"The Purge: Election Year." Courtesy of Universal Pictures

“Purge” Trailer “Too Real” For CNN Republican Debate

For many watching the Republican debates on CNN from The University of Houston, Texas yesterday, the theatrical banality of the ideological vitriol got a little too picture perfect when it came to the well crafted and subversive undertones of a 30 second television spot for the upcoming Universal Pictures release, “The Purge: Election Year” which has an official theatrical release date of July 1, 2016.

“The Purge: Election Year” is the third installment in the Universal Pictures  science fiction horror franchise based on the idea that America has been reconfigured into a highly polarized police state where one night a year the government has an event called “The Purge.”   During “The Purge,” for 12 hours starting at 7pm and ending at 7am the next day, all crime is legal and all police, fire and medical emergency services are effectively out of commission.  Exempt from attack during “The Purge” and also to be left undisturbed  are all government officials with authorization levels of 10 or higher, as well as the top tier  “New Founding Fathers of America,” who are directly responsible for creating “The Purge” as a social science experiment that efficiently “purges” the country of it’s least desirable and most expendable members as the poor are routinely earmarked as the “best” victims during this night of institutionalized mayhem and violence.

In the latest “Purge” movie,  fittingly titled “The Purge: Election Year,” a new female candidate for the presidency looks to end the purge upon election, calling the concept of a purge inherently unjust and therefore wrong.  Naturally, some of the “New Founding Fathers” want to stop her by means that are less than kosher with regards to the current police state system of checks and balances.  As such, in a brilliant play of gorilla cinema verite, Universal bought time during last night’s Republican debates to run a very official “Pro Purge” campaign commercial.  The effect was as high on impact as it was on confusion as many viewers initially believed that the commercial was real and relevant to the 2016 Presidential race, as seen here direct from twitter:


That new movie trailer for was alil too normal looking for me lol

Mad respect for the new PURGE trailer that came off as the most Republican thing in this debate.

Here is what they are all talking about:

No doubt, some executives at Universal are feeling pretty pleased with themselves right about now whether it’s Republicans or Dems who end up looking pretty come November.


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