French Montana, Jackson 5, Belly, Wave Gods, Max B

French Montana Pours Champagne On Strippers For Max B In New Visual With Belly

The ‘Wave Gods’ tape has millions of impressions as a project to date and now French adds to that with his visual featuring Belly and some big booty strippers. In the visual French pays homage to Max B via a phone call with Max B talking that sh*t on the phone. You can also see French pouring champagne on a stripper’s backside if that’s what you’re into.


    French montana still exists?

    • disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

      Yup! The hardest working New Yorker… Love dude cause he’s living his life… keeping his men’s name alive either dead or locked up, painting that real picture with his visuals… help a negro dream big. Got to appreciate goodness when you see one except if you are blind my dude… Never forget, french from selling mixtape outta the trunk to hollywood on the hills taking em strippers to places far from the pole dancing enh… if it stops today, he’s lived the life most of us dream about already., keep living my dude. One!

      • DianeKLove

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