Watch The Scene That’s Got Everybody Talking About ABC’s “Blackish”

Just by reading the title of the ABC network hit series, Blackish, it doesn’t take much to know that the show nails down on some hot controversies.

In the latest episode, Anthony Anderson’s character (Dre) heats it up even more when he taps the conversation on police brutality in a passionate 2 minute spiel. Mentioning the names of unarmed Blacks murdered by police last year such as Freddie Gray and Sandra Bland, the show makes a bold statement on one plight that drives the Black Lives Matter movement and many other social activism causes.

Watch the video below.


  • Whoa…. Can’t front. This is some real sh*t….

  • Sinbk Legend

    Respect this

  • Markus

    Have to admit,I thought one of these devils would’ve been taken a shot at Obama at some point in his eight years in office. I think the reason it never happened was that that would’ve brought on a nationwide event that would’ve rivaled the Civil War. I see they’re looking for more than just laughs on this show. We need more of this.