A$AP Rocky Responds To Reports He Was Attacked In New Zealand Hotel Elevator

(AllHipHop News) A$AP Rocky reportedly got assaulted overseas. TMZ writes the Harlem native was attacked in a hotel elevator during his stop in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Rocky was in the country for a show on Thursday night, but he was apparently jumped by three men at the Pullman Hotel. According to reports, Rocky was entering the elevator with a group of women when the men tried to get on as well.

The “L$D” rhymer is said to have told the men it was not enough room on the elevator, and then a fight broke out. Sources claimed the attackers knew who the rapper was because they shouted “F*ck A$AP!” One person was arrested for assault and resisting police.

After the news broke, Rocky addressed the matter on Twitter. The A$AP Mob member made light of the entire ordeal by writing, “Assaulted? N*ggas get shot every day b, ha.”

This was not the first time A$AP Rocky got into a skirmish in another country. Last April, he nearly had a violent encounter in London. Rocky was caught on video asking a man “Should I snuff you right now?” after someone allegedly threw something at his car.

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Read A$AP Rocky’s tweets below.

  • Xxplosive 1

    “And click left two down, that’s four kids but one lived
    Left three dead, but one split, that one miss, that one snitch
    That’s everyday shit, shit we used to that”…- Suddenly

  • RayStantz

    I blame this lack of respect on his wardrobe…

  • I travel overseas a lot and I try to tell cats. Some countries will literally bust a n*gga’s sh*t on some skinhead type sh*t. Not sure if that’s what this is but they don’t give a f*ck about your American status or your rep. If you’re Black, you’re on that “other” team and they’re quick to let you know it.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Remember this incident with asap in london at a bagel shop? old white man in the back looking like “you know you dont fu(ked up right?”

      as you know i am from QUEENS but have since relocated to a country in western Europe. I see it all the time out here, black americans visiting and getting rocked.

      word of advice, i wont help if you get in trouble just because we are “both black” ni99a fu(k you i gotta family.

      • I know. This is what I’m trying to tell cats but they don’t hear me though. This ain’t the first incident for Rocky. And it’s not a coincidence. Okay…. I might have to eat my words if it turns out all the cats were Black but I doubt it. Europe is another universe all together. I know Rocky wasn’t in Germany but do you know what the number one best selling book was last week in Germany? Mein Kampf. And this is after Hitler did all that twisted sh*t! It’s like they never learned a f*cking thing. Yeah, play in Europe like that if you want to. Shiiiit…..

      • I feel ya but, as far as Hitler, what do we actually know & who told us?


        Still, always have to be on point….especially off home base!
        Rule #1 – Get a pokey!

      • Shiiiiit….. You ain’t never lied. All we know is from f*cking history books (the same history books that are missing the pages on slavery) and what the gov wants us to know.

        Only a Black dude that’s precise with his behavior can travel internationally. If you’re outta pocket you’ll end up looking like ASAP Rocky’s ass on TMZ or worse…

      • Even without travelling!

        Was Hitler fighting the forces of the same NWO that killed Qaddafi?

        Keep in mind, Reagan & Thatcher locked Mandela up for being a terrorist and supported Bin Laden!

      • Ooooweeee…. You killin’ em today! Cats better stop with the fantasies about our gov can do no wrong….

      • You know the 1st person Mandela holla’d at when he got out was Qaddafi, right?

        Qaddafi was really for his people but he was taken out by an African… opposed to a bush!

        He’s a true “African American” because his father is African, a British subject, from Kenya…..which technically makes him ineligible to hold the highest office…… why is he?

        He put Assata ( Female Malcolm X with guns ) on the most wanted list….#1, with $2 Million on our Queen’s head.

        Top 10 Reasons he hasn’t done anything for Black people?

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Yeah I was reading about that a few weeks ago. Most of Germany is ashamed. It’s the secret ones you have to worry about. Rocky a bit(h

      • Pretty big size difference so, yeah, the whiteboy is definitely going to get brave if he sees weakness in A$AP.

        Better have those MMA skills up to par!

  • wes mc

    This Mitch has no luck overseas he already got chased out of a bagel shop in London.

    • Anthony Mason

      He almost got bodied by that husky tall white guy. U.K. dudes can tussle. They don’t have guns (except gangs) to rely on so they fight.

      In New Zealand though? Wtf????

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  • RichFromBX

    if he got his a$$ whipped, who gives a sh!t…dude was by himself against 3 people. Getting your a$$ whipped once in a while isn’t a bad thing…keeps things in perspective.

    • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter

      Well, he was in New Zealand, he probably got beat on by white boys. It’s not a good look.

  • The most polite rapper ever, he’ll ask your permission to beat the ISH out of you before even raising a finger.

    Bless him.

    • Black Adam

      Tryna be a fake pretty boy.

  • Q.

    New Zealand is like the most mellow country on Earth…You gotta be a special type of b!tch to get your azz whipped by Kiwis. LMAO! #ASIMPROCKY