Future Barks Over “Copy Cats”

Without a doubt, Future is one of the big homies of the present era. But there is already somebody trying to steal is spot! Desiigner – he’s talking about you, buddy! Desiigner is a kid from Brooklyn, but he sounds like he is Future’s brother.

#future “there’s only 1 Future around this mutha f*cka”

#future "there's only 1 Future around this mutha f*cka"

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Designer feels its sweet. LOL!

  • El_Gringo

    the kid jockin Future style too hard

  • ursocalledgod

    LMAO unoriginal azz niggaz irritate me. GET YO OWN and stop trying to get over on another mans shyt. thirsty azz no talent azz nigga.

  • big brain

    I tunes is for everybody can’t be mad lol

  • Savimbi

    That’s what happens when you make microwave music.

  • Black Adam


  • Obi Won

    Might as well cash in on that bull ish while its popular.

  • The Legendary Troll

    funny thing is, future is trash

  • Q.

    You know you’re losing when you gotta bite off a wack n!gga.


    FUCTURE is a LAME chasin’ a lame, garbage being formed in the shape of garbage….. what a ‘concept’! NO ONE will care about this WACK ‘music’ in a few years, we’re demanding REAL vocalist spittin’ REAL lyrical genius, with REAL musicality & talent…. bye bye to the Trap CRAP & BS that was killin’ the Hip Hop art form!

  • Boston80sbaby

    lol Future is dope for this era IMO. Designer is definitely a copy cat from what I heard, Panda (lol what a name for a song)

  • Sean Power

    T pain is like and there only one T pain

  • AJ

    before Future there was TPain…so after Future there will be someone else…circle of life.

  • AJ

    Future is the biggest hoe ever…he aint loyal fosure…
    1 minute he’s chilling with CB the next with Drake then Meek

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