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Revelations: No Malice Speaks On What Lead To Retirement From The Clipse

(AllHipHop News) Recently former Clipse rapper No Malice took time to speak with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club about his retirement from rap and his new life as a reformed man of the Lord.

While No Malice used to rap about drugs, selling crack, fast cars, clothes and all the spoils of the lavish life, the former coke rapper is reformed and remaining true to a life of righteousness.

For many, including Charlamagne on the Breakfast Club, questions still remained about what specific event caused No Malice to reform his life in the name of Jesus.

“Bro there were many revelations.  It’s just doing the checks and balances of your life, taking inventory of your life,” No Malice explained. “It was a lot of things that I was doing that were just weren’t conducive to me. My health, my marriage, my relationship with my kids, you know, and I’m just glad to be given a second chance.”

When asked if it was impossible to balance Hip-Hop and spirituality, No Malice said, “It’s not even so much spirituality, it’s the fact that I love Jesus, you know? I’m into that work and I read that word and just to be in that lifestyle, which I’m not condemning, but for me I just can’t face that every day, all the temptations and desires and wants – I just can’t be in that all day.”

Check out the rest of the interview below:


  • Anthony Mason

    He didn’t want to serve 2 masters. Continuing that way he was serving the master he didn’t like. Simple….

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      “blood hit his timbs it reminded me of him, glistnen wrist on chilla, i put this on my lord my niece was 4 when she felt chinchilla” not sure if that was his or pushas verse on “what happen to that boy” ft. birdman. them ni99az had verses

      • WeakSauce

        Word, they did! I’m going to keep saying this, I MISS MUSIC!!!!!!!!!

      • True.

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  • This dude is about God. I’m happy for him. No matter what, you have to respect his choice. And even though he probably gave up millions, he got all of that wealth back in his freedom and love for God. I respect his transition.

    On another note….

    Charlamagne was kinda like the loud kid that’s always playing during church service. Cursing and speaking ignorance about God not forgiving. That was hard to watch. Annoying to the end…

    • Anthony Mason

      Yeah Charlamagne ain’t about s***. He will lick Satan’s a** gladly for money and attention…

  • In Black America Radio

    I Dont subscribe to the god hustle…………….but to those that do. why is it (or it appears to be) that you have to look at your self as nothing to believe in this concept called god? and to be clear… when no malice said something 10:30 mark like there is no good in me only christ jesus woo woo woo. to believe in this god concept you have to stop believing in yourself?

    • Whoa…. Whoa….. If you don’t believe in God, keep it on YOU and what you believe in. Don’t call it a “hustle” just because you don’t believe in it. No need to make what others believe seem inferior.

      • In Black America Radio

        you mean like people that believe in the hustle like to make others feel? C’mon, we all grown……….. and im speaking historically, and historically none of our oppressors met us in a church or with a bible or any kind………..historically speaking every group gave us their concept during our oppression. funniest story i ever read was the story of the 1st Black Mormon……..and it started with a white Mormon gifting another white mormon man with a enslaved black man who was converted to mormonism. so since this isnt a concept………….or a hustle as i called it. when in history have he had these books? and or when have we been presented these books WITH OUT being oppressed or the end destruction of our civilization?

        and for anyone who wanna refer to history b4 the white man…………..dont forget the arab man enslaved us before the white man so tell me bout it prior to the arab not the white man

      • Dubz

        Are you asking when have black people been taught about God? That’s been going on since the days of Moses….who was married to an Ethiopian

      • In Black America Radio

        according to that story book. if you dig deeper you will see that men like solomon bred with many woman so his seed can rule that nation and take them from their original understanding of life to a god concept. and thats cool………but according to Ethiopian (which is greek) Scripts Solomons wasnt black………..and considered the woman he bred with nations enemies of his. and im sure you heard of white people came with bibles and we had the land and resources………….fast forward we have the bibles and they have the land and resources. im putting together my work on solomon as we speak though, might present it this month or next

      • Let me school you a little because I see you’re on that other sh*t….

        If you’re taking shots at Christianity because of the religion being the religion of the slave masters…. Fine. Take that and put it in your pocket. But how do you account for the whole continent of Africa? Like it or not, they believe in a higher power. Even if you take it to the untouched tribes in the Amazons, they believe in a higher power. In fact, 90% of the whole world believes in a higher power. So that whole thing about religion being a hustle and yadda…yadda…yadda….

        The fact still remains that the majority of the world believes in God in one form or another. Think of it like this homie. Religion is like the car you choose to drive your ass to the final destination (heaven, hell or whatever you believe). It doesn’t matter what religion you possess (and No Malice alluded to this in the video but I don’t know if you were paying attention). Your relationship with God or without God is you driving the car for yourself. You don’t believe in God? Fine. That’s how you govern your life. But 90% of the world does believe. And no one should ridicule either position. It doesn’t matter your religion. What matters is that you believe. But even if you don’t, that is on you.

      • In Black America Radio

        “If you’re taking shots at Christianity because of the religion being the religion of the slave masters…. Fine.”

        nope, taking “shots” at all of those religions that came to us thru oppression.

        “But how do you account for the whole continent of Africa?”
        Africa…………..that was colonized and invaded by our oppressors? that africa?

        name a untouched tribe in the amazon, THEN lets have a discussion on their beliefs. but i dont do the generalizations cause it adds up to nothing. the tribes in the amazon, african tribes always believed this……we always did that…… bout you provide some names of tribes so the history can be examine and looked at b4 we keep up this superstition that black people follow blindly. because i know a amazon tribe called the Panare Indians and they christian missionaries re-wrote the bible to get them to believe in their god concept. so share the names of the amazon tribes that was hooping and hollering about some spook god in the sky, had a bible book they read from or a church they attended. or did these concepts come with our oppressors? thats my question. and belief is a doubt not a fact……… into facts not superstition. and 90% of the world believe in a god so much that they fight about this CONCEPT……how ironic is that

      • That dude is (ironically) “religiously atheist” and his sentence structure was a clear attempt to come off somewhat “intelligent/advanced” while attempting to provide subliminal insults to people believe in g-d. Don’t sweat that dude.

      • No doubt. But folks see through the scheme.

      • In Black America Radio

        actually im not “religiously atheist”. i think for myself and dont follow superstition

      • In Black America Radio

        my original question was “I Dont subscribe to the god hustle…………….but to those that do. why is it (or it appears to be) that you have to look at your self as nothing to believe in this concept called god?” where is the subliminal insult? what sentence structure? you proved my point “ironically”, you feel like a question is a subliminal insult………… question (not insult) to you is where is the insult in the question?

      • No, no no. I am not going to entertain this foolish debate. Let’s agree to most definitely disagree. At least we are both “religious” about something. All the best and I hope you’re a good person, just be a good person man. Deuces.

      • In Black America Radio

        it wasnt a debate, (you cant debate a concept) it was a question that YOU ALL decided to turn into something more then what it was……… it was a simple question on my observation of superstitious people, so i was hoping one of you superstitious people would answer that. we both isnt religious/superstitious cause im not, just had a simple question. even gave the mark where no malice gave the example to my question. never dissed no malice NOR people that believe in superstition which is why i said “or appears to be” so i dont generalize all superstitious people.
        as for good and or bad……….that concept dont exist. Nat Turner was good IMO and bad in others opinion…………so who decide who or what is good or bad?

      • can’t* than* aren’t*

      • In Black America Radio

        so thats your answer to why superstitious people belittle them self to believe in a concept giving to them by their oppressor …………Lmao……..stick to grammar

      • So (should’ve followed with a comma)
        as* to why

    • Dope

      Well, psychology research does show that people who experience a loss of personal power/sense of control over their life, or whatever you want to call it, will turn to an external source of power that they need in order to feel a basic human need for security. Basically like a little kid who says ”I’ll tell my dad on you” when he can’t do anything else to another kid he got into a fight with.
      So it’s not that they have to look at themselves as nothing in order to reach god, more like god is invented/turned to as a sort of psychological protection when for whatever reason they people seeing themselves as weak/worthless/nothing. It gives then sense that they have something.

      • In Black America Radio

        i can dig that. and if people said that then its cool. but to try and make your security blanket more then a blanket makes no sense to me. just like the painting of “adam” i believe it is (because belief is a doubt lol, im not sure if its called adam) they have the white guy who is looking at a image of a white god and he’s pointing at “gods” finger and “gods” finger is pointing at “adam” but the fingers never touch………..the thing surrounding the image of “god” is the same image as the human brain. but we gonna ignore all that, and ignore history and how religion is spread because we too scared that our “soul” is going to go to a heaven or a hell? i wonder if anyone remember purgatory or know that the hell concept come from dante inferno……..or even that the catholic priest is on record saying jesus aint coming back he might have been to drunk during the last supper.
        but like superstition, you just believe it and pass it on to the next generation to believe

      • Dope

        Simply put: fear. We could go in a long debate, but it all comes down to fear. When you’re afraid you need protection and god(s) is a mechanism people turn to when nothing else is there. And even when they stop believing in god(s) there is fear from society rejecting you, hence why beliefs held up for so long, but are rapidly loosing ground these days.

        One day even the biggest religions of today will be nothing but mythologies, but there will always be small groups of people believing in something. It’s just human nature controlled by human fears.

  • RayStantz

    I read that whole thing in Pusha T’s voice for some reason

    • Lmfao! I put “Grindin'” after every period LOL!

  • Led*

  • The Legendary Troll

    Pursuing God makes people a better man. This is great he has such a positive outlook on life. we need more people like this.

  • Slaughtr

    Now there is cackling woman men going into overdrive about religion and what his real reasons were. Some people have a time for their own soul to reach a conscience light. the truth is when we die nobody is going with you so what this brother did for his own life is his biz. I rather sick brothers in the church instead of faking 24 hours a day and with the entertainment biz you get fake niggaz all day. It seems to me the drama of the biz made him say fck this bs. The biz has never changed pimpin, stealing, payola, excessive branding, sex for deals, sex for beats, sex for deals,the groupies, the groupie celebs, keeping up with the Jones’s, fked up cheating promoters, fcked up riders, promoter didn’t provide transpo, I could go on. Half the folks posting either never experienced this shyt or your a nigga with amnesia.

  • Dark Matters

    He sounds mentally ill, at this point. I’m all for improving one’s quality of life (which he seems to have in many ways) by leading a more ethical existence, it looks to me like he’s gone out of the fire into the frying pan.