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Dr. Cornel West Calls Hillary Clinton “The Milli Vanilli of Politics”

Dr. Cornel West does not hold back. The scholar appeared CNN with Chris Cuomo and stated that Hillary Clinton was like “the Milli Vanilli of American politics.” He continued to state that she has only offered “lip service” and not real action with it came to matters that affected Black Americans. Check the full interview.

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  1. cutthroat1984

    Who voted for the crime bill? Bernie Sanders voted for that bill. Hillary Clinton help created SCHIP which helped black children. Hillary Clinton didn’t characterize black kids as Super Predators, that’s a lie. She was talking about kids in general and she never singled out black children.

  2. ZUBU

    Got mad respect for Dr. West… Always….. Yet I would rather see Clinton in office than Trump, Cruz, Rubio…. I don’t think Sanders is electable; Americans are scared of Socialists…. Most Americans equate socialism to communism… They are vastly different but most Americans don’t understand it…

  3. Newfirelock

    Cornel West, Hillary Bashing, Gang Violence, And Sexism


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    Cornel West has attacked Hillary Clinton for using the term ‘Super Predator’ in 1996, to describe the behavior of some young gang members.

    If, however, anyone is to blame for the ‘Super Predator’ scare and mythology, it was not Hillary Clinton, but the media and so-called experts who promoted the idea, which was believed and repeated by many frightened citizens, including Black, Hispanic, and Asian Americans.

    But, Hillary was essentially right then, and she would still be right if she referred to gun violence in general, and did not use the now discredited term ‘Super Predator,’ or specifically single out young gang members. Even if the original theory was wrong, and may have led to the over incarceration of many young men, the final truth is that there are sociopathic young people out there, they are black, brown and white, with guns, and they are killing innocent people without mercy. Call them what you like, they were a problem in 94′ and they are a problem in 16′.

    Besides, Hillary Clinton did not coin the term ‘Super Predator,’ she only referred to it. But Cornel West (a Democratic Socialist supporter of Bernie Sanders) is acting like it was her invention – and he is giving her heat for the crime bill passed by her husband, Bill Clinton, in 1994, which was, at the time, applauded by many, including many Black, Hispanic, and Asian Americans who had suffered – and still suffer – at the hands young gang members in their own communities.

    Cornel West’s out of context and twisted comments are typical of the kinds of Hillary bashing that has been going on for at least 24 years. She has always been held to a different standard than others, even though, in most cases, the things she is called to task for, such as the vote to give George W. Bush the authorization to invade Iraq – if it was shown to be true that he had WMD – was supported by most Democrats.

    Go back over all of the things Hillary has been attacked for and one finds that none of them hold water beyond an appearance of impropriety, which, when one goes deeper, turn out not to be quite what they appear.

    Benghazi: 11 hours of drilling, on top of hearing after hearing.

    Outcome: Nothing (Except an admission by Republicans that the purpose of the hearings was to take her down).

    Goldman Sachs talks: Talked about women’s equity in the business and financial sector.

    Outcome: No record of her votes as a senator being influenced by the money she was paid. (But now she is being asked to release transcripts of her talks, while others are not).

    Emails: Ongoing investigations of use of private server.

    Outcome: So far, no secret emails. Emails made ‘confidential’ after the fact. No sign that she did anything wrong. (Confidential rating lowest of the security ratings of classified information.)

    As a woman, Hillary Clinton has endured more than the average male politician and activist would be expected to endure during 24 plus years of public service. Like black leaders, from Doctor King, to Malcolm X, to Jesse Jackson, not to mention many others, she has had to suffer much of the same slings and arrows that they have. She has had to run a similar gauntlet of abuse, in order to gain equal respect and rights in a male dominated world, just as they have in a white one. And, like her black counterparts, including the black president she served, no matter how intelligent, or experienced, or qualified she is, it’s never good enough. Everything she does or has done is examined microscopically, in ways that most white men never have to undergo, and it is never enough.

    Even Cornel West, a black preacher/teacher and pop culture celebrity, whom I once considered wise, has joined the bashers of our president and his secretary of state. And though I am disappointed with him, one thing I have learned over the years is that sometimes our favorite people on the left fall off the edge of the world, just as their counterparts on the right do, and Cornel West has gone off the edge for Bernie Sanders, just as many have gone off the edge for Donald Trump.

    So now, those of us who maintain a sane balance, away from the far left and far right, closer to the middle, and closer to the truth, need to remember who stands there with us, and then stand with her when our time comes to vote. I already have.


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