Tyler, The Creator Remixes Kanye’s “Freestyle 4”

Since it’s release, multiple tracks on Kanye’s recent album “The Life Of Pablo” have been getting the remix treatment. Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator recently said his favorite track on the LP is “Freestyle 4,” so he decided to give it a spin. Re-titled as “What The F*** Right Now,” watch as Tyler turns up with A$AP Rocky, Domo Genesis, Jasper Dolphin and others in his latest visual.

Watch below.

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    I always knew these young’n got it in em…. Thats what happens when you miss talent, nerds with drugs and a little bit of cheddar… Thats a very potent mix. I’m loving this right here… I always knew he could rip but not really dumb out like he just did… Crazy arse Rocky don start him up! They got money and don’t need majors to lit shit up. Its a fu..ink problems.. Did he just go back at Em? Royce shoulda left these kids alone…. they disrespectful for real but this a bangers tho.. SMH

    Now let me tell you all sumthing real, the only old heads they respect is J, Nas and Ye and you know how Ye don’t give a u know… So thats the MO of the young’ns now. Ye is their hero and if you ain’t Ye with the twitter fingers or Ye’s with the productions or the nerdy shit, sneakers, the bad clothing or hollywood connects or the 20million plus twitter connects… They are best left alone as you out rapping them ain’t go do shit. Kids wants that turn up shit or the lit shit