels and radio. In the 90’s the shit today would be consider wack. You couldn’t get a deal unless you were lyrical or had content.

      • NCcatsBALLhard

        I know he was born in Harlem…I was wrong tho,Pac was in high school for 2yrs in NY before he left. That nigga did not have an NY accent tho…

        Waka is definitely the South but if you wanna claim him, go ahead. He’s wack as well…

        I was born in NY but I’m not from NY…Andre 3000 and the pioneers before him had to fight to get that respect. NY ALWAYS hated on rappers outside of NY. Don’t act like this is new bc of the BS dropping these days…

        G Rap is irrelevant he hasn’t dropped an album since 13 and hell I didn’t even know it dropped…Fuck overseas I live in the US…

        NY made this bed now they need to lie in it. When it was nothing but NY hip hop being played NC LOVED that shit…I’ve probably listened to more albums from Queens than you have…When NY artists collaborated with rappers from down south we loved that shit. We never looked down on yall even though the stuff yall were starting to spit was getting out of hand. NY thinks every rapper is suppose to be an MC with super lyrics, expanded vocab, and able to freestyle at a moment’s notice. That’s not how it started. That’s what it eventually evolved into. Hip hop started off as party music now it gets dissed. Makes no sense. Now when talking about lyrical content, thats a whole nother subject.

        The worse thing about this is the higher ups have divided hip hp once again…NORTH vs SOUTH…Shit makes me sick that I gotta constantly defend the South bc some ignorant ass nigga acts like every artist from down south is some crossdressing mumbler…Do your research this shit JUST started…Its apart of the gay agenda that SOMEONE is pushing…

      • RazaBladeKing

        You’re wastin your time. I swear NY n****s are the only ones in the country who think somebody somewhere else is just sittin around hatin on em. I know no one’s sittin around hatin on VA, cuz I realize outside of VA, nobody cares about VA like that. It’s like that everywhere, but in a NY n****’s mind, they’re the exception. Like there’s a lair in Tennessee fulla dudes conspirin to keep Dave East off the radio. Dave East ain’t on the radio cuz NY n****s spend 95% of their time hatin on everyone else instead of proppin up their own. Like you said, when they actually prop someone up? All 3 coasts embrace em. Look at 50’s run. But all they do is hate on everyone else, and its been like that since the 90s. I guess I get it: if you’re delusional enough to think you “created” black culture (as if Scarface, NWA etc weren’t also rappin in the 80s), it would probably suck to think you haven’t had control of your own creation since… when was Doggystyle? ’93? Yeah, I’d be mad too. But you’ll notice on these boards that NY n****s constantly whine about a conspiracy against them; then you’ll see, it’s only NY cats that hate on entire regions and, more hilariously, it’s only NY cats that hate on NY rappers… because outside of their lil island… no one else cares.

      • ZUBU

        Get Em’ Bro……… Word……..

      • Banksy

        Cosign. This nigga talking about irrelevant. These niggas have zero respect for the city and the culture that made it possible for them to even know what Hip Hop is today

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        No one was dressing in girls clothes, lip stick, high heel women’s shoes, etc in the 80’s. They had jeans yes that were close fit some of the artist but they were not dressing as a tranny. Big difference. Also you can’t put Africa bam to all the NYC mc’s as far as extreme clothes because they were one of the few coping how parliament funk were dressing. Young thug, lil b are dressing as trannys do, so you can’t make up a lie saying NYC artist were dressing in full drag.

      • NCcatsBALLhard

        Yeah they were stop fronting. So you don’t remember that light skinned dude from Furious 5 with the perm looking like a straight chick?

        So bc its the Parliment, they get a pass?

        Lil B is from the West but I agree Young Thug is a gay af…

    • AMEN TO THIS SHiT!!!

    • Celz

      Sit down bruh.. Cali is poppin right now.. There are plenty of southern rappers with bars.. And the Midwest is drillin.. Them weirdos down south is gon do whatever they want no matter what real niccas anywhere do. And it was a NY nicca who made pink fur cool for men to wear..

      • Banksy

        So you’re telling me that Cam wearing Pink back in the day inspired niggas to hit the Quan and call their homies Bae in this day and age?

      • Celz

        No I said he made it cool to wear pink furs. If I meant something else I would have said it. Point is can’t no real street or conscious rappers anywhere stop weird niccas from doing shyt. If it could they would have stopped already. I do fault OGs like TI for cosigning the nonsense but it is what it is.. Dividing hip hop into NY vs isn’t going to help..

  • Banksy

    And stop trying to be Politically correct they are not “flexible” (pause) they’re gay.

  • ebonyhud

    Ain’t nobody lkilling rap. He do what he does…other rappers do what they do. Whats so hard about thinking like that?

  • Bo$$ Bueller

    Looks like Lil b to me,lol!

  • 😐😐😐

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  • Gonja

    “Texas hold this L.”


  • Thought Dog

    People really need to research what the minstrel shows were and compare it to what rap has become.

  • xdc

    no writers you hold the L for writing stupid ass articles, especially ones based on that idiot Akademiks

    • EXACTLY!!!!! They adding publicity to all type of fuckry

    • Celz

      Akademiks calls the bull out.

  • ZUBU

    Flexible… WTF…… Gay Pride parade ass dudes/girls/confused…. SMH……

  • there is no way in hell martin luther (king) dreamed this ish up;
    AH for the sake of black history month please cut this ish out

  • josh

    F*** this S***

  • bubbylana

    Dude took tranny rap to new heights . Na fr that was disgusting . And it ain’t original , Tryna be gayer than young thug wtf kinda drugs these Niggaz on

  • Live Well

    Lil B started this shit

    • Anthony Mason

      Lil b made it cool to hipsters which spurred on a whole epidemic all over the U.S. in the major cities….

      Lil b’s demo is college age hipster drug addicts…

      • Live Well

        Yep. That where this pillow fighter shit in Hop Hop incubated.

  • Boogotop

    Illseed was telling the truth! Salute.

    • RapItUp

      probably why he isn’t working for this site anymore!

      • Boogotop


  • StephenDedalus

    kill it with fire!!

  • Markus

    Damn shame. Suspect movement is growing. Long live the old school in my mp3 player.

  • The Legendary Troll

    man what in the got damn shit is this thing?

  • ursocalledgod

    he just opened the door for fruity azz non talent gimmick ” rappers” to make some money that’s all. these fuccing fruitcakes have been around for a long time but now they feel comfortable enough to show themselves to the world. smh thank goodness real hip hop is still here for us true heads.


    This young man been gay. Young thong just pulled a lot of them out the shadows. Before thong they just took dick up the ass indoors and in dark alleyways smh. He brought biker jeans to the fore front, even though Wayne and Rich Homie rocked them…..Thugger put them on the map, along with women’s blouses. SMFH Texas has to hold this L……Fags and women who hang with fags are the only ones who don’t have a problem with this bullshit, this is the kind of shit that would scared a little kid into tears.