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Is Bow Wow Dating This Singer?

Photo via Bow Wow’s Instagram

Bow Wow recently posted a photo with a new special lady.The photo was captioned, “head rubs are the best,” and this left everyone trying to figure out who was the lady rubbing on his head! Many speculated that it was singer Keyshia Cole, and it has been said that Keyshia is actually the woman in the photo and in Bow Wow’s life. Apparently the two have known each other for a very long time, and they allegedly connected on a different level when they crossed paths at a club recently. Allegedly Bow Wow is sprung over Keyshia, but Keyshia wants to take things slow since she’s still legally married. Is Key an upgrade from Erica Mena?

Bow Wow

  • WeakSauce


  • The Legendary Troll

    Chicks like Erica are meant to be enjoyed for the night. Not wifed

  • AHH is like that crew of gossiping high school b*tches sitting at the lunch room table during every lunch period. They didn’t know sh*t and never took the time to learn.

  • Guillaume Pilon


    Not really an update


    If so that’s their thing LOL, everyone throws shade at Shad Moss LOL let that little nigga breathe LMAO!

  • Bobhope

    Why do they hate on him so much ….can somebody anybody please answer that ….he been live good for 20 years at least 1993

    • baller187

      cuz he fucked himself of with that tho eric mena, what a fool

  • John Holladay

    Lil homie been a millionaire for 15 or so. He still getting checks from tv..he’s not a street rapper so why is he lame? He’s sold more records than 80% of current rappers. So what he dates THOTs all these rap cats do. Kanye, for ex. Sounds like people just like to hate on him because he’s an easy target.

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  • SimonSays

    Let lil dude live. He’s successful and knocking chicks down consistently. Ain’t nothing wrong with living life.