Kacey Chrysler’s “LIT” Says He Runs New York Like Jay Z

Kacey Chrysler is here. The BK rapper boldly proclaims, “I run New York like Hova.” His song “Lit” has continuously gained momentum in the Eastern region, even getting play on Power 105. The official video recently dropped with Kasey bouncing around the club with the girls and the smoke to go with it.

26 Responses to “Kacey Chrysler’s “LIT” Says He Runs New York Like Jay Z”

    • marie

      your mom must of slobbed some knobs cause you sound like a salty af lmfao, you must be a fan of fetty wap or bow wow lmfao fag mozes lol

      • Mozes316

        Kacey Chrysler is that you???
        If not, just understand that I feel that this song sucks dick. No need for you to get bent out of shape. Unless he’s your dad.
        It’s garbage, he’s going nowhere. Let it go.

      • Nate 313

        damn looks like mad shade on AHH wtf whos this mozes guy talking shit mad early on a sunday on the next mans video?? lmfao i actually like this song with exception for that last verse

      • Mozes316

        Kinda what the comment section is for. Writing your opinions on a subject. I wrote mine yesterday and someone has a problem with it all of the sudden. One of Kaceys hype men.

      • rip kap

        u sound like a mad little girl that prolly got fucked by the guy in this video and he wont call you back !!!LMFAO spiteful mozes hoes

      • Mozes316

        That must be it. lol

        Don’t be a bitch all your life, homie.

        Why do you have some many accounts anyway?

      • WillY J

        whoever this is, your a homo for sucking this rapper so hard idgaf who u are dude

      • rip kap

        after listening a few times, i wouldnt expect the general migos idiot fans nowadays to know real music cause they BRAINWASHED AND SLOW like a motherf*cer yo + everyone aint gonna like everything

      • Mozes316

        im gay & i like to suck male gentials but I cant do it right to this violin beat , can someone please pay all hip hop to get me some future and young thug featured? thats what i wanna hear while i do me , or even some dope taylor swift music u know?

  1. IL4M

    ……………………………….. NOT THE TYPE TO KNOCK A DUDE’S EFFORT BUT . . . If ya find this to be “Hot” our expectations have declined drastically … I would consider this a filler track…. no diss just my opinion…

  2. Illatouch

    Don johnson told me this was trash bridges. Remember when nas dissed jay z for rapping like fu shnickens?

    Whats up with rappers either being too lazy to rhyme or cramming to many words in a single bar?

    Hipster music is more hip hop. Sad i think k.flay goes harder than 90% of new artists.

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