Lil’ Scrappy Isn’t Feeling Transgender Women

Photo via Lil’ Scrappy’s Instagram

It looks like Lil’ Scrappy is not here for the transgender community. He posted a few videos about checking vaginas and baby pictures to make sure women were actually women and not men with wigs on. Scrappy’s mother, Momma Dee, wasn’t too happy about Scrappy’s comments and took to her Instagram to post,

“I’m at a lost for words…I raised my son to be a better man than that!!! To every #Trans person and member of the #lgbt community I apologize on behalf of my child for the hateful things that were said!!! I love you all #TransLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter #TheQueenHasSpoken #LHHATL.”

Apparently what caused Lil’ Scrappy to speak out was the fact that Love & Hip Hop is casting their first transgender cast member. Did Scrappy say anything wrong?

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  • Yung Piccolo

    transgender people dont hurt anyone who cares?

    • ZUBU

      You sound gay….

    • Two_guns_Billy

      But from what I read he was talking like he didn’t want to be fooled by a transgender..I think you should be honest with a person and if he decides to still be with you than thats ok..

  • Phillip Fuller

    But he is right.

  • Real Talk

    Struggle rapper, if you had hit single or album out then I’m sure you won’t be talking about Trans chicks

    • Natalie

      Exactly thankbu

  • gezuscryst

    Momma Dee look like a man, that’s why she got offended.

  • King Cold

    Im with scrappy on this


    WHO would expect this ignorant, county ass, no talent LAME to have ANY intelligence, respect or caring for ANYONE?@!

  • LIES!!!

  • Spijo

    Momma Dee looks like a transgender himself. So masculine and uglier than most men hey!

  • big brain

    He lives in Atlanta, the black San Francisco he better get use to it lol. Forcing that life style on the black communities.

    • ursocalledgod

      the black san Francisco lmao that’s some real shyt tho. every since the gay shyt became more accepted and popular these fruity niggaz came out by the THOUSANDS in the A.

    • tony battie

      you know you literally take it in da poop chute, don’t lie

      • big brain

        You must be transgender lol.

  • Seems like he might have a secret.

  • my thing is this, is this transgender a rapper? does he/she have any music out? don’t put one on the show just to boost ratings. the other gay couple on lahh, aint nobody heard of em before the show or checking for them after.

  • Thought Dog

    Notice how rap music is the only genre that the media is pushing hard for the integration of tranny’s and gays…

    • Two_guns_Billy

      Yeah I noticed that also..Talk to me when country music or Rock have one..

    • Natalie

      They gay on the low anyways

  • The Legendary Troll

    scrappy told the truth. no reason to stick up for trans people smh

    • Natalie

      Lol that’s like saying don’t stick up for black ppl when they get beat by the police! We all ppl

  • ursocalledgod

    im with scrappy fuc them freaks! especially jenners ugly bitch azz. I have no problem with gay people but them trannys get no love or respect from me.

    • tony battie

      your father has no love or respect for you either

      • ursocalledgod

        Lol what? Fucouttahere ole corny azz lame.

    • Natalie

      What’s the difference between u not liking trannies but not having a problem with gay ppl we all in the same community make no sense

      • ursocalledgod

        Gay people know their identity and who they are sexually attracted to, trannies I feel have a screw loose. Anytime you ” feel” you’re something other than what you were born, and feel a need to mutilate your sexual organs( that never work sexually or biologically btw) that’s just not rational, sane thinking IMO.

      • Natalie

        So do trannies they know who they wanna be and who their attracted to why are u worried about what other ppl do with their lives u pay their bills worry about yourself n making money

      • ursocalledgod

        Oh I’m definitely not worried love lol we eating WELL on my side. I just think that aspect of it needs to be addressed. Self mutilation is NOT normal.

      • Natalie

        Who’s mutilating their body ! You could say the same thing to ppl who get plastic surgery to get a new nose and breast are they mutilating themself

      • ursocalledgod

        Yes they definitely are mutilating themselves.

  • keith peru

    When they get a sex change they damn near look like women, not to mention having a fake vagina. Why not check the birth certificate? That type of stuff does not happen to regular folk, but every week we see a transgender infiltrate a function that a celebrity is at. It would be cool for a transgender to come clean. This is not hate toward that community, but I do not have a problem validating someone’s birth gender.

  • onehunglo

    and yet you let the media convince u to ignore farrakhan

  • Natalie

    Ya mad