J. Cole To Perform At President Obama’s DNC Fundraiser During SXSW

(AllHipHop News) President Barack Obama will attend a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in Austin, Texas during the first day of the South By Southwest festival. Roc Nation rapper J. Cole will be on hand to perform at the event.

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The fundraiser will be hosted by Will “Whurley” Hurley, founder of the Austin-based startup Honest Dollar, and The Black Eyed Peas member will.i.am. Tickets range from $250 (general ticket guest)  to $500 (preferred section guest) to $10,000 (photo line) to $33,400 (co-host).

A description for the reception reads:

Our Party, led by President Obama, is focused on building an economy that lasts—an economy that lifts up all Americans.

That’s why Democrats in all 50 states are working in neighborhoods and communities to advance issues like job creation, education, health care, and clean energy.

The DNC event featuring J. Cole is scheduled for Friday, March 11 at the Austin Music Hall. The South By Southwest festival 2016 runs in Austin from March 11 through March 20. The DNC fundraiser is not directly connected to SXSW.


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  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    I rarely get tricked – but Obama got me , tricked the sh=t outta me – made me think he was us , but taught me a lot about blacks , that are not Negros – they use our image in America to rise , then IF they get something , they show they against us (for some reason) – Q of worldstar is another example

    • The Wackness Vs Dope

      actually its just the way you look at it is wrong – the world is a jungle and its every man woman and child for themselves – his just getting his, get yours don’t worry eXpect shit from anyone just cause you have the same skin that doesn’t mean anything.

      “I ain’t helping you climb the ladder,
      I’m busy climbing mine,
      That’s how it’s been since the dawn of time” – The Streets – Stay Positive

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        wrong , everything you said is wrong , and here’s why – the way I look at it is the way it is – and the world is not a jungle when one is the President , who dish out power at will – and he not just getting his , when it took all of us to get him there , and getting mine got nothing to do with him ,as my team is much smaller – and, my race shud expect something from a President of our race , same as whites expect and got things from every white President , and it is based on the same skin -.and he didn’t climb his , he needed all of my race , so it was our ladder , and working together in groups have been the way its been since the dawn of time , not “climbing mine” – and I have every reason to stay positive , don’t want your advice on that , that don’t mean I shud stop telling Truths

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  • Q.


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