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Can Wale Give Love & Hip Hop’s Cardi B A Hit Record?

Wale does seem to have the magic touch at times, and now he believes he can make a hit for Love & Hip Hop’s Cardi B. Cardi B is pretty ratchet but, fans seems to like her more than your Joseline Hernandezes to your Kat Stacks and Superheads. Maybe it’s because she’s hilarious and personable. Wale says Cardi has the juice. Cardi B has her ‘Gangsta B*tch Music’ Vol. 1 mixtape out now. Are you feeling it? Is Cardi what’s needed in female Hip Hop? Do you think Wale can give her a hit that will truly take off?

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  • NotTomFromMySpace

    idk how niggas compare this braud to Joseline. Joseline been with the same nigga since she came on the scene. Totally different. She might be wild but it aint with a bunch of niggas like Cardi lol

    • I know Cardi B, while annoying, a female unlike Jose…

    • STEPH

      Who has cardi B been with? and Joseline been in Florida fuc-ing with Rick Ross, and those niggas in the studio in the “A”….

      • NotTomFromMySpace

        rumors. no pics, videos. Nothing lol and what do you mean, on the show she is on now she was F***** with DJ Self and has another man “Tommy” at the same time. She cant talk english right but brags bout her head game lol

      • STEPH

        2 people my dude LMAO! A bunch of niggas smh and rumors? WTF LMAO!

      • NotTomFromMySpace

        2 people is enough lmao phuk u mean. she sucking two dikks at same time. Im sure u wouldnt mind doing that too lol

      • STEPH

        You had me thinking I missed some episodes LMAO

    • Papi Peligro

      Yeah must’ve missed the “FEED ME DIIIIIIIIIIICKS” freestyle by Joseline. You wont look at the captain cave man chant the same ever again. She ruined my nostalgia.

  • No Wale. It was fake ass Ross that saved your career. I know you’re feeling kinda special because you’ve found the long lost art (meaning really overused art) of rhyming about female sh*t over an R&B beat. But that does not mean you can make a star. Especially from sh*tty ass reality tv. Don’t do it Wale. Your MMG days are over and you can’t afford to attach your paper thin rep to a brick.

    • DidLEESquatTho

      I know I’m late, but that was funny. Wale better sit his ass down somewhere. LOL #delusions

    • ross didn’t save his career. he sells/ sold the most records on that label.

      • You need to stop trippin’ fam. Fake or not, when Ross was at his height he took Wale on and made him who he is. Without that move, Wale would be underground. True, he is selling the most on MMG now, but Ross gave him that chance. So Wale is not self made. Ross is fake as sh*t. But when it comes to choosing beats and A&R sh*t, he is without a doubt the man responsible for MMG’s success. And Wale is a part of that success.

  • Markus

    In the words of the great Bishop Bullwinkel,hell naw to the naw naw naw.

  • baller187

    wale u really fell off with these mental problems u be having, cardi b is a streetwalker lookin thot why back her??

  • Papi Peligro

    Cardi B is funny but I wouldnt smash Id write her a smash.

  • Controversy Sells

    How many of you have actually listened to cardi b music??? Or even seen her on an episode of love and hip hop? Yea that bitch ratchet as fuk but I’ll give it to her. . . She can rap. She remind me of a early Nicki before the Barbie shit. Not only that she not as ratchet as you think. She bout her business. She used to fuk wit Self but she the only up and coming on the show not fuking to get a hit record