Rapper JP Smoov Lands Back In Jail Over Threatening Lyrics

(AllHipHop News) Watch what you say, because it could land you in jail.  Rapper J. P. Smoov is currently going through that struggle after he was arrested last month due to threats he made in a song.  The 20 year old MC is behind bars after posting a video on YouTube in November for his single “KAR.”  The track featured lyrics that allegedly posed a threat to the Queens District Attorney Richard Brown.

In the song, Smoov says “Tell the judge to get off my c***, put the DA in a box.”  The Queens DA took the lyrics as a direct threat and Smoov has been remanded to Riker’s Island since Feb. 22.

Smoov claims that “KAR” was written a couple years ago and predates his arrest at age 18. According to The New York Daily News, Smoov’s attorney defends the rapper’s words as freedom of speech and claims they were not in direct response to Smoov’s legal run-ins with the DA.

Smoov is no newbie to the court system.  He was recently released on bail after being charged with murder conspiracy for his involvement in a plot to kill two members of a rival gang.  If convicted on the conspiracy charges, Smoov faces 25 years to life.  Pray for the young MC.



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  • Keyser Soze

    Am I the only one who feels like if you never heard of a Nigga then he’s not a real rapper??.. He’s just a Nigga who be rappin… lol

  • Markus

    Pray for the young MC? You can pray he figures out soon that being in a coward support group (or gang for those who war in the name of colors and streets they don’t own )is dumb af. Pray he stops helping the courts keep him in jail over blatant lyrics meant for the people locking you up. Supposed to be a rapper and you can’t even be clever enough to spit subliminally. Pray he gets known more for his songs than his wrongs. Then again,if you’re in the streets plotting murders,I doubt God is trying to hear anything about you.