A True Hip-Hop Hero: Rapsody Said THIS About Meeting Dr. Dre

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(AllHipHop News) Recently, Grammy Award-winning, NC lyricist, Rapsody, opened up about meeting Dr. Dre. As one of Hip-Hop’s elusive hero’s that moment still resounds within the  mind of  the “Complexion (Zulu Love)” featured MC. To have earned the Doctor’s stamp of approval surprised Rapsody. She insists that his character is “cool, laid back and humble,” this according to HipHopDX. 

Rapsody would recount the unforeseen experience of meeting The Chronic creator. A trip to Los Angeles to help polish a project with Terrace Martin lead to the fateful meeting. While in L.A. Rap would meet up with her friend, Wyann “The Voice Of Reason” Vaugh. Wyann is a singer and hails from a celebrated R & B lineage. She was personally chosen by Dr. Dre to co-host is radios show, The Pharmacy.

So when the Beauty and the Beast wordsmith received a call to link up with Wyann she was on her way. Rapsody recalls, “She said she was at the studio and wanted to see me. I had no idea I was going to meet Dre or what. I get there and start talking to her. Then Dr. Dre and DJ Premier walk in through opposite doors at the same time. I was like oh sh*t.”

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The Southern explained her momentary dilemma, “The messed up thing was that I didn’t know who to speak to first. Like me and Premier are close, but I’m Dre’s house and I didn’t want to be disrespectful. So Premo started joking with me first and I went and hugged him and then introduced myself to Dre.”

“I had my camera guy with me and I didn’t want to come with the camera on in his house, ” she explained. “I just wanted to ask first, but before I could ask, he looked at me and asked was the camera on. Then Dre was like come here and that’s when he did the shout out.

Between working on “parts for the Beats show” and cultivating a new “Lauryn Hill joint” Rapsody was challenged to spit for the supreme sonic engineer. She then explained that surreal situation, “”Dre was like he had time for anyone to do a drop or spit a rhyme. When he said rhyme, everyone in the room pointed at me. I was like yup, OK. You have a moment, I’m about to rhyme in front of Dr. Dre during the first time meeting him.”

The prepared narrator was ready. ” You snap out of it because when you practice for the moment, it’s like practicing free-throws a hundred times a day. When it gets to game time, you’ve done it so much to where it’s nothing. That’s what it is. Dre is cool, laid back and humble. He didn’t make me feel nervous about it,” she said.

“He has the same qualities I’ve seen in 9th working with him all these years, referenced Hip-Hop’s student, “He’s a teacher first and just gives you game and advice. That’s what I loved about the whole experience.”

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    Cool. Rapsody is dope.

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  • TheAfroRican

    Very nice. Rapsody is a true MC.

  • Xxplosive 1

    What Grammy credit did she get? Also can someone please explain how Trinidad James won a Grammy?

    • MassConglom

      Kendrick won the Grammy for best rap album… so not only did he win but everyone who was involved in the production and the writing process won also. Rapsody has writing credits and was feat. on his song “Complexion”.

      • Xxplosive 1

        Cool thx bruh, but how in the hell did the all gold everything kid get a trophy?

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        Did he? I didn’t watch the Grammys.

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        First Kevin Gates album does well sells wise, and now this. These not so well known niggas are getting accolades out of nowhere.

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        The Hip Hop Genre is changing like Voltron.

      • He didn’t. He got left out by a technicality. His record label forgot to do something. It was for UPTOWN FUNK.

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    Please, please can y’all proofread this stuff before you put it out..I know people hate grammar police but damn. Some of these mistakes can be easily fixed. I guess that’s asking too much..

    Anyway, I love Rapsody..Always have..

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    Don’t know if Rapsody’s getting a Grammy, but not mad of she does. Will any of these mainstream smut-peddling radio channels give her her due shine or nah?


    She deserves it, she’s dope!!

  • She’s overrated as she is overweight. Y’all fed off the hype because she’s on K. Dot’s album, that is all.

    • Dr Dre, DJ Premier, Kendrick Lamar, and 9th Wonder would disagree. I’d listen to those guys before I’d take any advice from you. 😂😂😂😂

      • Of course you would. You’d also jump off a building. There will be nothing of this chick.

        I’d take Jean Grey and Snow Da Product’s spit over this chick any day. 9th Wonder… LOL! Stop it.

        Dre is just rolling with it. She ain’t Jon Connor dope and we’ve seen what he’s done with him.

        I love Dre, but let’s be real…

        You’re a puppet. Hope you go on hunger strike till Detox drops.

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      She was popping before Kendrick dropped that album.

      • No, tf she wasn’t.

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        She been making albums since 2010. I dare you to say I’m wrong.

      • Maybe you’re not wrong, but 4 people heard her work before she was on K. Dot’s album lol and that includes her family members… 4 at most

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        You’ve probably never heard of her because you’re too busy checking for garbage like French Montana, Future, Kevin Gate and so on. Turn off the radio and go underground ✌🏾️

      • I listen to Masta Ace, Apathy, Bronson, Chance TO Future, Gotti, etc. I listen too different styles as long as the music is good and fits the vibe. No one heard of her prior to K. Dot, fact. Deuces

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        Just because you’ve never heard of her, doesn’t mean that everybody hasn’t. Anyone that knows of 9th Wonder, knows of Rapsody. He’s the one who pretty much put her on. ✌🏾 And by the way , did you really mention Future in your lineup ?😩😩😂😂😂😂

      • On the grand scale of things, on a wider spectrum, she’s NOT as relevant as you would like for her to be. She’s nice, not “Jean Grae” nice, but she’s aight. And yeah, I did mention Future. I turn up to Future music with some hoes at times, sue me lol.

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        Saying you “turn up to Future” alone explains your lameness. 😩😩😂😂😂

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    Dr Dre is the dude

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    Greatest producer in rap history…no matter what coast….and I’m from the south.