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Murda Mook & Dutch Brown Discuss Drake’s “Summer Sixteen” vs Meek Mill’s “War Pain” (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Murda Mook is considered by many battle rap followers as one of the most legendary figures of the competitive culture, so he is definitely an expert when it comes to jousting with words. The Harlem emcee and fellow Dot Mob representative Dutch Brown sat down with to give their take on the recent lyrical back-and-forth between Drake and Meek Mill.

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The Hip Hop world was hit with another round in the Drake vs Meek conflict on January 30. Drizzy returned with his latest single “Summer Sixteen” which included a few shots directed at his MMG rival. However, Meek was able to fire back with a response just minutes later by releasing his 4/4 Part 2 track “War Pain.”

While Mook believes Meek will have a difficult time convincing the general public to back him in the feud, the former Ruff Ryders affiliate still questions Drake’s pen game.

“I still don’t know if [Drake] wrote this sh*t,” says Mook. “My thing is this bro. I’m a rapper. I come from real life rap. You’re not about to let n*ggas write your raps, and just be thinking you can go and say, ‘I’m the nicest rap n*gga.'”

He adds, “I don’t know if he did [have a ghostwriter], but it was just a lot of indication that that happened. I can’t give n*ggas props for saying some sh*t if you didn’t write it.”

Mook and Drake have their own personal history as potential competitors. The two rhymers reportedly came close to battling at King Of The Dot’s “Blackout 5” a year ago. They met face-to-face again at URL’s “Nome 5” last May.

This all came after Mook claimed Drake challenged him to a lyrical contest. Since that time, Mook has called out the OVO founder at the BET Hip-Hop Awards, on a “6 God” remix, and during a freestyle on Hot 97.

Dot Mob’s F*ck The Politics mixtape hosted by DJ Whoo Kid is scheduled for release on February 24.

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Watch Murda Mook & Dutch Brown’s interview below.

  • We’re still having this discussion? Drake’s rhymes are written. Meek beat him in the last bout. Drake beat Meek before that. Whatever…. Whatever….

    • my thing is what do they consider a weirdo and “real nigga”? why do people consider meek a real nigga? drake is a considered a weirdo because he dont hustle or shoot people. like you said tho this shit is dead.

      • Obi Won

        I’ve never heard anyone refer to Drake as a weirdo, just soft.

      • i think meek calls him a weirdo all the time. but eh.

      • Live Well

        I think a “real nigga” pretty much means a street dude. A weirdo is an emo type dude that’s always confessing his emotions.

      • Probably cause that n*gga stay in beef with the courts.


      Most rappers have their shit written

      • Sure. Most “Rappers” have their sh*t written. MCs would NEVER do that sh*t. Drake absolutely is a rapper. An emcee would never allow it. If you’re walking around claiming to be an MC like Drake clearly has then people have a right to judge you negatively. Kanye and Dr. Dre get passes because they are known for the beats. But they don’t walk around talking that MC sh*t cause they know better. Drake is the only one running around with MC on his chest. He just got clowned for being an everyday rapper.
        Meanwhile…. Ask Kendrick if he uses a ghost writer. It’s like night and day right there.

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    Drake better stay far from Murda Mook….Could potentially destroy his creditability and career.

  • KashIsKlay

    Meek won that round


    Mook need to focus on gettin his bread up

  • NotTomFromMySpace

    Mook needs to focus on being something other then a battle rapper. Drake’s “ghostwriter” is more well known then you bruh

    • Savimbi


    • Celz

      That’s not his game. And if Mook is such a no name why was Drake trying to come up off his name. Money isn’t everything. Just because you aren’t rich and on tv doesn’t mean you lost. That’s why niccas is broke so worried about showing out. Meanwhile the black man who invented the super soaker is worth almost 400 mil and is a real life rocket scientist. I guess if he dropped a mixtape he’d be top 5 in the game, fucc if he can actually rap or not.

      • Q.

        Wow. My aunt knows that dude, out in Cali. I think he was an engineer at CalTech or somethin’. That brotha made a killing off those damn water guns.

      • Celz

        Yea man he’s a genius but we’d rather praise degenerates..

  • PacoLoc0

    I love how cats act like Meek was some nice battle rapper. He was cool, but his name didn’t ring bells like Jihad (who bodied Mook), Reed Dollaz, Ness, or Hollowman. Meek’s problem is he’s just not clever. His bars are just ok. Same thing when he came at Kendrick…he spits nothing to have you like he bodied dude. That War Pain joint was bland as sh it. Dude said y’all didn’t come downstairs…lol!….you didn’t go upstairs either. FOH

    • Celz

      He flamed him.. No shyt Meek isn’t an emcee.. It was better than a whole song of your girl makes money bars..

  • James lewis

    Peace. There is a difference between “then” & “than”

  • Rozay23

    “War Paint”??? AHH writers been doing alot of slacking lately.

  • Jay

    Drake is a good rapper but some fans be cyber tea bagging his nuts NAS will destroy him completely

  • game213

    War pain is so overrated. I feel like the industry trying to hype that joint up to make it seem like it competes with summer sixteen. For a diss track it has no memorable line only thing worth talking about with war pain is that meek had gotten info on drakes summer sixteen track and uses it on war pain, but even then meek could not use that info to give crazy bars or something witty. Meek saying he will Snatch ovo chains is what niggas is acting like war pain is ether for??

    • DreamBigLiveLarge

      no memorable lines??? “ni**az dancing like they fruit cakes/ hotline bling don’t get no bang up in this new wraith”

    • Deangelo Hill

      “See a Ovo chain probably take that shit”…” Tory from the six you hatin’ on him Lord knows Culture Vulture”…”And You Claimin’ you Hov now why you state that shit!”

    • J ames moore


  • Bobhope

    Damn I guess War Pain…didn’t drop 20 mins after Summer 16 did ….Boy reply mad quick and people sweep it under the rug….20 mins impossible

  • Sean Power

    summer 16 wasn’t really a diss to meek it was more recap of the past 6 months

  • Deangelo Hill

    War pain spanked summer sixteen and it was ghost written

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