Tyga Gets Roasted For Calling Tupac His Dad

Tyga recently tweeted a photo calling Tupac his father in a side by side of the two rappers wearing the same Duke jerseys. Seeing how Tyga isn’t exactly anyone’s favorite rapper, social media let him have it once again. Someone even went as far as to comment “Dead….like your music career.” It didn’t make fans go easy on him when he posted a letter from his real dad who has been locked up for over two decades. It was already too late. “Gots to be more careful.” T-Raw sets himself up every time!


  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Half u AHH niggaz is my son’s too!

  • Leonard Tarver


    • Short bus got him sitting on the tire!

  • Andy Maas


  • Executive

    Lmfao! Tyga would of been aborted.

  • One Nite Stanley


  • Markus

    This is the equivalent of this fool posting an invitation to his house he can’t afford for a pool party for girls under 18. Nothing but internet bait.

  • LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! #DEAD

  • Anjali Joti

    Why people support these wack ass niggaz is mind blogging! He also uses the deathrow logo for his label…..


    For the rest of his life whenever he is seen out in public people need to do him like those Philly niggas did Katt Williams.

    • crownroyal421

      Ctfu this nigga tyga like tranny dick book him in philly we’ll merc that fool

      • Gasner Duke-Diesel

        You deserve to be stomp in your hometown philly for acting dumb.

  • GoodMusic36

    Sites like this, rapradar and wshh need to stop promoting this trash excuse for a rapper.

  • Gonja

    L Magnet

  • Q.

    Pac woulda slapped the sh!t out this cornball.


    i guess since meek is on house arrest this nigga is trying to get a extra serving of L’s. he like fukc it more for me now

    • Gasner Duke-Diesel

      Word Lol

    • NYComicBookGuy

      “Extra Serving of L’s!” LMAO I’m Dead!

  • Vinsanity

    But Pac was a Father figure for many Fatherless lost youth.

    • Executive

      I can admit that he was to me, up until the age of 13. But clearly I’m not the same person as I was at that age and Tyga needs to realize he’s a grown ass man in 2016 calling another man dad.

      • Vinsanity

        A grown man who is in the entertainment business. So why not have a role model that’s in your field to look up to, to compare to, to have standards, to give yourself a goal blah blah blah….you get it.

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  • If Pac was anybody’s father figure, you need counseling. Although he had some wisdom in him, he rarely applied that wisdom where it mattered most; his own life. Some of y’all n*ggas take this fandom sh*t too far. Real dads are there day in and day out (even while having sh*tty jobs). If you weren’t fortunate to have a father in your life, hopefully you had some OGs around you that filled the gap. But the last f*cking place you need to look for a father figure is Tupac Shakur. And that’s just real sh*t.

    • Dayum!

      Shitty Jobs = Realest Spill of the day


      Nah, he was still a kid at heart, and his impact is set in stone. What happen to him was meant to be, nothing could change that.Most great artists have flaws too, never saw Tupac do the Sh*t Kanye do and u think he’s God. Only thing is that Tupac was a Great artist, and Kanye is an overrated, attention seeking nutcase.

      • Nah… Pac didn’t do much…. except get killed. 😂😂😂 Your whole argument is suspect.


        So is yours that why I commented. fine if u don’t like Pac, but the fact u think Kanye a genius is beyond suspect.

      • What are you talking about? I like Tupac’s music. He made some bangers. But you’re just mad that I don’t view him as a father figure? Hell no! Sorry to step on your feelings but Tupac is not a “man” for kids to want to be like.


        I’m not mad, ” The quote was( Tyga) Tupac was more of a father figure than my dad” . That headline is not right.

      • Two_guns_Billy

        You think he could control getting killed?

      • Hell yeah! It don’t take a f*cking genius to avoid Suge Knight. Dr. Dre is living because he cut that idiot off. Tupac would be here if he were more precise with who was around him.

      • Two_guns_Billy

        What other artist Suge got killed Pac could have learned from?You playing monday morning Qb now saying he should have avoided Suge..It’s not like every artist Suge worked with died..

      • Sam sam

        Lmao u got daddy issues or u just hate pac

    • yomomma

      who looks up to tupac as a father?

    • Two_guns_Billy

      Dude was 26 and rich..You talk like you personally knew him..I agree he wasn’t a father figure but I can’t say how he were in real life..How you know the wisdom he applied to his real life?I knew his music but I didn’t know the man personally.He was just a man that made mistakes like any other man..

      • Don’t try to act like I’m anti-Tupac. I’m only Anti-Tupac-as-a-father-figure. You asked me questions. I answered them. I didn’t come on this thread professing to know the complete life of Tupac and I didn’t come on this joint bashing his music. But it doesn’t take a genius to know that if you were in Vegas and involved in a group beatdown of a person (which was some cowardly sh*t), with Suge Knight of all people, and your ass died as a result of that confrontation, you were not managing your life right. This wasn’t no hit man or dying for the cause type sh*t. Tupac’s death is a direct result of some dumb ass n*gga sh-t he and Suge Knight was mixed up in. And we don’t even need to bring up the other sh*t as evidence that he wasn’t precise with his life (although there’s at least 10 examples outside of the Vegas incident). Tupac should be nobody’s father figure. And that’s real sh*t. Tuck away that Tupac fandom and think logically. You’ll eventually get there.

      • Realist shit I’ve ever read on here. Thanks, fam.

      • Thanks, fam.

      • DJ O

        How could he be a father figure and he wasnt a father………..smh plus he died at only 25.

      • Executive

        I love Pac, pretty much watched his whole career from Digital Underground to his death and I can agree with you that stomping out a well known crip wasn’t the smartest idea.

    • You’re 100% on point.
      2 pac had some great lyrics, but in real life he was
      a complete idiot.

      I mean this is the guy, wearing 30K worth of jewelry
      in New York just in some back alley and he wonders
      why he got robbed by some Haitians.
      Come on. Even 100$ bills in your pockets and somebody
      sees you have money on you can bring you into bad
      trouble. Especially in the 90s. If you were not connected
      you’d be in trouble.


    The way you fools at AHH to get a muthafu-ka to click on a link LMAO! You all are going to journalism hell smh.

  • NYComicBookGuy

    This dude is a Legendary Lame.

    • Executive

      He must practice being corny because he got that shit on lock.

    • Controversy Sells

      Damn. . . I’ve heard of cool corn and popular lame. . . But damn!

      Well at least he’s a legend at something

  • ursocalledgod

    LMAO by far the lamest nigga in the game well that WAS in the game. that’s saying a lot when you have cornballs like weak mills and kanye in this shyt.

  • therealest1

    Never mind this retard.

  • Cici

    Stop disrespecting Tupac image he was a black men not a sell out for starters. I’m sure living off someone would not be his option especially a non black female and he also dating a trannies he should just stop it’s embarrassing like his hair😳😳