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Aftermath Artist Anderson .Paak Hints Dr. Dre Is Working On New Music (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Dr. Dre told the world Compton would be his final album, but it appears the Hip Hop legend may not be done putting out music. The newest member of Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment, Anderson .Paak, hinted to BBC Radio 1Xtra that the Good Doctor could be crafting new tunes.

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“He’s working right now. He’s doing a lot of work right now. I can’t really speak on it,” said Anderson about his musical mentor.

The Malibu album creator did not give specifics about what Dre has planned, so it is not clear if that means another LP is coming. However, Anderson did add, “I don’t know too many dudes that were in the position that he’s at that still really just cares about the music. He don’t care about none of that extra stuff.”

Dr. Dre released his third studio album Compton in 2015. It sold over 270,000 copies in its first week of release and went on to earn a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album.

Anderson announced he signed to Aftermath in January. The singer-songwriter joined Dre, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Jon Connor at the West Coast based record label.

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Watch Anderson .Paak’s interview below.

30 Responses to “Aftermath Artist Anderson .Paak Hints Dr. Dre Is Working On New Music (VIDEO)”

  1. The Legendary Troll

    Dre, it took you a decade to put a throw together album out. Just let it go bruh. No more music. You already a billionaire. Just live life

    • ThelmaAWalker

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  2. Markus

    He’s been recognized as the best hip-hop producer ever. So he has to know that fans that came up with him wouldn’t handle how the quality of music today has fell off dramatically. If he has the desire and drive to maybe influence the new producers of this era to step their game up by putting more music a bit more often,then that’s a good look.

  3. ancientGOD83

    He should, that compton soundtrack was hot garbage….probably why they treat it like it never existed…. that hard core gangsta music has ran its an course. Its a new era, new style, new beats…dre waited too long and the game shifted. You can tell on that compton soundtrack. The hooks were not good. Rip to nate dogg….the beats were ok and the features were subpar. Dre is such a celebrity, I think it took him outtanhis creative zone

    • ancientGOD83

      mane I said it was trash…I put in in my ride and let it play numerous times, thought maybe I was out of the music loop, but dre was…that album sucked for reals….he has never even mentioned it since… no kurupt,kokane, daz, barely snoop, mel man, scot storch…it was awful

  4. Sean Power

    dre is making music he’s just not putting it out to the public, everything dre does know is just for the love of it and to kill time

  5. In Black America Radio

    someone associated with Dre hinting he is working on new music is no different then the rumors of (insert RnB artist) coming out on (insert black magazine) or the Jay Z and Beyonce new kid or break up rumors. you hear it but nothing ever come from it………… Cosby buying a network……..lmao FOH

  6. ZUBU

    I didn’t listen to Compton, but most say it was not good… Not sure what the future holds for Dre; each man has to do what he wants, but If I’m Dre I kick back and keep making business power moves… IJS

    • Dope

      He’s got enough to retire his grandchildren.. now he can do whatever he wants really. Though I would say he did fall out of the loop with his music. He can’t stick to that 90s G funk, but also can’t (and shouldn’t) follow in the footsteps of what’s currently considered ”hot” in the rap game.
      Unfortunately a lot of Compton sounded like it was lost somewhere between the two. It had a few good tracks, especially when it comes to lyrics, almost everyone delivered, but the beats were forgettable which is not good for a Dre album.

  7. STEPH

    Uhh WGAF. “Dre is a dope producer, but he hasn’t worked in a while”-Tupac-………even though that was said 20 something years ago….it still remains true today…smh Waited all that time just to put out some dumpster juice labeled “Compton”

    • Dope

      Nope. Kids today don’t want to hear that good old school stuff, and Dre isn’t inspired enough to create a new sound again like he did with G funk back in the day. And if he was to start producing these basic a$$ fruity loops beats that rappers use today he would just tarnish his own legacy.

  8. Slaughtr

    To say Compton was not good is bullshyt. what bothers me about hip hop now is that it is killing itself by weak ass comments on good rap music. There are alot off folks who want decent hard hitting creative hip hop not some everybody microwave music shyt, it’s so called hot for a week then it’s old. What happened to really learning an artist and knowing his material..oh I forgot there is no more substance.

    • Vinsanity

      I thought it was the wack beats, no originality, all the biting, the internet, and All the soft wack cry baby R&B rappers that were killing Hip-hop.

  9. Vinsanity

    I thought Compton sucked, but can’t be mad at Dre. He’s in a different place in time, physically, mentally, and financially. He ant the same and he dont feel the same, he might not even like the same type of music anymore. Maybe he’s just happy now. Either way Compton wasnt for me and I ant mad at him even if the old Dre. Is gone forever…..I get it.

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