Lion Opens Woman’s Car Door During A Safari Park Tour!

This family got to experience animal viewing on a whole new level when a lioness opens up the back door to their vehicle on a safari park tour! Luckily, they were able to shut the door before she made her next move.

We’re not sure if the lioness was curious, over-friendly, or hungry, but let this be a lesson for anyone else who plans on a safari park adventure: lock your doors.

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14 Responses to “Lion Opens Woman’s Car Door During A Safari Park Tour!”

  1. Boss

    Guess it’s funny now white folks live for a life thrill stupid bitch she unlocked it on purpose and waited door should’ve been locked from the beginning of the tour

  2. Eli Pinilla

    Give me a gun, and I’ll go anywhere lol just need some protection . Would never go on a safari or a trip without one. You never know.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Gotta know somebody on the other side lol I’m down for pretty much anything, but I need a gun or a tazer at least. If I go Scooba diving, I need a harpoon lol

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