Katt Williams Apologizes To Kevin Hart..Then Disses Chris Rock?

Over the last week, Katt Williams caused a stir after dissing Kevin Hart and challenging his comedy cohort to a battle (comedy, rap and fighting) for a cool $5 million. Katt may be going through some stuff, but this apology is pretty sincere.

The Illuminati may have got at Katt and then he realized that they gon’ have to just kill him. LOL!

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34 Responses to “Katt Williams Apologizes To Kevin Hart..Then Disses Chris Rock?”

  1. Anthony Mason

    Black nail Polish seems to be a thing in the satanic church. It is not a pimp thing….

    Katt may be against the powers that be but it does not mean he is not into way worse s***…IJS

    • 3rdEye_Sharp

      Satan is about as real as Jesus, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. You gotta shed that European idealism and learn the MDU NTR, homie.

      • Anthony Mason

        You niggas stay on some blasphemy. You just called Jesus Christ the same leauge as fictional childrens pagan holiday characters who deliver toys and candy…

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        Yes. But Saint Nicholas was a Black man. The culture vultures turned him white and fat.

      • Anthony Mason

        Yeah the bishop was Turkish…

        Not a fat white guy who sits kids on his lap like a pedophile. Also look at the parallels between Santa the god Saturn (cronus).

      • Anthony Mason

        The name is but the character goes further back. It was adapted from the pagans. Now he is a cartoon essentially…

        It’s origins are creepier…

      • Anthony Mason

        Also….Santa is an anagram for Satan and Claus is an anagram for Lucas. The St. Nicholas legends are not proven to be true. It is more lore and justification than anything…

        =Satan Lucas. It is not an accident…

        The Santa Claus thing is a large elaborate deception passed down from generation to generation and it is totally pagan and Luciferian and that is what they want your kids learning and worshipping….

      • Anthony Mason

        Yeah but Christmas as we know it has been around for a good while. English is crazy how it conveys things sonetimes because it is a hodge podge of other languages….

      • Anthony Mason

        There are similarities everywhere and some languages don’t have a word for some of the words in what is now “modern” or formal english so they say it exactly how we do. Especially germany.

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        You spend WAY too much time listening to massa. There’s no such person as Jesus Christ. First and foremost, the letter J wasn’t even introduced into language until 1342 A.D. Secondly, the story of “Jesus” is a perversion of the story Heru or Horus. This is historical fact. Thirdly, the bible only exists because of Ptolemy the First and his jealousy of the Greek citizens of Alexandria worshiping Ausar or Osiris. The African Priests of Alexandria refused to make a statue of Ptolemy for the Greeks to worship. As a result, being petty, he took all of the scribes from all of the temples and locked them up in one temple and brought 72 Rabbis from Jerusalem to translate it into Greek. That was supposed to have been the Pentateuch or the Torah. Here’s where the Fckery comes in…The Bible is supposed to be validated by the Pentateuch. The Pentateuch was supposed to have been validated by the Letter to Aristeas. The only thing is…The Letter to Aristeas is a psuedepigrapha. #Fact!!! Why do you think that there’s that old African proverb that goes, “When the White man came here, we had all of the land, all of the diamonds, and all of the gold. The White man had all of the bibles. They told us to get down on our knees, close our eyes and pray. When we opened our eyes, we had all of the bibles…The White man had all of the land, all of the gold, and all of the diamonds.” Your welcome!

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        Jesus was never meant to be construed as an actual person. He was SUPPOSED to have been a concept, based on the Pineal Gland. As a matter of fact, there were 16 Jesus’ before the so-called Christ. There was Krishna, Buddha, Dionysus, Heru, Baal, Zoroaster, Mithra and a bunch of other ones. The thing is…NONE OF THESE PEOPLE EXISTED in real life. They were ALL concepts.

      • Anthony Mason

        We already talked about the “j” and a lot of these other stuff. The man existed by another name…

  2. STEPH

    Damn my nigga is Bipolar as hell, but it takes a real muthafuc-a to admit when he fuc-ed up and was on some bullshit. That’s how it should be…all of them together instead of talkin shit and trying to down one another. Hope things start looking up for Katt Williams, got to stop getting into it with random people over stupid shit stay out of courtrooms and avoiding lawsuits. The black nail polish I cannot begin to understand though.

  3. TheCoder

    He smoked some bad ish and was on one that day, Get hard was on TV so he just went HAM on Kevin Hart!!!! lol

  4. Mo Cash

    i respect that he’s humble enough to apologize but be man enough to filter your shit to begin with to cutback all that tongue biting bullshit. he sounding kanye-ish if you say some shit & mean it stand behind it, an the nigga about to attack chris rock?? dude seem kinda out there an i still respect him in many ways BUT NIGGA WHATS UP WITH THEM FINGERNAILS?? since when did nail polish become gangsta or pimping?? was i the only who caught that ish? ;)>

  5. drtybirds5

    There was a brief moment in time when I thought this guy was actually funny. But the more you saw him and the more he spoke. The less I liked him. Mostly because he hates on others who are more successful then he is/was. And because the drugs are winning in his life and making him crazy. He used to be funny. Now I think of him and kanye as the same kind of persons. Haters who can’t stand to see others succeed more than them.

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