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50 Cent Admits To Faking Money Piles In Social Media Photo

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent may not be as broke as some people first thought, but the Hip Hop mogul’s Instagram post using stacks of “money” to prove he is not struggling was apparently phony. That is according to documents 50 filed in court on Tuesday.

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The Hartford Courant reports 50 filed a statement to the bankruptcy court claiming a picture of the rapper with piles of cash spelling “broke” were just props and not real money. Judge Ann Nevins is ordering 50 Cent to appear back in court on Wednesday, and the U.S. trustee’s office wants the judge to appoint an examiner to review the rapper’s assets.

There were other posts on 50 Cent’s social media accounts that also seemed to flaunt his wealth. The G-Unit boss claimed it is all for show in order to maintain his public image. However, other documents present 50 having around $64 million in property and assets.

50 Cent

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    Well duh what else was he gon say yea it’s real your honor we all know that he was gon say it was prop money to protect his image

    • RapItUp

      The point is, he shouldn’t have posted ‘prop’ dollars in the first place, for what? To prove he has money? When his assets are about to be fine-toooth combed by the courts? He just brings the extra scrutiny on himself

  • Rozay23

    Lmao 😂…Here we go again smh. I’m waiting to see what all 50s financial advisors (Fans) has to say about this one.

    • Lyrics

      Lmao facts.

    • MrTroyMercy

      I swear some of you dickriding clowns are sad. Stop pocket counting like a female. You know Damn well that that this guy is far from broke.guy Anyways. I wonder why you clowns hate dude so much. … black people hate anyone that’s black that’s doing better. Black people just want to see other black people because they are failures. Some of you dudes got female tendacies….suckas

      • Rozay23

        Mayne shut yo emotional ass up. Im trippin cause 50 brought all this on himself. He released that sextape for the world to see and now he’s payin the price. Yo claim we dick riding but u the one defending him not being broke. Are u holdin his money along with his nuts??? I could care less if dude broke or not he look like dummy regardless just being in the topic. I dont hate 50 and still listen to some of his music but I call it how I see it

  • Haitian Mob

    This site is so stupid….even if you are “trying” to report news, yall need to use common sense.

    We know 50 tryin to hide his money but his ego wont let him let people say he broke even tho we ALL know he not broke, he only saying he broke for the court but once people started saying he was broke, he couldnt let that slide. Yall just put this up to put it up. You know the money aint fake. What kind of blogging is this ?????? Yall just blogging to blog too often

    • 50 claimed the money was fake. Not AHH bro..

      • Haitian Mob

        Like they dont know he has to say that in order to protect his funds ? Do not @ me again

      • Watever

        So you’re mad that a website reported exactly what 50 is claiming himself. And are you really suggesting 50 purposely lied about the money being fake in court documents? If he ever has to go under oath, he’s not going to perjure himself. He’s not that stupid.

      • Shock

        Lmao you might be a dumb ass

    • Watever

      You clearly didn’t read the article.

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  • tra mo

    Haha don’t NOBODY really know how nuch fif worth first 250 mil then 30 mil then 15 mil then 4 mil now back up to 64 mil EVERYBODY IS JUST SPECULATION

    • GhostOfFloBarnette

      The judge is going to take the word of the court appointed auditor which is 64 million.

  • Markus

    It’s fake and I’m broke everybody-50 Cent


      I believe its fake, he can’t be that stupid.

    • emac

      hahahaha…probably the funniest shit I’ve read all day.

  • I guarantee you, a forensic accountant is about to get involved in this. If this happens, 50 is mega f*cked. It’s one thing to lie. It’s another thing to lie to the courts. Stay tuned…

    • that dude

      Yup……………He’s pretty much fucked.. And we all knew this nigga was lying from the beginning. They gone turn that boy hidden accounts upside down.

      • I know, right? 50 got it twisted. He can beef with other rappers, but NOBODY f*cks with the government. 50 must’ve hit his head in the shower. Went in 50 and came out thinking he’s Bill Gates. 😂😂😂

      • MrTroyMercy

        You act like fifty smashed your old bird or something. Government has nothing to do with this. It’s a lawsuit case not an tax case. I have never seen this many hating ass dudes in my life. A bunch of sambo praising the potential fall of a black man while praising these white folk. Black people are worse than kkk with all of the hate. EVERY 50 you be on here cheering leading like a little bytch. It takes just as much energy to hate energy a person that you don’t know as oppose to defend one. You need tonstop acting like broads. Matter of fact – all of you clowns do smh.

      • Do you see the irony in what you just wrote? Take a few seconds…. Read what you wrote and think about it. Maybe you’ll catch on. Doubt it though😂😂😂

      • that dude

        I’m tryna read where you or me for the matter hated on 50? I think we just merely stated the facts. No person of any color can hide money from the courts, government, etc…. That’s all that was stated. Dudes be reaching.

      • MrTroyMercy

        No.There is no irony. He’s no hiding assets from the government . He ‘s not to pay this lawsuit. The irony is seeing slaves like YOU and that other cosigning clown laughing and joking about another man struggles. You’re on every 50 article acting like he scorned you. It kills me to see broke people calling people broke. Had this been a white dude going through this – your sambo ass wouldn’t have said nothing..porch monkey.

      • Okay…. Once again Mr. Righteous Black Man… Read what you just wrote. I find it hilarious that you’re trying to chastise people on this thread about putting down Black people when you’ve done nothing but throw insults yourself. Talk about a positive Black man..😂😂😂

        My initial statement did nothing to disparage 50. Now when another person spoke about it I was glib in my comment that 50 must’ve bumped his head in the shower. Still, it was a joke and no hate could be gathered from it.

        Your fandom is turned up a bit today. I understand. Your man is looking more than a little bit off target with the unforced errors. But maybe you need to write the 50 Cent fan club and lodge your complaint to fellow fans who care about the state of your fandom. Less f*cks could not be given on this end.

      • MrTroyMercy

        First of all I’m not the one on every 50 cent article watching his every move like a Damn groupie Lol. I don’t have time to hate or celebrate the downfall of anyone. You clowns take hating to the Max. You wrote that novel just to prove that you have females ways. I’m not about to argue over another man pockets. I’m not about to argue with you over another dude either. That’s what homos and females do. So hate on clown ass n I g g a. We get it you hate 50. How can you hate man you don’t know? Thats for you and the rest of these clown ass n I g gas cosigning your faggotry. I’m done talking about this chit.

      • You play yourself without me needing to say a word. Stupidity exemplified. 😂😂😂

      • MrTroyMercy

        I didn’t play chit because I can give a fukk less about you or 50. I was just pointing out your female tendacies….that’s all. Suck it easy you sucka ass nigga.

      • STEPH

        He’s stubborn and still doesn’t get it smh.

      • STEPH

        He don’t get it

      • PeoplePlease7

        Chuck D, Boyce Watkins, Lupe Fiasco, Immortal Technique, etc. would get a much different reaction. 50 cent, talented and brilliant as he is, did not rise to fame by uplifting Black people and especially not Black women. He did some Samboing himself at times.

        Folks view this as more of a chickens coming home to roost vs hating on a brother like so many sambos love to do.

      • MrTroyMercy

        So turning a life of crime into a music/acting career is samboing? His antics we’re all part of entertainment. Jay-z allegedly sold drugs – does that make him a Sambo? Nas said he sold drugs – was he samboing? Eminem did drugs, dissed females, dissed his moms and did a bunch of sucker – do white people hate on him? Nas had money issues too. I just can’t find myself hating on a person that I don’t know. Seriously. I can’t.

      • PeoplePlease7

        Taking the path of “but what about” and cherry picking artists accomplishments is not reality nor will it help us advance. You must admit there is a difference between hating and being objective. I agree that some of us have hateful tendencies where we knock each other’s accomplishments without cause, however sometimes the hate is fully deserved.

        Selling crack to Black people is samboing. Entertaining other cultures by denigrating Black women (pimping) and promoting robbing and killing ofBlack people is samboing. Bragging and promoting a lifestyle of crime, misogyny and mayhem via music is samboing (Officer Rick Ross, Jeezy, etc..). When people stop samboing they strive to atone and make true amends for their destructive ways(The Real Rick Ross).

        And yes white people did and do hate on eminem. In uplifting and supporting each others’ accomplishments, let’s hold each other accountable for all of our actions (good and bad) and maintain some standards. Again, different artists would have a different reaction from the public.

      • MrTroyMercy

        Now what you said makes sense. No bias just real talk. I’m not into calling other black men who changed their lives SAMBOS. JUST remember that ever saint has a past and every sinner has a future. We shouldn’t be stereotypical of each other especially when it’s regarding someones past. No one is perfect. He change his life. Plus drug addicts don’t get a pass either. Anyways, your post was on point – none of that hating chit…..

      • that dude


      • I doubt 50 lied to the judge.
        The industry is designed to keep the artist in debt!

      • STEPH

        smfh wow

  • Savimbi

    Boo boo the fool!!!!!

  • The City

    Game over…pay your dry cleaning bill and all that…

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  • Lyrics

    Learn to walk a tight rope
    Ever see a rich nigga go broke?
    They putting liens on a niggas things
    Publicize your demise, and by all means
    Your family fortune is forever what you stood on
    Sold dreams, fantasies that put the hood on
    You reap what what you sow, and they speaking repossessions
    To the culture itself, these are powerful lessons.

    “Foreclosure” – Rick Ross


    “it …. it….it wasn’t me ya honor!”

  • THISIS50

    it will be interesting to see what happens with this case

  • fullyautomatic

    Next ting u know he’s gonna say da jewelry is fake, da cars are rented, those are not his houses its Yayo house etc. foh lame, u been expose now pay up


    Of course he is going to say it’s fake(knowing that it’s real money)just to save his own ass,who wouldn’t!!!But the fucked up part about it is now he actually gotta spend real money to buy fake money in case they wanna confiscate it!!!!!💯💯DAMN BRUH

  • emac

    we don’t believe you, you need more ppl..

  • emac

    c’mon fif…we know u holdin! lol


    Lol regardless real or fake she looks like an even bigger clown smh

    • MadDog

      So says the guy who always up votes his own post…smh

      • DLOUPO

        I can’t like my own shit? Lol…..stfu b4 I cyber bully you loser

      • MadDog

        I guess you should…since nobody else does. lol

  • ZUBU

    50 should have not posted the pics, with mad money. As someone below stated, 50 had that huge ego so he had to stunt on the haters; and as a result someone told the court he was stunting. So now the court wants to further investigate his finances. Of course 50 is gonna lie and say it is prop money. Yet most of us know the paper is real… Basically 50 doesn’t want to pay his debt, and he is trying to use lawyers to prevent paying… Who would want to pay Rick Ross’ nasty baby mom? Now with the headphone company I’m not as informed as to what happened, but he lost the case. I predict they all will settle for less than they were awarded. In the mean time 50 still collecting interest on that money. That is the way the big boys play the money game, not exactly fair but true…
    Street Definition: BIG BANK, TAKE LITTLE BANK………

  • Papi Peligro

    If he makes it out of this while paying less hes the Black John Gotti.

    • #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman

      50 is a smart cat. I have a feelin hell beat it

      • STEPH

        STFU…release his Johnson out your mouth LMAO!

  • YouTubeDaily.com

    Guys we have a new website and we are looking for bloggers/editors

  • doughboy215

    Either he’s a fraud which some have been saying for a while or he’s a clown and the judge getting ready to make him pay up. Either way look like L’s coming his way

  • ursocalledgod

    smh this nigga here. you know you owe them people! now trying to stunt for these niggaz and byotches that don’t matter got your azz back in court. how these niggaz get rich I will never understand. btw did anyone peep the tweet some ole cry baby azz lame tweeted at 50 about his kids, bills, and having cancer? you really think this nigga gives a fuc? lol hate a whiny azz grown man.

  • hoeyuno

    I dont see how fif didnt know that was a bad idea…He needs to stop giving a fucc about 12 year olds youtube comments and chill out till all this is over.

  • Fif, what happened??

  • Vexed Vader

    Shit looks real enough to me. Lie to the judge. lol. How they gonna prove it’s real anyway?

  • Edmond Collins

    Dat shit ain’t fake. He’s just lying to cover his own ass. We all know 50 ain’t broke.


    50 fans…. That shit is real, fu-k what he talking about…50 cent….it was fake money….50 cent fans….he lying LOL! But when they had that story about the guys that sell stacks of fake money…..50 cent fans….That money Meek got is probably fake LMAO SMDH. I understand you swore to suck 50’s dick and lick his testicles but damn LOL!

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