Chris Brown

Chris Brown Goes In On Fans Over New Clothing Line’s Prices

Chris Brown has never been one to bite his tongue, so it’s to no one’s surprise that he went in on fans claiming his clothing line’s prices were too high. Brown believes that his ‘Black Pyramind’ clothing line is reasonably priced and affordable. Chris went in reminding fans that Kanye’s clothing line is probably their monthly bills combined and he reminded people that they stand in line to purchase Jordans. Breezy’s prices aren’t outrageous though. Will you be wearing ‘Black Pyramid’?

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  • Miss.S

    well he aint lyin… nigga spittin FACTS…

  • WeakSauce

    I was coo with what he said about prices and all because no one is forcing no one to buy anything. BUT when he finishes his tantrum with
    “If you can’t buy it then take your broke ass to target” took all the credibility from his post away. Your fans put you where you are you shit head! If it wasn’t for your fans supporting after your shitty ass decisions you wouldn’t be there on stage making millions. This is my number one reason of not supporting any of these fukks! Just me though.

  • Briggs Islam

    I blame the fans who put arrogant artists on a pedestal and then take the insults from them. I’m pretty sure most of Chris Brown’s fans shop at Target or somewhere priced similar. But they’ll defend him and D-ride him all day. But that’s the world we live in, privilege feeling people with low self esteem…

  • disqus_9oMBNqiEJX

    Azzhole. I hope his shizz fails. Its the fans who would support his punk azz clothing line why be a jerk about it!! Just say dont buy it. All the extra name callin n speakin on broke peeps is BS. Shtzz is ugly anyway punk ass triangles.

  • ChrissyCorey

    I dont see nonthing wrong wit telling broke niggas to buy shit they can homeboy just spent like 600 on some earrings…this nigga 28 …came over tryna stunt all happy and shit. im like you just spent all that on earrings but still walking around in the same shoes from last year..i mean literally summer, spring winter and fall and cant keep a crib for shit. killed his whole mood asap. kinda felt bad but shit thats rent and he about to lose the crib as we speak

    • Juleo478

      Lmao thats fucked up but people got to learn… I feel bad for laughing at this.

      • ChrissyCorey

        I Felt bad too but only because i think i hurt his feelings and that wasnt really my total intention but shit once again thats rent he about to lose his shit i had to point that shit out

      • Q.

        Sir, if I may respectfully submit…your homie is STUPID THAN A MUPHUCKA. Hopefully, for his sake, he won’t get stuck up or lose one of his studs. #FISCALRECKLESSNESS

        FYI, diamonds aren’t really worth sh!t–they’re only expensive due to artificial scarcity, meaning, that De Beers, the number one diamond company in the world, dug up a bunch of African diamonds, hoarded them in a warehouse, and jacked up the price at will, because they know suckas in the world will break their banks for virtually useless, shiny little rocks. It’s a big scam.

      • roachburn

        sometimes nigahs need to hear that shit tho, we got mufucas at my job ordering dominos pizza er night, buying ewings then stand in front the gate when the shift over trying to get a ride home. Priorities all jacked up

  • Markus

    He couldn’t have put it out there any clearer. Buy and he’s cool with you,don’t because of high prices and he backs away from you with an insult or two for you to hold. The fans should tell him to shove his clothes up his ass to muffle his transatlantic gas.


    I don’t have a problem what he said. Shit get a job or buy your clothes from Walmart….All that crying WTF are the babies gonna do?

  • keenan88

    This guy beats chicks up. Hes a clown.

    • Mo Cash

      you should be careful what you say then mr.mangina ;)>

      • Celz


  • chippc

    I must have missed this chapter in my marketing course.

  • Celz

    A proper article would let us know what the fucc black pyramid is..

    • Obi Won

      Never heard of it

    • or at least the amount of these “insane prices”
      All Hip Hop doesnt pay writers…
      Thats why we get shit writing.

  • Churro

    Who does he think his fans are? Most of his fans are the ones he’s shaming. Clearly this dude doesn’t know his own lane. Broke people will buy J’s because they’re an established symbol. No one is about to choose a Chris Brown shirt over some J’s. And his rants will make his clothing line even more of a fail. The reason your fans are complaining about your prices is because you’re ignoring your entire fanbase with them. Getting mad and insulting them whenever they don’t spend money on you is getting old. Slapping your daughter’s name on a raunchy album isn’t gaining you points either. Giving your ex-girlfriend verbal abuse and harassment isn’t helping. Calling women B’s isn’t doing you any favors. Your personal brand is horrible, but you wanna pass your name off as quality. Just stop. I’m not asking you to find humility, but respect your fans.

    • disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

      The last time i checked the more of an ass you are the more the fans love you! M, Jordan….
      K West, Crystal the drink… want me to mention more? It’s the fans thats deluded not him. His sales are going up if you ask me…

  • Chris got mental issues. That’s all that needs to be said.

  • Not a good move, Chris should have used the opportunity to hear out his customers.

    • RonRico Jones

      Those weren’t customers. Those were complainers. If his shit was 1 cent, those same people would call it cheap. You know the type bro, they’re everywhere.

      • True, but just because they can’t show class doesn’t mean Breezy can’t!
        In business, you have to make lemonade out of the lemons.
        This week only, 1/2 price with code @ChrisBrownOfficial

      • RonRico Jones

        True. You gotta keep it business in the public, but he said some real shit. You don’t like it, don’t buy it. Cost too much, don’t buy it. That’s how you make an impact to a business.

      • Exactly, his job is to get folks to buy it.
        “We spend within the community, hire from within the community, so although our product cost more, you get more for you money in terms of recycling our dollars as opposed to spending outside the community with merchants that won’t re invest in our community in terms of hiring & supporting tax deductible causes that benefit our community.”

        “You bi$h ni99az killing over J’s, kill over my chet so I can get RiRi back, or keep stepping!”

      • Controversy Sells

        Trumps favored as the next president. . .

      • The corporate jet needs two wings to fly…a right & a left one.

  • i honestly never really seen a brand by a recording artist that was worth purchasing. P.S. when you win 6 championships, 6 finals MVP’s, 2 slam dunk contests, a few season MVP’s, own a nba team, put some kids through college, employee lots of minorities maybe i’ll consider googling what black pyramid is…

  • yomomma

    yea the prices are not that bad,but people always want things for cheap,if u wanna be fashionable u gotta pay up or just wait till it hits bargin bin

    • Controversy Sells

      Dead ass tho. . . If I shopped at target I’d be dressing ok. I shop at TJ Mac I’m dressing good. . . But I like to be well dressed and that shot cost in Nordstrom and Macy’s. But I ain’t complaining. That’s like when I tell these fools 45 for 8th of bud and they bitch about it talking bout they usually pay 40. . . So take ya I can’t spare 5 dollars ass to the nigga wit the shirt weed then

  • ursocalledgod

    way to get them sales rolling! lol I wouldn’t buy any of these rappers bullshyt clothing line ESPECIALLY kanyes fruity ass raggedy clothes. btw if yall niggaz buying jordans, and taking the bus or your kids aren’t provided for yall are part of the problem. dumb azz low expectation having clowns.