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Deadpan Scared Of Kanye? Goes On Rant Dissing Wolverine, Apple And SNL

(AllHipHop News) Deadpool might be the biggest new thing in the cinematic Marvel Universe, but that isn’t stopping the character from going on a rampage – parody style.

The character, as played by Ryan Reynolds, was supposed to host SNL (in his mind), but went on a rampage when it didn’t happen (making fun of Kanye West’s taped rant).

Last week, Kanye West had an alleged meltdown and it hit headlines everywhere.

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Deadpool may parody Mr. West, but he didn’t mention the Chi-Town gangsta’s name (more parody).

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  • RapItUp

    Just trying to figure out why the headline says ‘Deadpan’, yet I don’t see that anywhere else in this ‘article’.. Smh..

    • therealest1

      This damn site is rife with errors.

      • Celz

        They probably think you typing rife was a typo smh.. IlliterateHipHop . com

    • Dope

      It’s that classic AHH writing.

      • RapItUp

        lol let’s see if they ever correct it. Also, they just reposted the 50 Cent social media flossing story again, same exact story, nothing new to add, spare the pictures we already saw. This site has really spiraled downhill in such a pitiful manner..

      • Dope

        Well, a day later they didn’t. They just post that crap and never look back.

      • RapItUp

        lol seriously.. this site has seriously taken a major turn for the worst.. sad part is, I looked at an article from a couple years ago, one of the ‘related article’ joints.. and we were complaining about the piss-poor journalism like 3-4 years ago.. so it doesn’t appear it will get any better..

      • Dope

        Yeah, it’s no worse today then it was some 5 years ago when I first stumbled across it.

      • RapItUp

        like, 7-8 years ago.. and even further back, it used to be dope… the rumors were sick, tons of rumors on one page.. legit stuff. illseed was a very viable source.. no sydney lace and ‘classicone’ and ‘houston williams’ or, the best one yet, “INSIDE MAN” (lol wtf) they said eff this site. if MTO can make a profit off of whack ass, half-ass journalism, they probably figured why are we paying these people all this $$ when you don’t even have to do any work to get traffic?

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  • staticb62

    That typo, Deadpan, is disrespectful to all comic fans, current and former. The writer’s ignorance of the subject isn’t supposed to show in a simple feature article.

  • LOL that’s hilarious!! ….. AHH do you guys not proof read before you drop an article?

  • Roxas Withersby

    I will volunteer my services free of charge to edit your piss-poor articles. This is like 7th grade writing, if that. One word: Proofreader

  • Churro

    Why does it say Deadpan? This is pissing me off. I didn’t even bother to actually read the article. You guys don’t proofread at all.

    • Uncle Ruckus

      I know how you feel. I went through 20 years of education to then get ill and currently seeking employment….while some c&&& gets to work for a once great site in a once great genre f***ing up a once great profession!

  • Uncle Ruckus

    Bring back THE REAL IllSeed

    • Nana De Baus

      He now works at burger king

  • wes mc

    I only visit this site to read the comments now, used to be great in its prime but now it’s full of shit like this. Deadpan??