EXCLUSIVE: New Movement Launches To Get Tupac’s Father Mutulu Shakur Freed

mutulu shakur button(AllHipHop News) A new movement has begun to push to get Dr. Mutulu Shakur free from prison.

In the past few weeks, there have been rampant rumors that Mutulu Shakur, 65, was already free, but that was not the case. His legal team will be arguing for his release at a hearing on April 4. They will argue – in part – that Dr. Shakur has had no behavioral or legal incidents since being incarcerated in the mid-80’s.

The campaign formally launches on March 1. has been launched to help free the former Black Liberation Member, who has been in jail for over 30 years. “If you have been influenced or affected by Mutulu in a positive way, put your testimony on there (,” said Zayed Malik, who is an artist and a leader in the organization. These testimonies will be given to Shakur’s legal team as examples of his upstanding impact to the population.

They outlined their agenda on a call. The website says the following:

“There are enemies of our struggle who are intent on proving that Dr. Mutulu Shakur is a threat and danger to the community and society and does not deserve to be let free to come home. It is important that we challenge that narrative with true stories of personal experiences with Dr. Mutulu Shakur and how we have benefited from knowing him. We are asking that you take the time to describe the impact he has had on your life.”

Additionally, supporters of Mutulu are encouraged to use the hashtag #MutuluIsWelcomeHere and to use social media to push the messaging. The movement will also record a music video and accept songs in honor of Shakur. They will be used for radio and internet play so clean versions of the music were encouraged for submission on the organizational call.

“If you got a beautiful singing voice, sing a song for Mutulu,” said Malik.

Mutulu Shakur is well known for aiding in the escape of Assata Shakur in 1979. He was was sentenced to 60 years in prison in 1986 conspiracy to aid in a bank robbery that resulted in the death of two police officers. Shakur was not involved in the actual robbery.

Dr. Shakur is technically Tupac’s step-father, but the rapper regarded him as his father, even if it wasn’t biological.

For those seeking to help financially or offer legal aid should go to



  • Leonard Tarver

    I thought I saw a documentary where a guy that 2 Pac looked like said he was his father. If this guy is the father then 2 Pac doesn’t look like his parents at all… Lol

    • Gonja

      Nah his real father looks like a older light skin version of Tupac. Mutulu married Pac’s mom back in the Panther Party days. I think that documentary you’re talking about is Welcome to DeathRow.

      Some dude on Twitter posted a pic of Mutulu and said, “Pac looks just like his dad” LMAO

    • Xxplosive 1

      “Dr. Shakur is technically Tupac’s step-father, but the rapper regarded him as his father, even if it wasn’t biological.”

      • Q.

        Muhfuhs don’t like to read.

      • STEPH

        It’s like Kryptonite to some mofo’s

      • ZUBU

        LMAO…. I hate to even say it, but for some mofos if you want to hide something put it in a book…….

      • STEPH

        So true, they’ll be sitting there thinking about this and lying about that, I heard from this person that person……..and the truth is sitting in the book right next to them. LOL It’s like water to a gremlin.

      • ZUBU

        Word… I had a dude on here last week try to tell me I didn’t read the Bible, Koran and Torah cover to cover…I finally tell him, “dude you don’t read do you?”
        He so thought I was making it up because he does not read. I told him you read a little bit everyday until you finish the book… He thought I was doing some super human shiiittt so he didn’t believe it… SMH…… Reading is prolly the easiest way to acquire knowledge…

      • Reading is fundamental = Fun To Mental

      • ZUBU

        Word bro! Like that: Fun To Mental… lol

      • Turn on the tv in your mind.

        I was always heavy into reading, couldn’t eat without reading, even a ketchup bottle, once I found Panther / Black literature….it was a wrap!

        Side note :
        Assata : An Autobiography By Assata Shakur
        Will grab you by the throat with the 1st paragraph!

        ** Free on scrib’d…no download needed **

        A female Malcolm X with guns!

        Mutulu broke her out of a max prison & Ahmed Obefemi, ( whose son, Chaka Zulu, is Ludacris’ road manager ( The one that gave T.I. the eye jammy & caused T.I. go go buy heat & get busted ) is the one who is “alleged” to have hid her in NY for 5yrs after the escape, before getting her to Cuba!

        Ahmed also states Al Sharpton tried to set her up for the feds, using Ahmed as the go between to deliver $$$. Sharpton said he would only give it to Assata personally, Ahmed told him to keep it!

        15 yrs later, it turns out Sharpton was / is working for / with the feds.

        If you check the Assata documentary ” Eyes On the Rainbow?”
        Ahmed is the old black guy with white hair.

        Ahmed was also Chokwe Lumumba’s right hand man in Ny!
        #RIP The Choke

      • ZUBU

        Damn bro deep, I gotta peep that! I heard All Sharp fukked with the Feds, didn’t know some of the other

      • ** Spoiler **

        Tupac is born in the book.

        Afeni, Assata, Dhoruba Bin Wahad ( #America’s Nelson Mandela ) Sundiata Acoli & the rest of the Panther / NY 21 were locked up in the Tombs during the Panther 21 trial when Pac was born, but since he wasn’t famous, he only got 2 lines.

        “Afeni had her baby today. She named him, Tupac Amaru Shakur, and then the state came and took him away!”

        That chet will hit you hard when you read it, especially since you will have already read some ‘ole other wild chet!

        I knew an old Panther, dying of AIDS, ( 2 actually ) & I asked how they caught it ( back in the 90’s ) & they said shooting heroin, so I was like :

        “WTF are you shooting heroin for?”

        ** As I passed the Blunt **

        He said:
        “When you call the man, wait for him to arrive & then squeeze off on him….

        (**Short pause as he took a long, deep hit of the Reggie Blunt **)

        You have to be on some chet a whole lot stronger than this weed!”

        I just slowly nodded in understanding, having never put it together before,

      • ZUBU

        Deeeeep I gotta read more.. Word!

      • STEPH

        Real shit…. I try and get into a good book at least once or twice a month.

      • Scroll down 2 post for Assata Shakur

      • STEPH

        Thank You…..

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  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


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  • Don_Te

    Mopreme look just like his father

    • timwest1000

      Just like him.


    William Garland is Tupac’s biological father and Mutulu is his step-father

  • Good look on the article @ AHH!

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  • Rapfan

    You honestly think a guy convicted of armed robbery and tripple murder is getting let out of prison? The three people he killed also happened to be cops. I have another hashtag to throw in your mix #findanothercause.