French Montana: The Industry Is Pushing Kendrick Lamar To Shift Music Away From Street Rap (VIDEO/POLL)

(AllHipHop News) Kendrick Lamar is definitely having his moment right now. The Compton emcee just won five Grammy awards and his To Pimp A Butterfly album has been heralded as the musical voice of the Black Lives Matter movement. One New York city rapper seems to believe the overwhelming acknowledgement for Kendrick’s style of Hip Hop is playing a role in preventing the rise of street rap to the mainstream.

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While Kendrick does address gang activity and the struggles of urban America in his music, he also incorporates production and lyrical content that differ from a lot of modern-day street-centered rap. French Montana stopped by The Breakfast Club this week, and the Coke Boys leader was asked for his thoughts on why Kendrick’s albums sell more than projects featuring street music.

“Because they position [Kendrick], like how they did at the Grammys, as the new music. It’s not that it’s not the right thing to do, but you see like the whole thing was Kendrick night,” responded French. “That [To Pimp A Butterfly] album don’t sound like nothing that’s out – the whole Hip Hop.”

He added, “I feel like they just position you as the new face of Hip Hop… They put him on that platform so they can shift music towards that direction.”

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Watch French Montana’s interview and take our poll below.

  • ilexx

    This the same guy who said “all lyrical rappers I know are broke” two years ago? Now it’s the industry is pushing this type of music on us?

    French needs to open his eyes, people are just waking up right now and they hungry for some good conscious lyrical content and good music, that’s it.

    The support that ppl like Kendrick and J. Cole are pulling, the consistent album sales and streams over time, shows you that people want quality over the average garbage bs the industry is pushing all over the radio.

    • Cash Sinatra

      Wow good point my dude. I totally forgot french said that bs about lyrical rappers being broke. So which is it french? U just come off sounding like a hater bro.

    • Musa Shukry


      do you know all these rappers have in common they are street rappers and they never won a grammy meanwhile kanye has 21 Kendrick Lamar already has 7 think about it

      • ilexx

        I’m not denying that street rap doesn’t usually get Grammy attention, but if a street rapper was putting out Pac level content right now, he’s likely gonna get Grammy attention for certain songs like Dear Mama or Brenda’s Got a Baby or Changes (even though that’s posthumous). That kind of content could get you Grammy attention right now.

        Now, name the street rappers that are putting out Grammy worthy content?

        The rappers you named were doing street rap on a much higher level than your current street rappers. The quality of the music on every level was higher, many of them deserved Grammy’s and if some of their best work were released right now, I actually think they would get em because alot of work has gone into the Grammy committee on the Hip Hop side to ensure they nominate the right shit and not the popcorn bullshit.

    • MassConglom

      And that same comment that French thought was so real back when he said it is coming back like a boomerang to bite him.

  • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter

    Yup. This is exactly what them white folk do. Next they’ll have him cross dressing. Because according to a lot of ya’ll white people can force a grown black man to do that somehow.

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  • Andrew Mcallister

    another sore loser…another “coke boy” who isn’t really going to have a career in a few years and hasn’t done anything relevant in any way shape or form, the culture may be shifting…to the point where no one is gonna buy your trash, you can leave it in the dumpster…

  • Markus

    French is a hater and more importantly,
    someone who wants the audience he serves to stay ignorant. Instead of celebrating another rapper who clearly is lightyears ahead of you lyrically being honored for his contributions and not going the trap route,you try to spin a tale of conspiracy because your style isn’t being talked about. A million rappers do trap music and it only entertains. Kendrick’s music entertains with a message. And while it won’t totally phase out the trash, hopefully it inspires others to not be afraid to be different. He’s better and more important than you,French. Deal with it.

    • Musa Shukry


      do you know all these rappers have in common they are street rappers and they never won a grammy meanwhile kanye has 21 Kendrick Lamar already has 7

      • Celz

        If they came out today they would be winning Grammys. Wilt Chamberlain didn’t have a three point line either. Things change.

  • oliguti

    Street rap? More like dumb rap, when majority of the ppl tell me I just like his beats that says it all no content. Coke boys , he’s not KOol G Rap and ain’t no fn HOt Boyz. That’s the problem with majority of these ppl they have to ride what others have created instead of making their own lane

  • ImKing

    The hate & jealousy is real. These lame a$$ so called rappers gotta step their pu$$y up. Kendrick has literally raised the bar and he will keep winning. PeAcE.

  • I’d have to say it’s a combination of 2 things.

    1: “Industry rule #4080, record company people are shady…” With the #oscarssowhite situation, it’s not surprising that the Grammy’s tried to shine light on afrocentricity to kinda wash their hands clean and prevent being labeled as equally White as the Oscars. Nonetheless, it didn’t work when they still gave the top honor to the Whitest chick in America (yeah, I’m talking about Taylor Swift)…. So yeah, Kendrick was in the right place at the right time. Don’t hate that dude because you walked past that $100 dollar bill on the street and he found it.

    2: Kendrick is absolutely making better music. To say that the industry is pushing Kendrick completely is kinda false. Because how do you account for his popularity outside of the Grammy’s? The industry wants a clean cut image. Someone like Drake. The last thing they want is a dark skinned brother shining light on racism. Hell no! They don’t want that! Kendrick is doing this sh*t with skill. His talent is ultimately what is propelling him. “Kendrick absolutely is what Kanye should’ve been if the Kardashians didn’t get him.” He recognizes that and is taking advantage of the situation.

    What you’re looking at with French Montana and others is the same thing that crushed 50 Cent. What goes up must come down. Nobody is popular forever. Ross is hurting because his Coke boy raps ain’t selling like that no more. And let’s be even more honest. Hip hop has never been designed for Coke boy rap. Coke boy rap was a perversion of the culture. Hip hop is about having fun and having an outlet to address the social ills in the Black community. Ain’t nothing fun about pushing Coke and killing your own people (unless you’re Pusha T). People like French Montana are only complaining because they never had real talent to begin with. They came in the game mimicking a trend to make profit. They never cared about the culture. And people like Kendrick are exposing them for the imposters they are. Sure French is gonna complain. He sees that Walmart job interview getting closer and closer.

    • NCcatsBALLhard

      Well said…

    • Q.

      I’m sure Puffy will keep him around for those nights he’s not in the mood for Cassie.

      “Take that, take that, take that…”

  • RichFromBX

    What’s street rap??? A fool rapping about how good it is to sell drugs, kill and rob people? I’ll gladly take Kendrick over all these fool who pump ignorance.

    French hasn’t been news worthy since Khloe stopped messing with him so to get some heat he’s going to try to warm his hands over Kendrick’s fire…fvck these TMZ rappers….

  • Uncle Ruckus

    I just finished watching a documentary called Murder Rap which claims Puff had Pac killed….but I think Diddy’s biggest crime was giving this c*** a record deal.

    • Q.

      Definitely one of the least talented acts he ever promoted.

  • Kevin Marchetto

    French bring something new to the game.How many songs can you make about a girl’s fat ass, selling coke, spending money on stupid shit. Try to be someone that isn’t sounding like 95% of the other artists. French is the biggest male Groupie jumping from one dick to the next.

  • Damany G

    who is the “they” that he is talking about?? and it doesn’t make sense what he is saying, I doubt the establishment wants to be the face of hip-hop as you can tell by the lack of radio play that he gets. French on the radio and the clubs all-day but can’t sell any records because the music has not substance. He even used Biggaveli to sell his new album…. He is out the door soon and knows it!

  • RespectA

    French is one of the worse rappers in the biz. He’s mos def the worse on the east coast. I also going to keep it real. Max B ain’t a great rapper either. I tired of them making him out to be some messiah of hip hop. I blame him for bringing French bum a§ into this. How you from the BX and rap like gucci mane?

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    even if they are…. they need to….. im tired of the radio mane !! these hip hop radio stations arent speaking to the people anymore … im on my morning drive and i keep hearing songs about trapping and stripping and infidelity … smh

  • Live Well

    He earned that shit, French. The ratchet era had it’s run and now it’s time for some substance.

    • Musa Shukry


      do you know all these rappers have in common they are street rappers and they never won a grammy meanwhile kanye has 21 Kendrick Lamar has already won 7 think about this

      • Live Well

        I can name plenty of conscious MC’s that haven’t won Grammy’s either. Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have. Let’s not forget Kendrick got snubbed a couple years ago too.

      • Musa Shukry

        from another non street rapper

      • Live Well

        So, what’s Drake when he wins? Street? I didn’t hear French Montana say anything about an anti street agenda then. The truth is, Kendrick is more dangerous to the status quo than any of these so called street rappers.

      • Musa Shukry

        beside the street vs non street rap debate why you think cole didn’t win and Kendrick won like 5 times ?
        what is difference between cole’s album Kendrick’s albums when it comes its massage ??

      • Live Well

        Kendricks album was just way more powerful in my opinion. Cole’s was dope and his content was introspective but not as socially relevant to me. Cole definitely had a great album but TPAB was just greater. Again, just my opinion.

      • Live Well

        Street rappers have won too.

  • Obi Won

    I wonder if French even listens to Kendrick. Kendrick is still a street cat just not in the aspect of what French sees. Kendrick is just the little homie that grew up. Yeah he was outside among the street cats, but instead of shootouts it was fist fights, instead of kilos of coke it was probably little bags of weed, instead of hitting the bad louie bag carrying chick, he probably had a girlfriend and hit the neighborhood hoe.

    French should chill and let the little homie from round the way have his shine, everyone can’t be the “Kingpin CokeBoy” that so many rap dudes claim to be. Kendrick getting his shine because he speaks for more of the majority that can relate & is genuine.

    Rap is more of a hustle and a way to make money to French saying the same ish over different beats. So maybe he’s taking personal, like his music is his only product and knows nothing else. He came a long way from dvd making, so I don’t see why he would question another man grind.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      key word CLAIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! most of these dudes is phonies anyway cause they still be getting it till the end word to big meech …..

  • Mario Toney(soulful

    Kendrick is making better music , I mean Drake, J cole and Kendrick are moving units for real. i think the fans are speaking. dum raps and same old sounding beats anyone can do . are not whats up. ..Hip Hop should require REAL SKILL.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      plus the average person isnt out here trappin more people can actually relate to what cole kendrick and drake choose to rap about ….

  • RayStantz

    Doubt it… the music industry has lacked vision for some time. I really doubt that someone woke up with a conscious and decided they had enough of what’s being played and want a change. They take the shortest route to making money. They can decide to put out nothing but crap music but if the public wasn’t there to consume it, they would go in a different direction. There would be no push if the public wasn’t feeling Kendrick. They are, so he’s getting promotion. Same thing can be said with coke rap. If there wasn’t still demand for it, they wouldn’t still be pushing it.

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    french also refuses to realize the reason why kendrick is winning is because he isnt following the crowd to fit in like he is doing … #factz

  • HatingWhitePeopleSince85

    Basically What French Montana Is Saying Is That: “It’s Bothers Me That Hip Hop Is Headed Back Full Circle To The “Pro Black” Days Where We Were Educating Our Culture Instead Of Keeping Them Ignorant. And Since The Only Thing I Rap About Is Women, Money, Cars, Drugs and Killing People Kendrick’s Rise Will Now Force Me and Others To Do What We’ve Been Pretending To Do All This Time and That’s … BE A RAPPER and Actually Become LYRICAL and Say Something Of SUBSTANCE!! Got-Damn You Kendrick THANKS ALOT! 😒😒😒

    • Cash Sinatra

      Co-sign 100%. French just sounds ignorant. But then again, he was never that bright to begin with.

    • Savimbi

      Pretty much!!!!!

  • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter

    These white folk are only building up Kendrick so they can tear him down. That’s how they do

    • RazaBladeKing

      You didn’t get it when everybody ignored your first post at the bottom? On a Kendrick article, no less. Nobody cares, man. Your ironic “white people are so misunderstood and discriminated against” posts are a waste of time here; this is an audience of mostly intelligent, Afrocentric black men and women and we have no time or interest in your bulls***. No one feels sorry for the ‘insults’ you have to deal with when we’re busy gettin murdered in the streets by the system we pay for. Quit muddying up the boards with your useless, self-centered, boring agenda and take this bulls*** to Worldstar, where a dumber audience might be fooled by it. Or better yet, find a Fox News website and go be among like-minded individuals. You’re the type to show up at an Aids walk and yell “What about cancer? ALL diseases matter.” Just makes you look like an @$$hole.

      • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter

        Why you gotta be mean though ?

      • Q.

        Bruh. I want you to copy and paste this comment every time he posts dumb troll sh!t. It might sink in after the 100th time …Hell, I’ll paste this sh!t for you if you want. LBS

    • Celz

      Ain’t no white people building shyt up. He fuccin went gold with one of the highest rated albums on metacritic. The Granmys can’t ignore that shyt. He got all of the album of the year awards besides the Grammys. Professional reviewers who focus on Hip Hop and those who don’t rated his album the same. His average review was 96 out of 100. Just cuz y’all slept on the album of the decade there is a conspiracy? Foh

    • yeah… its not because kdot is talented!! gtfoh

  • Cringe Montana know it’s over for his ass. But then again, it never begun for him so…

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  • ChiVa02

    “I feel like they just position you as the new face of Hip Hop… They put him on that platform so they can shift music towards that direction.”

    If by “towards that direction” you mean “better”, than yes. They should shift music to that direction. I believe Frenchie also said he could rap like Jay-Z if he wanted to. Well here’s his chance. Prove it.

  • game213

    Key word here is “pushing”
    yes kendrick can rap and is lyrical and his songs are deep, but the truth is he is not musically appealing and does not make great songs, not cause they are conscious songs with a message does not mean they are great songs. but they are shoving him down our ears and saying he is real hip hop and all that and if you like lyrics you must like him.
    I like music not spoken words
    to me the drake comparison is stupid cause drake by far makes better music.

    • Michael Robertson

      Not musically appealing? He might not be making pop music but to say his music isn’t musically appealing is stupid on so many levels. It’s upto someone what they listen to, kendrick appeals to me and millions of other people!

    • Dox

      Agreed! I appreciate what Kendrick is doing, but not feeling the spoken word stuff. And just because the message or intent is great, does not automatically make it great music. I think Nas does this type of thing much better musically than Kendrick.

      • Q.

        The thing is, Kendrick makes a lot of good music though. People mad because he did some spoken word…? Um, it’s called POETRY.

    • Celz

      Bruh To Pimp a Butterfly is one if the highest rated albums ever. Kendrick would shyt on the whole industry if he made commercial music. Who did Kanye come to for ideas for All Day? He makes mature rap because it’s much harder. Drake copies who he is working with or just pays them to write for him. No comparison.

  • if this was entirely true kendrick would be doing drake and nikki numbers. everyone has their own lane.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      it wud be Good if the industry did push it , since the genre don’t improve on it own – street rap has thought of nothing to say in 20 years

  • disqus_ky46ADPpRL

    French is just Diddy’s monkey

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  • edeck7

    Kendrick Lamar’s success doesn’t bother me, what bothers me is that what the powers that be are doing is stamp 1 nigga for each genre which totally not right and unfair like Nicki Minaj is the face of the femcee that is wrong. These sorry major labels and it’s A&Rs should now be on sound cloud listening of the GREAT music and artists that are out here and signing these artists. The powers that be doesn’t want the consumer, the so-called fans, and potential fans to have more options. Ask yourself what happened to R&B? R&B never got wack and Black people never abandoned it, the labels just stopped promoting and endorsing R&B so what you got now white artists like Justin Bieber doing R&B music, but these major labels where Black people work at who supposed to be highly educated are not saying anything in support for there culture, they are just going along with the flow. I love the 1990’s film and music scene because the consumer had there pickings of what they wanted in abundance. Some of y’all will say well it’s too much downloading that’s why some of these artist who are good are not be signed, BS they endorsing artists like Adele, Justin Bieber, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, J Cole and I’m sure they are getting bootlegged but see they are using these artists and more inferior artists that I don’t even have the stomach to mention to block the true GREAT artists that are trapped on soundcloud. People who love fairness, justice and GREAT music should hit these labels HARD everyday via twitter, facebook, etc and let these labels and there A&Rs know that they will no longer get your support until they start signing better artists and I’m not talking about ya 1,2, or 3 niggas who we are sick of seeing much less don’t want to buy there albums but talking about start the process of signing GREAT artists in abundance who are out there posting GREAT songs #BetterMusic

    • Q.

      Thing is, there are powers who’ve engineered the direction of Black music. They turned R&B from love and romance into porn and loose fvcking. They sucked the consciousness out of mainstream Hip-Hop by promoting the complete opposite. 10-15 years of doing that, and voila!–you have the lost music generation you’re looking at today. If fans supported their artists more independently, then the music industry would have to bow. Prince did the right thing by revolting against Warner Bros. and going independent. He made a killing!

      • edeck7

        I feel ya on that

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  • ursocalledgod

    im glad they are giving this brother his shine right now. if they are pushing Kendrick in hopes of shifting the current mainstream landscape then im all for it. its a shame it takes the ” stuffy old white men” of the industry and the gammy board to do it. yet we criticize them smh if it was left up to you dumb sheep we would be stuck in this bullshyt half singing half rapping ratchet azz bullshyt that you idiots are glorifying daily.

  • LoverOfHipHop

    Huh? who is tf “They”? The “They” I’m thinking of cannot profit off of Kendrick’s positivity and benefit way more heavily from street music. I’m not sure what he is trying to say.

  • RazaBladeKing

    The irony of this n**** playin the “victim of the machine” role. Nah, French. I guess this is the side effect of “consciousness” bein the new hot gimmick, although there could be (and have been) worse gimmicks… see: Young Thug. Every time I turn on the radio or tv I see and hear some braindead trap zombie, not Kendrick or Cole (who are actually selling = who the people actually wanna hear), so if anything, conscious rappers are succeeding right now in spite of the machine, not because of it. But the machine doesn’t care; whether it’s trap music money or political music money, its still green. French just sees his “trend” no longer bein trendy. But that’s the problem with all these mainstream artists bein trendy instead of trend-setters.

    • Q.

      The thing is, consciousness was always at the foundation of Hip-Hop music, not a gimmick. This is why, back in the day, you could take a hustler, a player, a scholar, a party dude, and a gangsta from different regions and get them all together on a song like “Self-Destruction”…because everybody knew that there was a bigger picture we’re all dealing with, and knew when to stop clowning around and put out a real message. The only thing I differ with you on is that the powers that oversee the music industry do care about the direction of consciousness. They don’t want to see a young generation of restless, disenchanted young brothas and sistas getting off the dumb sh!t, questioning authority, and taking a stand for their people–that’s Amerikkka’s nightmare. And this latent fear was evidenced by the mass pushback and outcry against Beyonce’s little halftime performance.

  • shm

  • Leonard Tarver

    I think Kendrick is the dopest but I can’t listen to his music over and over again…
    I want some to rock to…

    • Celz

      He turns up on Singles and Mixtapes.. Do yo gudda remix still slaps..

  • Brindle

    He a fool & full of envy and bullshit… KDots gang ties are 10 times that of French Montana, he moves the streets because he from the street and trying to move it in the CORRECT direction… French is a cat with no street cred so forced to pretend it’s there by doing hype/turn up music about dumb shit, he’s a fraud… As for the industry, Kendrick started out with the West behind him, the industry didn’t get involved til they realized the potential, it was the opposite with Drake… KDot need to put the khakis and pendleton back on and check these fools with the next album…

    • Celz

      Niccas is bitches on my momma.. Sayin Kdot ain’t street is like saying Nas ain’t street. Talking bout no music sounds like this. I guess you never heard of Nas Jay Z Common the Roots… Like niccas incorporating other black music genres is new. Foh..

      • Brindle


      • Q.

        Stupid n!ggas be like “Oh, you trying to kick knowledge?”

        “Yes, dumb mothafvcka, yes! You need it!” LOL

    • Q.

      LOL French Banana is a goddamn clown.

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  • No name

    @Brindle yo you said some real shit……k dot could claim the b if he wanted since he grew up in a b dog hood but he went a different route. He is original not a follower like most of these fake cats. He actually has something to say and is really from the hood. French believing his raps. Coke boy? Nigga please we all know he that shit ain’t real

  • Cash Sinatra

    French just sounds ignorant. No one is pushing K dots music, he’s just making music that appeals to a different audience. Not everyone can be in the trap all day, so not every rapper can rap about the same coke/dope boy trap shit all the time. I personally find it refreshing. Cuz for every j cole, Kendrick, and lupe fiasco out there…there are 1000 french, migos, future etc. rapping bout the same sh*t. We need more artists willing to break the norm and step outside the box. Would you rather him fraud like Rick false and slim jesus? Rapping about some shit they know nothing about? FOH french

    • Musa Shukry


      do you know all these rappers have in common they are street rappers and they never won a grammy meanwhile kanye has 21 Kendrick Lamar already has 7 think about it

      • Cash Sinatra

        What’s your point bro? I didn’t say anything about grammys. But you sound upset, are you mad u ain’t win a grammy?

      • Celz

        Nothing to think about.

      • Tohn

        Never heard of Pusta Rhymes so I can understand why he never won a Grammy. As for Busta Rhymes, I would hardly call the man responsible for Woo Ha, Put your hands where my eyes can see, Pass the Couvosier, and Dangerous as a street rapper.

  • JokeznSmoke

    French montana can’t rap a christmas gift, never heard a hot 16 from him ever!!!! I’m Not even the biggest Kdot fan only have some of his earlier mixtapes but if his success means the end of trap rap or “street rap” so be it, sure you can bop your head to it but after that your left with nothing but negative imagery/thoughts! Im old enough to remember the X-Clans, Too Short, Kwame, South Central Cartel etc. all bumping in the same era, sure there was discussions about who was REAL hip hop but at least we were provided a Buffet, now if it aint Future, Drake, Yung thug and the rest nobody besides Kdot is really talking about POSITIVITY & BLACK PRIDE, i for one can dig it!!!

    • Dat Dude

      I guarantee K.Dot’s next album will be the complete opposite of TPAB. Its gonna be super hood with colabs by the likes of French, Future, Snoop, Game, etc. Dont get me wrong, TPAB is dope, but the human experience is vast and art imitates life.

      • Celz

        Lmao you smoking if you think future or French getting on a Kendrick joint.

      • Dat Dude

        I dont want it 2 happen, but it will. Mark my words.

  • THISIS50

    They been doing this since kanye beat 50

    • Musa Shukry

      look how many street rapper won a Grammy compare to other lanes

      do you know all these rappers have in common they are street rappers and they never won a grammy meanwhile kanye has 21 Kendrick Lamar already has 7 think about it

      • Brindle

        Hiphop was just getting acknowledged during their period… Fresh Prince didn’t do much then either, or Hammer, or Xclan… it was a different time, can’t be compared

    • Brindle

      French sucks, nothing he says has validity, and French is far from street… the whole comment makes no sense coming from him

      • Celz

        Naw he’s a real nicca was out there pushin DVDs the largest distributer on the Eastern Seaboard. He set the prices called the shots, real gangsta shyt.

      • Brindle

        I’m aware of the DVD sales but passing out fliers and DVD’s don’t make you know gangsta or provide street cred, he’s out of line and forgetting his own past

      • Celz

        I was kidding.. He’s a fraud. Lol he’s not street just has a long history of exploiting them.

      • Brindle

        that’s why i trip off all these cats, rapping about trapping and cooking in the kitchen, etc… at least in the past, if you were lying, you were talking bout your close friends (Ice Cube, Jay Z, etc.)… these rappers now is getting their stories from each other

    • Xxplosive 1

      98% of the Hip Hop media outlets is wack. Let not act like all of the sudden someone reinvented the wheel.

  • casarezrich

    Weak ass French, put out better music you bish!

  • I don’t care what it takes, just bring some balance to the situation. It can’t be all kill, kill, shoot’m up dead shtt, and it can’t be all whatever you wanna call it…. Just Bring back the art, bring back some real bars. Search iL4M – TROG REVOLUTION/EVOLUTION its on Datpiff or Bandcamp and check out some of the cuts we put together with Rakim, KRS, and even Jay z to help bridge the story and movement.

    • Musa Shukry


      do you know all these rappers have in common they are street rappers and they never won a grammy meanwhile kanye has 21 Kendrick Lamar already has 7 think about that interesting

      • Celz

        Beat it kid

      • lol

      • Yes, it is interesting shtt Macklemore has more grammys than all the “street” rappers you mentioned as well… Like I said I just want to see some balance on the radio, they keep feeding us this BS to keep us in certain type of mind frame. Bring back Bars, and honor the art.

  • lol, might be because kdot can rap!! french cant rap. everyone of his songs got mad features and his bars are always dookie.

  • Q.

    WOW. Really? When 95% of mainstream Black music is boo-boo to begin with, French Banana has the audacity to hate one of the few emcees worth listening to. There’s only THREE emcees in major rotation today spitting anything positive: Kendrick, J. Cole, and Chance the Rapper–THAT’S IT. These are the only 3 dudes who even try. The rest of these fruitcakes don’t have the brains or the nuts to stop being dickr!ding followers; if these n!ggas aren’t halfway singing, or mumbling about strippers or whipping crack, they ain’t talking about sh!t. The music they make isn’t even Hip-Hop, that sh!it is Trap & B. I couldn’t tell you one quotable by French Banana, aka Puffy’s fvckboy… Does this clown even rap??

    Degenerate azz n!gga, Kendrick isn’t being pushed by the industry, nah–he’s just the one n!gga who slipped through the door, the lil dude the machine didn’t catch because it took them a while to catch up to what he was doing, because he didn’t come out with a gimmick, but he still got co-signed by the streets. He’s a total artist; he can give you a hot single with a catchy hook, and he can also spit straight lyrical bars…the machine, who actually pushes weird shallow azz n!ggas like French Banana, weren’t banking K. was gonna really follow through on some pro-Black sh!t. Same with Cole–seems he got fired up off the Black Lives movement. Chance tries to keep it positive, even though his sound is a little soft IMO. But it’s past due time for more mainstream rappers to join the Hip-Hop movement. Kanye should’ve been right there, but his head is so far up his own azz right now he can eat and sh!t at the same time. Wale could’ve been that dude, but he’s busy making ballads for Chicken Man–weak. The rest of these degenerates are warm trash. Maybe this fvggot should’ve learned how rap instead of sword-fighting pee-pees with Puffy. I wanna slap this clown in the face for even coming out his mouth on real emcees. Clown azz n!gga. FOH …I’m glad he feels threatened by Kendrick though. LOL #TELLEMWHYYOUMADSON #PHONYRAPPERS

    • KnowledgeSeeker

      i feel you but i mean damn my nigga BIg K.R.I.T pushing that shit too tho (not like the lamar brothers, but he still there)

      • Q.

        KRIT’s cool, but he’s not getting the spins K., Cole, and Chance are getting. That’s my point.

      • KnowledgeSeeker

        ima have to respectfully disagree, while its true that krit doesnt get his fair share, he is still a bigger (and better) artist than chance the rapper, from a fanbase standpoint. im heard krit on the radio more than chance and im from the midwest

      • Q.

        Word? I’m from the Midwest too, and I hear Chance on the radio, but no KRIT. Chance is coming up; he did SNL, appeared again with Kanye, is on Kanye’s album, and is getting a lot of mainstream exposure in general. I’ve never seen KRIT on TV.

      • KnowledgeSeeker

        if your in chicago then yes of course you will hear his hometown play him more. Im in Detroit and chnace isnt played here at all…i only heard 2 big krit songs played here so thats not really a good comparison. But between the fact that he is more skilled and been around a lil longer so he has a bigger fan base. Chance is cool, but when you think bout rap wit some meaning and soul behind it: Kendrick in the west j.cole in the east and big krit in the south…thats just the way it is

      • Q.

        I’m no super fan of Chance, but he’s got some soul in his music too. His verse on Kanye’s song was better than Kanye’s. Like him or not, Chance is all over TV right now. I mentioned him with Kendrick and Cole as 3 conscious artists getting the most mainstream exposure right now. I only listened to one KRIT album, Cadillactica. It was decent, but I can’t say I was blown away; he has skill though. I wasn’t blown away by Cole’s LP either; it was good, but Kendrick’s album outshined everybody’s… IMO, he’s the closest thing to the great Hip-Hop artists of the 90s. As far as up and coming emcees repping the South, I got my ears open for Nick Grant outta ATL. He looks very promising–hopefully he gets a good push.

  • Wetwork510

    Mainstream is far from street music,unfortunately there’s more mainstream than street music fans. So niggas like meek and French will always just be street rappers

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      mainstream requires more to think of to say – as you can see (maybe not) street music hasn’t said nothing diferent in 20 years

  • bluelight74

    French Monmaggot is an idiot. The Machine benefits off the trash fake @ss tales of drugs and murder he and his people produce not positivity and mental/spiritual expansion.

  • notice how no one is on here screaming how dope of an MC french is? lmfao

  • Tony Brown

    U make music how u won’t to make music. K Dot is just better than these wack azz rappers!! Step your game up and stop acting like a bitch!!

  • MannyStylz

    He’s right..


    If a hundred people live on a city block only 30 will take part in the make believe world of the trap that’s why it doesn’t sell its more positive people then their is trap people. Drug dealing and gang violence are the tales of very few people. 6 out 10 guys hanging on a block don’t do shit but watch the hustlers hustle and mooch off the bottle and weed because they broke. That lifestyle is not cool

  • Warren Morrow

    Sounds like he is making excuses for his inability to sell records.

  • reazon marley

    Fucc French Montana..The End.

    • Celz

      Great story.


    FRENCH FRY is just JEALOUS! Because he’s got NOTHING TO SAY & NO Lyrical talents, & intimidated that the ‘dumbed down’ nursery rhyme trap crap he’s a part of is OVER, DEAD on WAY OUT! He can’t compete in a real 2PAC-KENDRICK-JCOLE-BIGGIE-NAS level world! GTFOH & take DUDDY, meek ‘rappers’ & the C.O. Officer Ricky FRAUD with you!

    • Apex Productionz

      Well i must say even though you sound like you are hating a bit on French i have to agree with you.I would have chose my words differently lol but yeah.Also French is right about the Industry pushing Kendrick.I don’t really feel Ken music like that but French is terrible and should be banned from Studios.

    • Richie_Ochoa

      Don’t forget to take 50 cent with him also

  • Calibur X Damadlyricist

    If so good. Most these super Street niggas have no bars.

  • Gasner Duke-Diesel

    French is on the same level as Chief Keef. Garbage should be grateful to even get a check from Rap otherwise he’d be making french fries.

  • This fool said preventing the rise of street rap to the mainstream lmao….I think this is an isolated incident.

  • josh

    I can see the industry trying to push street music out the window, name one commercially successful artist right now who’s making street music and is lyrical, in the 90s lots of people claimed they promoted violence in music to fill prisons so I can completely see something like this being true the “industry” always has their own plans

    • Brindle

      look at the step by step process of where the success of the music started in the 90’s to where it is now, then look at the step by step process of where Paris Montana started to where he is now… You’ll quickly realize he’s jealous an and doesn’t know what he’s talking about… he sucks and has nothing to offer to anyone, young black male or old white grammy male…

  • Edmond Collins

    Don’t blame Kendrick for the garbage music that’s being put out as hip hop music these days. The man is a lyricist. He makes music that other cultures & dig deep into & understand it. Today’s rap is just now nice production with trash lyrics.

  • big brain

    Street music had been on top for a while, it’s time for a change. French will never sale albums like Kendrick, seems jealous to me. Rapping about black on black crime has played out to me,

  • Brindle

    Some of yall are not qualified to leave a comment

  • Charter

    Yeah, how dare “they” try to shift our culture away from mindless violence and materialism in pursuit of being a “real nîgga”…turn up that ignorant dumb shît that promotes murder, adultery and every other negative thing—that’s the shît we wanna hear yo…fück all this positivity, justice and being a decent human being crap.

    • KatStone

      well said

  • Roy

    I don’t like Kendrick’s style or a lot of his songs! That “Alright” song was the worst and I can’t listen to it….but I will say I liked swimming pools, poetic justice and that album was decent!

  • Roy

    Oh yeah………west coast rap is Garbage!

    • whatupdoe

      Kendrick isn’t even a traditional West Coast rapper. Therefore shut up stupid.

  • hoeyuno

    Kendricks doing something different. He’s like a Andre 3000…I cant get into some of his songs but dude deserves everything hes getting.. The music is so watered down these days its pathetic.

  • Ronlg1

    No French…WE are pushing Kendrick to shift the music!!! Current music sucks ass. It all sounds the same, like its the same gucking artist. It’s called “refreshing” when you hear something different!!

    • KtotheP

      There is a difference between being a rapper and being an artist. Kendrick is an artist, that’s why his music sounds different. Fans are hungry for a fresh, non-regurgitated sound.

  • Shamika Sanders

    So…he’s complaining about the good quality of hip hop coming back. They just warming up, Frenchie! Don’t panic.

  • Black Exodus

    How about this…Perception and conscience is changing! Taste and the public’s wants are expanding! How about, an artist that touches the soul so deep…that his music would strike a “chord”…whether he was putting out a album cira “1995” or “2015”. We are always evolving…nothing stays the same…changes like the seasons! It is Kendrick’s season and a lot of “heads” are excited, eager and anticipating to what gem (sonic or visually) he will bless us with next. I really doubt that the “establishment’ is pushing Kendrick’s brand of music. It totally goes against their purpose…It’s counter productive to have a “WOKE” artist opening the listeners minds. The reality is that the establishment doesn’t have a coherent, articulate, compelling, visionary pushing verbal crack to the ears of the “Sheep” anymore. Their all old and their season has passed. You can only thwart progression for so long. Eventually a beautiful flower will sprout through the concrete.

    • HiJinks

      Had to log in just to UP this shit


    Exactly what a never should have touched a microphone ass nigga would say. Fucc this clown ass nigga

  • I haven’t watched the entire interview so I won’t comment directly on French’s comment cause sometimes an article can mislead. But as far as Kendrick, No doubt his dope, his first album was maybe 2 songs away from being a classic. But I couldn’t get into “To Pimp A Butterfly”. I do think that last album is being hyped way too much.

  • greeneyedbandit

    Nothing but Love for Kendrick Lamar!

  • greeneyedbandit

    “but you see like the whole thing was
    Kendrick night.” Lol

  • Fresh

    They need to shift the direction from you new weak ass street niggas cuz yall shit trash.

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  • One

    Why would “they” want to shift the music towards a self-empowerment, pro black style?

    Thats the last thing they want.

    Actually, they’d rather have rappers like french pop since his ignorant shit is what keeps us down and stuck in our hood mindset..

  • timwest1000

    He is right. Corporate doo doo.

  • PJ

    “It’s not that it’s not the right thing to do…That [To Pimp A Butterfly] album don’t sound like nothing that’s out…” –French Montana(finally understanding the purpose of Hip Hop)

  • ez_money3

    French Toast is the face of street music? Stop with the fake coke kingpin bars. Stop fooling the youth. This dude isn’t even that talented. Let Kendrick do his thing SAMBO! MEDIA LOVES CLOWNS LIKE THIS.

  • glazecity

    In the 90’s conscious rap was big. But everyone was still rockin’ to mobb deep, b.I.g, Jay z. And countless others. French is just bad. Do you see pusha t complaining. No. Why. He is respected and knows his lane.

  • Roy

    West Coast Rap is Trash! All of these people kissin Kendrick ass are really funny, good kid maad city is just barely platinum after 5 years!!! To pimp a butterfly has sold 788,000 copies after 1 year which is decent I guess…but to compare him to Montana is BullShit even though Montana is better….IMHO!! Compare his work to Kanye and there would be no comparison especially record sales! As a rapper Kanye is absolutely CRUSHING ya’ll “hero” Kendrick!! That song “Alright” sounds exactly like some West coast Bullshit!!! LOL!!!

  • Roy

    The College Dropout: 3,358,000 copies
    Late Registration: 3,643,000
    Graduation: 2,700,000
    808 & Heartbreaks: 1,700,000
    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: 1,000,000
    Yeezus: 750,000
    The Life of Pablo: 2,000,000+

  • Synth Sizer

    Looks like Frenchie is bitter. Here is an artist growing before our eyes and it’s beautiful. This is truly art music. I’m glad there’s something new. Kendrick is making good, innovative music and he’s just jealous.

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  • yesanditcounts

    French, there’s no such thing as street rap or conscious. There’s niggas from the street that can flow and smart niggas that can flow. At the same time there’s niggas from the street that can’t flow and smart niggas who can’t flow.

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  • Kelvin-Khafid Manley

    Well I do agree they been pushing us to like K dot..

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  • JIHAD54

    Street rap should be stifled what the hell is street rap ?for 30 years the industry has dictated not only what black youth think but how they act ,black people are going to have to start being offended by the record companies,

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