Kanye West, All Day

Kanye West Drops Dramatic “All Day / I Feel Like” Video

The video is limited, but clearly thought out. You know that everything that happens in the video is clearly planned, or is it? Was this just one take of many and Kanye loved this one? Maybe we will never know but this is art as Kanye would say. Check it out as “All Day” and “I Feel Like That,” the the Steve McQueen visual treatment below. The Life of Pablo available now!

Kanye West – All Day / I Feel Like from BANTUMEN on Vimeo.

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  • InTheNightKitchen

    What a waste of a dope song, way too many N bombs for me b. I hate that word, I hate that I used to say it. I hate my people saying it. I hate that my people got other races thinking it’s ok to say it. I feel like snuffing young and old every time I hear it. Just laying you out where you stand, sit, or lay.

    • bluelight74

      That word is disgusting. And here is what he seems to not understand. He begs and pleads for white people’s respect and admiration. They will NEVER truly respect a person that refers to themselves with that word. Whites poured all the negativity, degradation, hate, malice, envy and fear they felt toward black people into two syllables. And now we go around willingly referring to ourselves with this term.

    • DLOUPO

      But the whitys love it, it almost like a license to say it cause it’s in a song, y u think gold digger was so successful

  • Leonard Tarver

    In this video this n*gga like that 1 kid in the neighborhood that you knew about but never seen because he was always on punishment 😂😭💦💦

  • Ricky Bbg

    Lmao Kanye just having fun lol all day Nigha lol