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Is Public Enemy Upset Over Chris Rock Using Their Song For His Oscars Entrance?

Apparently some of the members of Public Enemy aren’t too happy about Chris Rock entering the stage of the 88th Academy Awards to their popular song “Fight The Power”. According to member Professor Griff, the Academy was just paying lip service to all black protesters and will go right back to business as usual. He basically feels their powerful song was used to pacify the masses over the real issues surrounding the Oscars and lack of diversity in their nominations. Chuck D shared his slightly different thoughts on Twitter. He said,

“The song FightThe Power is beyond me & the crew.The point of the song is a call to making change eventually not just applauding the thought. Art speaking. Fight The Power. Make change.Demand respect. Do your own awards RIGHT & give indie artists & actors a chance to make a LIVING.”

I think most could see why Chris used this particular song. Do you think it was the best fit?

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  • ZUBU

    Chuck and Griff have different views, yet they both have some validity…

  • Markus

    If nothing comes from the message sent out Sunday by Chris Rock then I agree that using a powerful song like this was just a temporary band-aid to the bigger ongoing issue. But I admit at the time it was used, I thought it fit the theme of the night.

  • Jared

    I feel like he’s used this song for about 15 years…