ILOVEMAKONNEN Gets Wild With The Ladies In “Where Your Girl At” Video

This was almost a throwback video of sorts, kind of like a toned down, college version of Cam’ron “Horses an Carriages” video. Anyone remember that? Well either way, Makonnen makes the ladies go crazy in this one. Check the pool party/music video below!:

  • Anthony Mason

    This s*** was like walking by a garbage dumpster when it is 90 degrees out and it just rained…

    • Casor_Greener

      Worst thing I have seen in a few years

  • Anthony Mason

    I have never seen so many girls look uncomfortable and forcing themselves to smile in a video. So everyone’s girl wants to stand them up to hang out with this chubby faggot huh? Lmao!!! Ughhh!!!!!

  • Anthony Mason

    @Jakes Crates you must be a millennial airhead making such compairisons. This is Mississippi outhouse in August quality…

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  • Thought Dog

    Is this dude a satire rapper?