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Change The World: Big Sean Raises $100,000, Provides Doctors To Fight Disease In Flint Water Crisis

(AllHipHop News) Despite it’s popularity world-wide, Hip-Hop gets the brunt of a lot of negative click-bait articles in mainstream media. But now, places like Fox, CNN and MSNBC  have good reason to take note of what Hip-Hop is doing to fight the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

After Revolt did their thing in a concert highlighting the crisis last weekend, Big Sean took the time to speak with Los Angeles’ 92.3 The Real about what he’s doing to give back to Flint with his Heal Flint Kids project.

“I believe in Karma, I believe in just being a righteous dude and a good person. It’s always been a major, major part of not just my career, but my upbringing. We used to go the Salvation Army all the time – two to three times a year,” Big Sean said of giving back to his local communities.

Backstage at The Real’s first annual Birthday Bash, Sean explained how he feels about the public works catastrophe in his home state and how he feels someone needs to be held accountable.

“What’s going on in Flint obviously is tragic, it’s not just a natural disaster though, there needs to be some blame placed on the people there who deserve it,” he lamented. “But you know we are stepping in and doing what we can – our goal was to raise $50,000, but now we almost have raised $100,000. And its not just for water, we aren’t just donating water bottles. We are helping kids get the proper care that they need, see the proper doctors.”

This story not only hits home for Big Sean because it happened in his own state, but his mother also suffered at one point in her life from lead poisoning as well.

“My mom actually has experienced lead poisoning to a degree, so we knew how deep it is, and I know the things that my mom went through and it’s real, real painful and real like devastating.  We just want to make sure that they get the proper care, proper doctors and proper attention and not just the water bottles – but the water too.”

Word has already gotten to famed documentarian Michael Moore who also called Big Sean to congratulate and commend Sean on service to the city of Flint. More on the Flint, Michigan water crisis as news develops.



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  • Anthony Mason

    I read somewhere it would take 1 billion to fix the water system in flint. It is going to be a generational issue similar to chernobyl. There are going to be kids with mental illness, mental disabilities and other strange diseases coming out of flint until they decide to burn that b**** to the ground. It needs to be evacuated and people need assistance relocating…

    This should be the U.S. governments #1 priority in the world but it is not because they don’t give a f*** about me or you people. They don’t care….

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