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Claiming Piru?: Karrueche Becomes Target Of Chris Brown Blood Gang Beef With Kevin McCall

(AllHipHop News) Yesterday the social media world went up in flames after Chris Brown and his former co-singer/songwriter Kevin McCall became embattled in an Instagram feud over royalties and contracts.

Chris’ ex- Karrueche was dragged  into the mix, that eventually resulted in claims of Piru gang ties and more.

After Chris Brown and Kevin McCall exchanged thousands of characters between each other on social media, Kevin McCall took things one step further and called out Chris’ ex-girl Karrueche and her rumored relationship with Tyson Beckford.

“@tysonbeckford Wussup big bro…I was thinking lets go out & take some light skin n*ggas girls later today,”  Kevin McCall joked, “you already did? Damn .”

At that point the beef seemed to reach a high point as Chris started claiming Blood Gang affiliation and threatened McCall with his goons despite the fact that McCall just wants out of his contract.


“I”M NOT NO LITTLE KID AND ALL THAT GANGSTA SHIT THESE NGGAS CLAIMING THEY DOING AINT BOUT THEY SHT!! ON 500 Blk PIRU!!!!!! Kee talking “KEVIN” this shit is what I’m great at a l0t better than this music.” Breezy added.

Karrueche seemed to ignore the whole thing, but closed out her night with an image from her bed on IG with the caption, “home body.”

To date the Chris Brown and Kevin McCall song, “Dueces” that was released following Chris’ controversy with Rihanna has over 34 million plays on the official YouTube video.

Check out some of the social media interaction below

home body.

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  • Uncle Ruckus

    If I was a policeman I swear to God I’d be on these fools social media accounts all day. You’d be making shit loads of cases


    Yea that Nigga Kevin McCall Hot Garbage.

  • keenan88

    Chris brown is a woman beating wannabe gangster. He cant be taken serious.

    • Chyze

      There’s a large supply of those these days….pay your bills, raise your children, work hard, retire comfortable….THAT’S gangsta…

  • I like how Chris Brown be all gangsta on social media and then when he’s standing in front of the judge, be all crying like a b*tch and sh*t. Dude is forgetful as f*ck. And trust me, his baby momma is documenting all of his “supposed”‘gang affiliation. I guess some n*ggas never learn how to be a good father.

    • Chyze

      All these industry cats are the same. He’s no different than Meek Mill. Cry in front of the judge to stay outta jail. Only difference is Meek went to the Bing and he’s terrified about going back….I wonder why that is….

      • RapItUp

        Is anybody overtly excited about going (back) to prison? I can give you 500 reasons why I’d be terrified about going back. 1) not making any money 2) away from family/friends 3) you’re a PRISONER, can’t move on your own 4) food sucks 5) you stink/can’t groom properly without catching ringworm — I can go on. Dudesondudesondudes. Nothing wrong with a grown man not anxious to go back to prison. Forget being scared about some heathens behind bars. You’re not even a man in there!!

      • AntLee06

        Thats totally understandable. But if you wanna avoid prison or jail, wouldn’t you avoid foolishness like this? Then you wouldn’t have to grovel in front of the judge and beg for your freedom

      • RapItUp

        I totally dig that. Most of the guys in front of the judge tried their hardest to get there. I will say Meek tried keeping it a helluva lot cleaner than Chris Brown though.. Meek left town to perform without his PO’s knowledge (which was avoidable, but BS) Chris Breezy … well.. you see all he been doing since the Rihanna stint. In this case, I’d sympathize for Meek. But you’re right

  • Shawn kemp

    On 500 blocc piru? Lmao nigga please…..chris is a good singer sticc to that…he ain’t never put in any work so he need to stop…..industry wanna c ass nigga….everyone knows he getting taxed to have the pirus running around with him….they gas him up just to benefit off his fame… I ain’t mad at them getting they money and smashing groupies so they are coming up off him BUT nobody take him serious as a blood lol…..he need to stop frontin all the tats and money don’t make him a real piru….he looks silly claiming a gang he pays that prolly ran up in his house…..smh….he been in the game ad a kid so work he put in on the street? Nigga please…….

    • ZUBU

      I’ve been to LA a bunch of times, and LA bangers don’t respect nobody who ain’t from the Land. They may let you claim but as you said if it benefits them… Pac said it years ago (all you niggas is copycats, these is G’s); Cube said it years ago (Niggas claiming sets they ain’t never seen)… Never seen the Shaw; never been on Central, Manchester, Grape St., etc…

  • ZUBU

    I’m not say that Chris is as gangsta as he claims, but he does have paper so he can afford to hire some goons… Yet why do all these dudes be on social media snitching on themselves? Basically Chris can’t harm this boy now, if so he and his goons are the first suspects… SMH….
    Not to promote violence but use some of the “48 Laws Of Power” and conceal your intentions….

  • Markus

    So you’re a millionaire, can live anywhere and buy anything and instead of appreciating what you have you pay homage to a coward support group? This is ignorance in its highest form. Are the dumbasses in the hood preying on their own people giving out honorary memberships now to celebrities? Does he pay them for protection because you know R&B singers have enemies ready to take them out,right? FOH! The time has come to stop giving respect to the drug dealers,pimps and killers within communities that serve no purpose other than making the culture as a whole look bad.

  • Mo Cash

    niggas acting like chris ain’t no real OG (we all know he’s not) when half the niggas in so called real sets ain’t shit but some lame ass punk with a gun destroying there community & society. these low life punk ass niggas killing folks that look an live damn near identical to them, in the same rotten ass living conditions while the cops come through shoot,arrest & beat whoever whenever an most if not all them niggas scatter like roaches. PAC SAID IT BEST THESE NIGGAS AIN’T TRYNA BE REAL GANGSTA’S AN START A REVOLUTION THEY WANNA BE CHARACTERS #FACT…

    as far as that shit they talking goes sounds like some lame nigga shit, niggas on twitter an shit talking about committing crimes lmaoo c’mon we know all that shit is heavily monitored. chris better stay outta trouble or we already know the prosecutor gonna use that shit against him ;)>

  • Nightmare

    Chris Brown is about as street as Pee Wee Herman.

  • therealest1

    Kids these days especially with claiming gangs.


    lmao funny how body guards and gated communities can turn a signing and dancing pretty boy into tookie williams. i wanna see this punk catch a fade .TWITTER FINGERS 2.0

    • Anthony Mason

      That nigga used to wear spay painted tee-shirts and js. Twirling around like b****. Nigga is from VA. Don’t get me wrong…real niggas from VA but Christmas Brown is not one. He has been in Hollywood since not too long after puberty….


        whaaaatttt?? i thought dude was from compton? damn first the fat boys break now this.

      • Anthony Mason

        He is VA country as a b****. Look it up…

      • RazaBladeKing

        On behalf of the Virginia Delegation, I hereby submit that Chris Brown is no longer a VA n****. Four score and 8 years ago, the Commonwealth of Virginia traded Chris Brown to the Republic of California for a bag of Funions and a 20 oz Orange Soda; this agreement was consummated in a Pop-Locking contest. Henceforth, all L’s incurred by Mr. Brown will be held by the state of California; any excess L’s will be transferred to Tyga.

      • Anthony Mason

        Yaaassss! Lmao!!!!!

      • Anthony Mason

        (Gavel drop)….

  • Celz

    That nigga has to drop off two packs for every Piru reference.. It’s like copyright infringement..

  • dabigbang

    realistically chris brown dont want that hood beef kevin from grape st and their hood is ten times bigger than fruit town wit big hoods in different states

  • StephenDedalus

    If this little cum stain aint catchin feelin’s over his ex girls on twitter he’s throwin up piru on instascam. This fuccboy is the definition of immaturity.

  • big brain

    Real nigs with money start their own gang, not join one

    • RichFromBX

      and smart people with or without money don’t fvck with gangs at all…out here destroying neighborhoods and killing each other over trivial shit and blaming white people for it…

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        blame whites for what they shud be blamed for – allowing whites to get away with decades of showing themselves in millions of vids , gangraping babys

  • yomomma

    hope no one dies over this stupid shit,we lose lives every day of nonsense that can be worked out if people act like mature adults,dont be fuking clowns

  • Iamfears

    damn he actually wrote all of that?