Straight Outta Compton Jerry Heller

Straight Outta Compton Could Have Won An Oscar If They Did This…

“Straight Outta Compton” was celebrated and beloved by most, but when it came down to the awards, the flick came up short. Well, had the script writers and creators taken a different route, they could have given the story of NWA a better chance.

For your consideration: He wasn’t afraid to take a chance, and became the most important figure in hip hop history. Two-time Golden Globe winner Paul Giamatti (“Sideways”) stars in “Straight Out of Compton,” a biopic about hip-hop pioneer and N.W.A creator Jerry Heller, a courageous man who risked it all and sparked a music revolution.

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  • jeffrey Jones

    Bullshit… It wasnt that great. Beasts of no nation deserved an Oscar. SOC was a Dre-Cube jerkcircle….

    • Sinbk Legend

      I bet you watched it more than once

  • Dope

    That was a good hip hop fam service, but that is all. Outside of those circles it’s NOT an important movie in any way so just stop this foolery how it should have won everything from a neighborhood baseball league award to the Nobel prize. It’s just a good movie for one specific group of people, they loved it, the rest of the world keeps spinning… the end.


      for what group of people?

      • Dope

        Um.. hip hop fans, especially the older ones. The movie was made for them, nobody expects soccer moms or really old people to go see an NWA movie.

  • Dan Tebasco

    Uhm… It’s nominated for best screenplay, dumb ass


    Seriously this is what NoHipHop came up with to fill in a slow day? it can be argued if the movie deserved an Oscar or not but this article is straight BS

  • edeck7

    In order for a film to be in serious standing of getting oscar nominated the producers of the film has to take out ads in certain L.A. publications. My questions are did Oshea Jackson (Ice Cube) as one of the producers of the film do this 2) Did Oshea Jackson try and get other actors nominated like Jason Mitchell who portrayed Eazy E? 3) Why did Oshea Jackson only wanted to have him and his son who portrayed Ice Cube in the film only doing all the promo for S.O.C.? 4) Did Oshea Jackson get word that his son’s performance was not good enough to even warrant an Oscar nomination? 5) Did Oshea Jackson purposely destroy any chance of S.O.C. getting nominated when they heard they only wanted to nominate Paul G. (Jerry Heller) and Jason Mitchell as Eazy E? Ice Cube was a producer on this film, I think either he didn’t do the job to get the film nominated because he only wanted his son to shine and or he didn’t know how to help get the film nominated which I find it hard to believe since he’s been a game player in Hollywood Film Community for over twenty five years.

  • Anthony Mason

    @Houston Williams….You are going to be unemployed very soon if they were even paying you for this. You may be the worst writer ever. This must be an experiment or some s***….

    • Bruh I’m literally dying over here. I read this shit like 20 times & I’m still confused.

  • ZUBU

    The Oscar voters are mostly old white men who prolly didn’t watch the film. Reason why A lot of people are demanding change. Not only were there no black actors, but no Latino or Asian as well. It’s like the old boys awards show. Even years ago Denzel had to play a rouge cop to get an award…

    • Anthony Mason

      Training day is still amazing…

      • ZUBU

        One of my faves, I still watch it prolly once a year or so…
        I just never cared for the ending, but he was messing with some powerful Russians and they touched him…

      • Anthony Mason

        He only got killed because the white cop made him late fighting his a**. You think they might have let him live for the one
        mill if he was on time?…They didn’t even take the money…..

        If he knew he was probably getting killed, why even drive up? Drive to the woods or Mexico….

      • ZUBU

        True he was late fighting the white dude, and true they didn’t even take the money. Yet if he was on time they may have let him live, because of the 3 wise men (senior cops). Yet then again the Russians may have just offed him due to his disrespect toward their people…

      • Anthony Mason

        Yeah. I think we were meant to have that “what if”…

      • The Gary Group

        But he didn’t have the money to give them. White boy took it

      • Anthony Mason

        Oh that’s right….

      • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter

        You wanna go to jail or do you wanna go home ?

    • silverflurry

      Really. Try putting out good movies. SOC was not Oscar-worthy. Nor was Concussion.

      If you have a gripe, it’s with the studios, not the voters. They got it right.

      • ZUBU

        You’re entitled to your opinion, but a heck of a lot of people differ… Hence the outrage and boycotts… Also we are not just talking about Black movies, but actors, directors, writers, etc. We don’t just act in Black movies. Also no Latinos nor Asians. It was lilly white, that is a fact you can justify it anyway you want…

  • Papi Peligro

    Who cares how many million did this movie make be happy.

  • Moses John

    Funny af