Rich Homie Quan Gets Roasted Over 17 Minute Freestyle

Photo via Rich Homie Quan’s Instagram

FREESTYLING: It ain’t for everybody! Rich Homie Quan has been getting relentlessly roasted for one of his recent freestyles on Tim Westwood’s show. He plays entirely too much. He took a shot a rapping over Bryson Tiller’s “Exchange” instrumental which contains a sample of a slowed version of the ’90s classic “Swing My Way” by KP & Envyi. He also attempted to freestyle over a few other well known instrumentals. After getting clowned, RHQ said,

“It was just a freestyle u idiots. A 17 minute one at that. Yo average artist gone spit a written verse social media is the devil, but it comes with the territory. Either you wit me or not. I really don’t give a fuxk. But wen March come, don’t be dixk riding #StayTuned.”

Do you think RHQ will deliver some new heat in March? In all fairness, how do you think RHQ’s freestyle was?

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51 Responses to “Rich Homie Quan Gets Roasted Over 17 Minute Freestyle”

  1. WeakSauce

    I saw this weak ishh yesterday. My homie was like, “Yo son, you want to hear nikkas freestlying these days?” I was sure! He pull this video up and after the first 3 bars I told his ass not to ever bring crap like that up to me again. WTF happen to hip hop? Oh yeah, the youth lol

    • Anthony Mason

      I’m like that too…

      I might grab a friend up by the collar messing around and say ” what the f*** is this bruh? Why did you show me this on a Monday nigga? You know I hate Mondays and the type of f*** s***.” Lmao!

  2. IL4M

    RHQ is cool but this was trash, but hey he did freestyle I guess… Anyway Check out a real of the top Freestyle Y0utube: iL4M – Cold in this World (Live studio freestyle flip)

  3. edeck7

    Man, RHQ wasn’t even trying to really freestyle, but I think this is a GREAT lesson for him that he gotta take this HIP-HOP/RAP Shish seriously where ever he is at because the haters lookin to take us ATLIENS outta the game Kick ass next time RHQ

  4. keith peru

    Not a good freestyle, per say, however it is interesting to see how he constructs his songs. Start with a freestyle, keep the okay parts, and discard to complete garbage parts.

  5. Delano Walker

    why would yall have the nigga do it for 17 minutes like he fuckin slaughterhouse or some shit tho. Set homie up for the fail

  6. STEPH

    Bryson Tiller should send a Mossad hit squad for this nigga, just on the sole purpose of saying his name and attempting to freestyle to his beat.

  7. STEPH

    People who brought his album and green light this bullshit kind of rap has to accept some responsibility for this shit….You are the ones who’s responsible for Monsters like him and Young Thong.

  8. GoodMusic36

    One of the worst Westwood freestyles I’ve heard but he does have a point. At least he didn’t bring out his phone with a pre written verse.

  9. Anthony Mason

    Shawty, swing my waaah, shawty swing my wayahh, shawty my way ehh…ehh…Yeah ehh

    -Rich Homie Quan freestyle Circa Feb 2016


  10. Papi Peligro

    I was counting the hits. Thats that James Brown Freestyle. He should’ve spun around and hit the quan and said ZAPADODA I FEEL GOOD.

  11. ursocalledgod

    niggaz should not be shocked that this ole garbage azz “rapper” cant freestyle. just like garbage azz young thug. these niggaz aint rappers they are dudes who are benefitting from a period when no talent azz dudes can shine in rap.

  12. Tohn

    Hot garbage! Can’t believe these are the niggas that are considered hot these days. I feel sorry for the yes men in his entourage that have to co-sign and pretend this shit was dope.

  13. Anthony Mason

    This nigga was feeling himself so much. The headphones must have had the autotune feeding back to him in them and we just couldn’t hear it….

    This nigga felt ultra special and godly all at once. Lmao!!!! Look at his facial expressions…

  14. Celz

    A few observations. He looks extremely suspect for one.. And for two no bullshyt the dude has major underlying talent. He just needs a few seasons on making the band. But if this nicca really took the time to understand music theory, took singing lessons, and really worked on his bars he’d be a force fa reals..

    But then again that’s like telling an 8th grader if he goes to school for 12 more years he can be a doctor..

    One last observation. After the labels cut out artist development for a few years the artists just developed themselves.. Now these kids buy music from underdeveloped artists talking bout he’s raw or he’s fresh talent.. No shyt that means he isn’t a fuccin professional and is making shyt up as he goes..

    • Anthony Mason

      Nigga could not remember s*** he just thought of. Nigga was second guessing every word. Xanex is a b**** like that. Bet he does not remember doing this. …

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