Pay Your Bills: Is Tyga Hiding Luxury SUV From The Repo Man?

Photo Credit: Instagram

Tyga keeps receiving attention from all the wrong people. Besides Maury Povich and Chris Hansen, the repo man is allegedly looking for the “Stimulated” rapper. For the last month, word on the web insists that Tyga has been hiding his 2013 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, this according to TMZ.

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Last year, T-Raw snatched the luxury ride from his former fiancée, Blac Chyna, and gifted it to his young girlfriend, Kylie Jenner. An inside source has specified that a payment hasn’t been received since October of 2015. Of course, Kylie’s address is listed on the pertinent paperwork.

The cunning vixen is thought to have the vehicle stashed beyond her security gates. Since January of this year, the car company has been pursuing this endeavor.

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