Welcome To The Twilight Zone: Future’s Camp Defends Ciara’s Honor?

Photo Credit: YouTube

Both on and off the mic, Future is making his presence felt. Recently, Mr. Freebandz earned an unprecedented honor from Billboard. Within the last 50 years, the Georgia native garnered the distinction of becoming the first artist to most quickly earn three No. 1 albums.

Given the growing popularity of DS2, What A Time To Be Alive, and Evol, it’s only natural for Future to embrace different concerts and scheduled appearances. In addition to his Rap career, Future’s relationship status has been highlighted with the media and with his supporters. Many contentious interactions between himself and, Ciara — his former fiancée — have provide fodder for sordid headlines.

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Early this morning (Feb. 19), a group of the “Honest” artist’s supporters may have crossed a line. It has been reported that unidentified individuals from Future’s camp laid hands on a collection of Chicago men who were said to be disrespecting Ciara, this according to DJ AkademiksDuring a supposed meet-and-greet at Chicago’s RSVP Gallery an alleged altercation transpired. Future was not on site when the situation occurred.

Check out a video from the incident.

  • therealest1

    This is the sad state of rap when an ass clown who mumbles actually has hits and a following.

    • Myleage

      its “Magic” lol. i used to feel the same way. but after growing up a bit, i realized you can have fun and be on ur grind at the same time. I may bump DS2 and Illmatic in the same session.

    • Shhhhhh.


      Clowns like you dont even try to understand the lyrics.

      • therealest1

        Only clowns like you can listen to garbage.

    • I have an honest question for you no sneak dissing or disrespect. If you go out with friends, clubbing, strip club, hanging with the homies what kind of music do you listen to?

      • therealest1

        No problem. And I’ll gladly answer your curiosity, I’m too grown to go to clubs so I don’t, I was never into them anyways. Seeing fake ballers trying to act big or pretend to live it up for a night when they will go back to crappy lives still living with their parents and driving shitty cars once the clubs close isn’t something I need to see.

        I just try to make money and come ups myself most of the time. I don’t hang out like that. I’m a straight loner. I have more associates than friends, and I prefer it that way. I only have a real small circle of friends.

        I just play mostly older albums in the car. Particularly 90s and some stuff from last decade. I also like 80s stuff like N.W.A & Public Enemy. I also play older songs on my iPod when I exercise. I just like old stuff, I hate most of the newer stuff.

      • Ok that gives a better perspective, because on my end when it’s time to go out I’d prefer to hear the newer stuff. Daily errands and working on things I put on the older stuff. Thanks for sharing brother, I know the newer stuff has lost the essence to what the golden era had that music felt like a home cooked meal, but for the “turn up” the new stuff is Mc Donald’s

      • therealest1

        The 80s was great because it was the advent of the art form where many original artists emerged and created a template for others to follow in releasing good music. 80s was the period of originators to me.

        The 90s became better due to a progression of rap receiving mainstream exposure with cable outlets based on artists becoming innovative by incorporating and evolving their styles. It definitely became more advanced because lyricism and rap styles really evolved. 90s was the period of the innovators to me.

        But when rap gained mainstream acceptance by the late 90s based on it outselling rock and other music in 1998, that’s when it died as an art form to me. Yes, I was glad it outsold all other music that year because it proved the skeptics and doubters who dismissed rap as a fad that would die fast back in the 80s. But after record labels and corporations saw how profitable it was after that year, I feel it was the nail in the coffin for creativity.

        Since then rap has become a profitable business instead of an actual art form. Since the labels and corporations control what artists to push and how they should sound in order to gain sales and radio play, there will never be creativity anymore because they’re the ones investing the money so therefore it’s their input.

        It’s sad how record labels can take an artist with no talent and turn them into a star because they have a look and sound that can appeal to the masses. Chingy and Nelly are perfect examples of that.

        I think technology also had a part in rap’s downfall as an art form. Since people began downloading music illegally in 1999-2000 period instead of buying from stores, my friend believes it’s made artists complacent with their music since they’re aware most people will download it without paying anyways so they don’t really care about crafting good music.

  • Briggs Islam

    Damn, have to say his crew is pretty weak. I mean 3 guys jumped him and the guy walked away like he was avoiding the paparazzi. I hope these future drug addicts, I mean followers aren’t proud of that…

    • Casor_Greener

      LMAO!!! He really did

    • RonRico Jones

      Watch it again homey. The one that was getting the most shots ran the other way fast as shit. Paparazzi dude got socked once and had enough.

  • josh

    Wow what a fight. First you prove you’re cowards by going by the looks of it 6 on one tiny ass kid and 2 then kid still left walking looking like he didn’t get touched. Futures fans fighting skills are as good as futures rapping skills

  • Frank Yoster

    So selling 100k albums makes u great these days….bro future sucks balls


      He put out like 5 albums and 7 mixtapes since the beginning of 2015. All High Quality. Sounds like greatness to me.

    • Gap Tooth Bruce

      hater alert!

      • The Wackness Vs Dope

        sorry the truth is he is wack. cheef keef was wack and so was gucci mane and because blogs told you they were hot you ate it up. until u realise a year or 2 down the track how wack they are

    • therealest1

      Thank you. That’s the sad state of rap that I’ll reiterate.

      Remember when it was considered great if rap artists went gold in the 80s? Remember when it was considered great when rap artists went platinum in the 90s because of rap getting increased exposure and acceptance from other racial demographics?

      It’s crazy and sad it went back to the 80s where gold is considered good nowadays. I say rappers going gold is even harder based on the fact people don’t really buy music anymore since they can download it illegally. Downloading legally on iTunes doesn’t help sales anyhow because people have been downloading illegally for a few years before iTunes came out.