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50 Cent To NYC Program Director: I Didn’t Kill NY Rap, Radio Did!

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(AllHipHop News) 2016 is the year of social media sparring. Earlier today (Feb. 26), 50 Cent set his sights on Hot 97’s Program Director, Ebro Darden. The Power player believes that Darden mistakenly blames him for the decline in New York’s Hip-Hop scene.

In an Instagram caption to a picture of Ebro, 50 wrote, “This Guy said I destroyed New York HipHop because I didn’t work with New York artist to cover up he was the program director that wouldn’t play there records. sMH #EFFENVODKA.”

Following 50’s passionate allegations, the veteran radio personality addressed his morning show audience. He asserted that the epic feud between Ja Rule and 50 Cent initiated the demise of New York’s prominence in Rap. “When 50 and Ja didn’t want to work together and people was affiliated on this side and people was on that side, it made other people from other places not also want to do music with those artists,” as reported by Hip Hollywood, “because they didn’t want no problems.”

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Ebro would openly elaborate on his perspective. Through a screen shot captured by The Shade Room, Ebro states, “He wanted to throw up a conversation on his Instagram about how I said his beef with Ja and that whole thing divided New York in a way that crippled New York forever,” he says. “50 and I have had this discussion face-to-face. He don’t like it, but then he wants to say I’m covering for the fact that I don’t support New York artists. Well, I’m here for the flames.”

After Ebro made that caustic assertion the Queens rapper has replied. As it relates to the music industry, the emerging entrepreneur challenged radio’s relevance. Again the I instigator beckoned, “”I saw your response truth is you wouldn’t know a hit,if it hit your ass in the head. Radio is all messed up, New artist have to break on line. I know you can’t see it but you don’t mean shit anymore. Buy the time you support records there already working fool. Name one new Artist or song out of New York you broke. Lol you should be ashamed of your self.#EFFENVODKA”


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  • Freedom Fighter

    I dont agree with 50 much but hes very right here. So what he beefed with other NY artists, thats in NY hip hop DNA from LL, Kool Mo, KRS, Jay, Nas and the list goes on. Radio pretty much killed the NY sound by refusing to play it. They only played it of it sounded like the south e.g Dipset, French, ASAP etc etc etc

    • RapItUp

      Don’t put dipset in there bruh.. Their albums don’t sound like South nothing. Cam played with southern beats, but when he did, he had Master P on the same cut (Bout it Bout it pt. 3), etc.. Check diplomatic immunity Vols. 1 & 2, no true southern influence. Other than that, I agree. Crunk Muzik, a song with a southern term in it, didn’t even sound southern. I miss the Dips!

      • VENDETTA

        dont know how anybody could confuse dipset with the south…they carried the torch for that new York sound for a while.

      • RapItUp

        I had to listen to both discs of Dip. Immunity Vol. 1 in the gym today… lol man when they dropped that, and Come Home w/ Me, Dips was going hard as hell early ’03-04

      • VENDETTA

        real talk, dipset stay on my playlist

      • Freedom Fighter

        Will check out Diplo Immunity 1 & 2 , I only listened to the singles to keep it real.

      • RapItUp

        Bruh it’s all good. And if you said that because Jimmy and Juelz may have worked w/ some cats post “We Stay Fly/Ballin” era, I understand. But that was after those disloyal fawks turned on Cam and ventured off for a buck. But def. give Dip. Immunity Vol. 1 & 2 a peep. Listen to the intro from Vol. 2.. “Stop-N-Go”.. Really embodies the feel of the movement right there. Juelz “What The Game’s Been Missing”.. solid. Man like Vendetta said, they were holding it down!! I was battling all the die-hard G-Unit fans at the time w/ Dips music, and you know how G-Unit was holding it down in ’03-04

    • JerZeBoy



    “buy”?…..cmon fif..they’re starting to accumulate

  • JerZeBoy

    50 is right here. any song on the radio now was already hot, they don’t break anything new.

  • Markus

    Ebro has more to do with New York rap falling off than 50 does in my opinion. As a program director of a radio station boasting about being number 1 in hip-hop and R&B,he has more say so in what gets played. And dude is on tape being defensive when pressed about why the station doesn’t support its own hometown artists. New York fell off because of 50 and Ja? Ebro,we don’t believe you.

    • Apex Productionz

      Ebro is wilding with that crazy ass statement.THIS coming from the program director,the guy that is in charge of what gets played.Dude is a clown.lmao

      • Markus

        Exactly. He sat back and watched New York hip-hop fall off and just went with the rotation handed to him. He’s as much of a puppet as the Djs are. And their excuse to the unsigned artists that might be dope if given a chance is they’re not hot yet so they don’t get airplay. And that’s about payola for them too. Him,Flex and the rest of the programmed clowns just follow the same format and play the same 10 records every hour but in different orders.

  • James lewis

    Peace. It’s sad that 50 can mock Floyd for not being able to read, but is totally oblivious to the fact that he can’t spell. “buy” instead of “by” & “there” instead of “their”? Seriously???? All that money spent on materialism & not enough spent on being able to spell. Nerves

    • he spelled a lot of words correctly

    • Future Patrick

      Sometimes its the phone’s fault. It especially happens to me when I speak my text. 50 is passionate, so I’m sure he doesn’t proof read…just hits “send.” But damn, bro aint nobody got time to be spell checking when they beefin’. You think dude is sitting there typing and then checks checks to see if Siri auto-corrects? PLease! Peace and Happy Friday

      • James lewis

        Peace. No doubt. I get where you’re coming from, but as a hip hop head, I follow most things in hip hop. Therefore, I follow a lot of hip hop commentary, forums, tweets, etc. & certain people spell the same regardless of the situation. Hence, the old saying, “what you do in practice, you’ll do in the game”. When one does, acts, speaks, etc. a certain way for so long then it becomes a part of who they are. (No matter the situation)

      • STEPH

        He should because it makes him look stupid. The occasional misspelling every now and then you can get a pass, but it’s a reoccurring thing with this cat. Can’t blame it on technology all the time muthafuc-as done got lazy, just pushing the keys every now and won’t kill ya ass…Lol Technology is cool, but to get dependent on it is only crippling the human race. That’s why they can hack your entire life now if someone stills your phone….your bank info, your photos, your schedule, your secret conversations etc…I remember when you lost your phone you were pissed, for the simple fact that you had to buy another phone, and you lost your contacts….Today a mofo will literally have a heart attack Lol, wanting to file police reports and shit.

  • chocboywonder

    What does deciding who to collaborate with have to do with the downfall of NY hip-hop? I missed Ebro’s point.

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  • James lewis

    Peace. About the topic….I believe they’re both to blame. Ebro, the program director, is responsible for playing records & 50’s beefs divided NY to the point that artists didn’t want problems by working with one or the other.

  • Everybody knows that radio is the real poison to hip hop. 50 is absolutely right on that. But….. Ebro is right too. It’s not only 50 Cent and Ja Rule though. It started with East Coast VS West Coast. That is really where New York hip hop took a beating. Add to the fact that radio was about profit. Then you have 50 Cent entering which in the beginning was looking like a VERY POSITIVE thing for New York hip hop. Then things started happening. Jam Master Jay gets killed. 50 starts his cancer run and literally fights everyone. That’s the moment the music shifts. To be fair to 50, Tupac and Biggie was bigger than any beef he ever had. But I think if 50 had been more generous and left his beefs out of the music, New York would be a different place today. Because he didn’t seize the moment, 50 is mostly hated in New York. And that’s just because he didn’t have any political wisdom to see the importance of his position in hip hop. He would still be popping now if he had. So….. They’re both right.

    • YoungZari

      Great point. 50 wasn’t lyrically exciting anyway. The novelty basically wore off after 2007.

      • TheBlackItalian

        True. And even that’s stretching it. Last decent thing he put out was TOS. After that, it was a hard stop.

    • Gasner Duke-Diesel

      Much respect to you today. You didn’t come here hyper and you kept it 100. 👍👍👍

  • James lewis

    Peace. I’m addressing hip hoppers…..please, please, please, let’s strive to do better with our spelling. Some of you constantly point out that this isn’t an English class or spelling bee, but maybe it should be. If we don’t get a grip on this now then we will fail the youth. They will just look at it as ‘oh well, why do I need to spell correctly on a hip hop forum’? That’s exactly why you should spell correctly! Because “they” already think hip hop is for the uneducated. Don’t just listen to hip hop. Learn to spell. It’s becoming an epidemic. Be safe

    • Xxplosive 1

      Nah imma stic 2 my Kite code of communication…just kidding my G props for keeping it 💯

      • James lewis

        No doubt. See, the thing is I definitely understand when you type “nah imma. That’s just the cool thing or fad. No problem with that at all. It’s when someone has completely misspelled or misused words

      • RapItUp

        I don’t know what your talking about??? Lol!

    • Q.

      Texting is destroying the English language. People, in general, write sh!ttily these days, not just Hip-Hoppers. Mofos need to step up their spelling, grammar and punctuation too. Nobody wants to read a 300 word run-on sentence. LOL Nothing wrong with slang, but the thing people don’t realize is, standard English is actually easier to read.

      • James lewis

        Peace. I definitely agree that people, in general, need to do better. I only referred to the hip-hoppers on this occasion, because this is a hip hop forum. Slang is one thing, but when it’s misspelled or misused when not using Slang is the downfall….definitely when it’s done in a semi to semi-formal arena.

      • Q.

        The writers for this site should be most embarrassed–they’re so-called journalists. This site needs a copy editor–STAT. Peace.

      • xdc

        I think someone at AHH, who can’t spell, programmed spam bots, who can’t spell, to write all these articles!


    C’mon Ebro.. 50 beefing with everyone only hurt 50. If anything, it should have brought NY together because he beefed with EVERYBODY. It was like 50 vs hip hop. I’m here in NY and Hot 97 was ridin every southern artists’ dlck. They just wanted to play hits but the funny thing is that they could have helped create more NY hits. It’s no secret that the more you hear something the more it grows on you. We hated that southern shlt at first but it grew on us. Hot 97 could’ve kept NY artist on rotation but instead they (Ebro) acted like a southern groupie.

    • WeakSauce

      Agree with ya on this

    • HatingWhitePeopleSince85


    • Q.

      LOL “50 vs Hip-Hop”<——–Sounds about right.

    • THISIS50

      well said, i agree.

    • Gasner Duke-Diesel

      Respect to your post homie but maybe the beef not working much now but early on the beef made 50 huge profits. I agree with everything else you said though.

    • edeck7

      New York is the epicenter of HIP-HOP, I’m from the “A” and I clearly see the decline of HIP-HOP when the record labels in NYC abandoned y’all for the quick dollar. For a consumer of music, this has been a decade nightmare to see the music that I love go from being GREAT to being totally sorry and worthless. Ebro is a trader to Hip-hop. The people of NYC needs to demand via twitter, via phone calls to EBRO’s show, via his radio station that he be fired and get someone who loves Hip-hop and want to break new artists out of NYC. It’s up to NYC to make this change and no one else

      • BEAST

        Damn right! That shit was motivating.. had me stand up ready to do something. Lol.. no joke. You need to run for President homie.

      • edeck7


  • Fresh

    They both got a point.

  • Nightmare

    The corporate machine f u c k e d up hip-hop with the payola s h i t that radio bit into. There was once a time where radio relied on sponsorship and broke artist on their own.

  • RazaBladeKing

    NY rap isn’t “dead”, but if it is dead, it’s been dead for a minute (other than a few individual acts). And it’s got nothin to do with radio or 50 Cent. Snoop took the game over for the West in the early 90s; NY hated on the West. No Limit/Cash money took the game over for the South in the late 90s; NY hated on the South. The reason NY isn’t “on” is cuz yall NY n****s hated on everyone else, and still do, and ended up alienating yourselves from 2/3 of the country. None of the other 49 states are sittin around figurin out ways to keep NY off the radar, and none of us are hatin on your artists… literally nobody cares about NY except NY n****s. There’s no conspiracy. You isolated yourselves. And radio ain’t gonna play what nobody’s requestin. Yall used to be trend-setters, but now you’re just trendy, and nobody cares.

    • MannyStylz

      Amen!! And I’m from NY..

    • TheBlackItalian

      Realist shit I’ve heard in a minute. NY rappers even alienated themselves from the tri-state, including Jersey. That’s pretty sad.

    • BlaqCeeza

      It’s not so much that they hated, but the aesthetic of the music had changed a great deal. Secondly, the label marginalized East Coast acts with the emergence of the West Coast, but even during that era, some of the best music was coming out of the east. It was falling on deaf ears. That slice of the pie became eve smaller when P and Cash Money came out. My point is, that a lot of these other regions had the support of the machine whereas (with the exception of a few) a lot of East Coast rappers were left to the wayside. Case and point, look what Jay did when he took over Def Jam; he got rid of DMX, LL Cool J, Method Man, Redman and a slew of others for the likes of Jeezy & Ross. Again, the machine is the engine that dictates who’s hot. It’s not the fans

  • 50 is 100 hundred percent correct!! but radio isnt just killing NY, they are killing tons and tons of talented artists all across america.. chuck D has been saying this for years!!

  • Sean Power

    ebro is just trolling to get attention the breakfast club kills in rating so he trolls to get some hits

    • xdc

      real talk they always doing shit like this

  • Q.

    Ja Rule and 50 divided NY? LOL Stop trying to act like they’re Big and Pac. Both them dudes are lyrically wack. Nas and Jay-Z I can see, but Ja and Curtis? No. Radio today is a bunch of industry d!ckriders, they don’t break up and comers. Te Hot 97s and Breakfast Clubs are more about celebrity than actual music. It seems like the music is an afterthought.

    • James lewis

      Peace. Ja & 50 were definitely not B.I.G. & Pac in terms of lyrics or style or following, per se, but think about this….the climate between the Ja & 50 beef was on par. This beef was very physical & very personal. This wasn’t social media beefing. The Ja & 50 beef divided people, because of the physicality of the situation. Some didn’t want to work w one or the other because of this

      • Q.

        Yeah, that beef was more street than lyrical… 50 must’ve thought he was Pac with Shady/Aftermath backing him up against Ja, and he was beefing with every other NY rapper after that. So, I agree with the guy who said it was more like “50 vs Hip-Hop.”

      • BlaqCeeza

        ”yeah, but he didn’t start those beefs

    • TheBlackItalian

      Did you comprehend anything that was written? 50 and Ja’s beef could’ve very well been the beginning of the end for NY hip hop. Nobody said they were significant in any other way other than that. I think it had something to do with it since NY went down pretty much right after that.

      • Q.

        Miss me with the b!tchy retorts, troll. I’m not here for the fvckery!

      • TheBlackItalian

        Apparently you ain’t here to read and understand either.

      • Q.

        What’s to understand about a troll…other than insecurity and poor social skills?



    • EL_BARK

      well it was also the fact that em did song with fat joe and jada around that time and then u hop on a track that was poking fun and sending shot at 50 on the low…….at the time 50 was getting flack for running to LA and he even said F new york at a concert….. so i see why he fired on them

    • JB

      I think you missed the point. The beef was real back then. People were taking sides. That was a low key diss song by ja. Not a big up to ny

  • Zorino

    Did 50 learn English as a Foreign Language or something? Dayum.

  • Malik

    All ya talking about 50 divided NY Hip-Hop, when has NY Hip-Hop ever been united?
    The 5 Boroughs had always been on each other’s throat from the jump and that’s what made NY unique. The competition’s fierce. You have to come with your A-game or get mashed out!

  • ApricotNapalm

    real talk tho….radio play songs that the internet say poppin. not the other way around


    It’s always somebody else’s fault when it comes to 50 cent……#blamegame

  • edeck7

    I don’t know whose fault it is why New York is not the epicenter of Hip-hop anymore. I can say this, I’m from the A-T-L without New York City being the top of the mountain in terms of lyrical ability groups like “Outkast”, “Goodie Mob”, “The Geto Boys”, “UGK”, etc would not have strive so hard to be the best lyrically. NYC Hip-Hop made other regions across the USA want to step there game up, without NYC Hip-Hop leading the way, this shit is DEAD, it’s not real HIP-HOP anymore. If people like Ebro is the problem the people in NYC needs to demand he be fired and or resign and get the radio station to support HIP-HOP

  • therealest1

    Ebro is a damn coon with female tendencies who can’t be taken seriously period.

  • I never liked that corny mf

  • Thought Dog

    Radio hosts are willfully ignorant when it comes to how music becomes popular in the 2000’s. No radio station has broken a new song in nearly 2 decades.

  • Johnny Cage Jr.

    Ebro and 50 cent killed NY Rap

  • youtubedaily.com

    head over to our website

  • soyhiphop

    Ebro don’t care about ny rap he’s from california so is laura. and the ass kissing jew is from Maryland..mostly every artist thats been popping in the last few years got their buzz online. radio it’s becoming irrelevant since folks can download songs all day online and watch new artist on youtube. Dom kennedy one of so many artist are on and touring the world because of the internet they don’t depend on sleazy record companys or radio

  • Hector G

    ebro is a pure joke…ya blame 50 cent solely for why nyc hasn’t popped off in hip hop lately…good luck proving that one


    Damn NY!!!!!BRUH

  • HyPhYMAN

    I REFUSE to believe one person is responsible for the downfall of a city music wise.

  • Opposite Of Everyone

    lol at “emerging entrepeneur”

  • Papi Peligro

    Absolutely. He killed Gangsta rap. The funeral was when and Kanye West went head to head with Album Sales back in the day. Gangsta rap was never the same. I been said this for years. 50 killed it because he proved all them dudes is talk and not real. So it took away from the authenticity. Now New York Ninjas can’t break cause they . too much into. Gangsta music. You can break if you wear a dress. But Timbos nah. You wont go gold unless you already established.

  • Tyfromthechi

    50 put NY back on the map g unit had a 7 year run nobody else from NY stepped up after 50 papoose was buzzing but he couldn’t make a hit NY killed themselves

  • fitgameent

    50 and his way killed it, along with radio and others. He went at people for the most childish reasons, so DJs played neutral music to avoid his wrath. He was extremely influential, especially for fans, so it changed the hip hop landscape. The radio, for real reason I just stated, also had a hand in this; hip hop evolved, and they followed. So the DJ has to think “save hip hop or save my job”. also, you have jay-z. the biggest star in the world who made himself exclusive. unless you was in his inner circle, he wouldn’t work with you. he could’ve used his influence, but he didn’t.. we can blame 50 100%, but it wasn’t just him. he played a big part, but he wasn’t alone.

    • You think he was that influential to be half responsible for killing of the NY movement ? Please…NYC has heavyweights bigger than 50. At least one.

      • fitgameent

        Very few rappers, from anywhere, has had the influence that 50 had. And this is from someone who hated how he did things. he killed careers and made it difficult for NY rappers to eat during his reign.

  • StephenDedalus

    Curtis with his memes and his instagram, and his photoshop and his gay ass vines has dragged hip hop through the gutter.

  • Jeff

    I could see where Ebro has a point with 50 not working with NY artists & other artists from different parts of the country not working with NY ninjas, but I do think Ebro & all these other NY stations are at fault also because all they play are the same 20-25 songs by the same artists. And the stations claim people call up requesting the same damn songs. That’s why I don’t listen to the radio anymore. It’s repetitive & they won’t play any new artists unless the big record labels get behind the newer artists. I barely hear any songs from the 90s, the best era of hip hop.

  • Htwn5440

    Ebro is retarded. New York fell off cause their run was up. It’s evolution of music.