50 Cent Blasts The Justice System & Quits Instagram After Appearing In Bankruptcy Court

(AllHipHop News) When 50 Cent emerged from a bankruptcy hearing a few days ago, the Hip Hop mogul announced, “I went to court today and all I felt was love.” That sentiment has seemed to change.

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50 posted several messages to his Instagram page where he blasted the justice system. The G-Unit leader claimed to be a target of the courts because of his wealth and relationship to Hip Hop.

In an even more shocking development, 50 announced he will no longer operate his IG account. The “Too Rich for The B*tch” rapper was accused by some of his creditors of not accurately reporting all of his income, partly because 50 posted photographs of cash to social media. The Queens native insisted the money was fake.

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Read what 50 Cent wrote on Instagram and check out his posts in the gallery below.

The system is so messed up, the law applies differently to people based on the personal perception of them. It’s amazing how bad it is it’s sad.

When you make money you become a target ?. Not only by people who feel there competitors, but by system it self. The lawyers take someone’s case to go after your hard earned money pro bono.

When a judge reads a prepared statement to start proceedings to state they treat everyone the same in court. You should be concerned, I already new I would be treated differently. They know the difference between chapter 11 and chapter 7 they just never saw anyone from Hip Hop culture use it.

I have millions of dollar in my company’s, the court knows this. I was accused of committing fraud with nothing but a IG photo. I can careless what these people think of me but it’s not right. Now someone from secret service is asking if prop money was counter fitted. How the fuck would I know that sh*t head? Smh

I’m done with IG after tonight, someone else will operate it for me.

  • Papi Peligro

    LOL. TOLD U. the difference between chapter 11 and chapter 7 YES I DO. NOW YOU BOUGHT TO FIND OUT. Garage sale my ninja. Police showing up to your auction getting louie belts for 20 dollars. The feds gonna make sure that money is fake.

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  • Dan Tebasco

    lol this dumb ass want to cry bankcruptcy and brag about having tons of money at the same time, you have to at least live the lie to make it believable

  • 86Jordan

    Dumb smart ass should of settled out of court. I knew this was going to end badly when you are a rich entertainer/businessman lying about your wealth and bragging at the same time #SMH #REALGANGSTERSSTAYSILENT

  • remy730

    can’t cry now that you’re on the other side of someone’s petty bullshit.You wrote a whole article on a 2 dudes posing for a picture. They drug your ass to court for posing in a picture. What goes around comes around. stop the petty bullshit.

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    The biggest hypocrite living the facts r she really been a victim her whole career. It’s funny how this clown gets credit for being a great business man lol this is prof on how any1 could make moves when they poppn…. 50 lawyers said she has to lie about the money because her fans are broke lol no wonder u 50 Stan’s always on here talking stupidness

  • When the Feds get involved your sh*t is cooked. I told cats the Secret Service was coming at 50. People don’t understand. The Secret Service only guards the President as its secondary function. The primary function is protecting the monetary system against counterfeiting.

    I feel what 50 is saying somewhat. He’s Black and he assumed that his wealth put him in that special club of color being irrelevant. But this is America. Our country was built on racism. And nobody who shares the bloodline of the slaves will ever escape being mistreated no matter how much money you have.

    But then again, 50 did this to himself. Let this be a lesson to people. Social media brings out the worst in everybody. While I clowned 50 and numerous other people clowned Kanye, the bigger lesson is that social media brings out the stupid, arrogant and the vanity in whoever uses it on the daily.

    I don’t think this is even remotely finished for 50. The Feds are in it now. Now, instead of a few mill, he is probably going to get audited by the IRS before all is said and done. This sh*t just got hella serious for dude. Please believe that.

    • Savimbi

      I don’t feel sorry for him, he really did it to himself. He showed no sign of humility whatsoever. I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of Belair poppin over at MMG lol and being black balled by Jimmy Iovine, there is no way he will be able to cover all those payments within the next 5 years. Ironically as a supposed Robert Green connoisseur, the reason for is downfall is that he broke one major law “Never Outshine Your Master” which he did when he got in his endeavor w/ Sleek Audio while Iovine, Dre and Em were getting Beats by Dre off the ground.

      • Well… As much as I have hated on his behavior, I do understand that it comes from not being raised properly. And for that aspect I do feel sorry for 50 Cent. But just as the law and the bible states, there comes a time when a man has to be held accountable for his behavior and can no longer use childhood as an excuse. This sh*t was all self-inflicted. From the lawsuits to social media. Wealth doesn’t offer invincibility. Not for us Black folks. Clowning on people is one thing. But if you clown on the government, they will turn your arrogant ass into nothing. You don’t clown on judges. They are too connected. I just see this ending very badly for 50. That deal he cut with the creditors is nothing.

        The Feds are coming…..

      • 1 simple law…….isn’t that the FIRST law?

    • Apex Productionz

      Secret Service is not coming for 50 man just stop.They asked him a question.It’s done and over with.AINT NO ongoing investigation.Yeah maybe i was wrong about insulting you before but don’t believe the hype bruh He aint broke man.I have been around 50 and G-Unit before.I worked with him on a record.It aint a thing to fif.He just need to chill.His ego is his problem.He cares what people think and that’s what Jay has over him cause Jay don’t give a rats ass what anyone thinks of him.

      • Did you learn a little bit more about your country after our conversation? Hahahahaha….. You thought the Secret Services job was just guarding the President. Hahahahaha…. Dude, you played yourself.

        I ain’t hating on 50. I hope he comes out clean. But I believe the IRS will get in his sh*t next. One thing about the Feds; they have unlimited resources to put a kink in your sh*t.

      • Apex Productionz

        Ummm no i did not play myself.If i was wrong then i am wrong and i can admit it.Unlike you who is getting a hard on from reading about a rich man losing money.????? dude you have been playing tyourself for days now.Seriously.Also the average person did not know that fact.You did not either until you read the article which you love to refer too.Check and mate bruh.You need to grow up too man and learn how to conduct yourself in an actual discussion.Is this how you act in person? laugh when someone is wrong and point and say they played themself? I don’t think so.YES YOU ARE HATING ON 50.Your keyboard actions speak for themselves man.You are denial.I did ONE record with 50 and i made high 6 figures and still eat off that same record until this day.Residuals bruh you should get you some and stop hating! I am done with you.Aint no body broke but the hater in you want to believe otherwise.I know man i know.

      • The industry is designed to keep the artist in debt!

  • jacksjus

    50 Cent is in debt but he isn’t broke, so I don’t see why he can’t have cash on him. To add to this it didn’t look like he had $22m in them photos.

    It’s one thing when someone owes you $20 and you see them flashing a $100 bill, but this fool owes $22m and they want to question him over a few stacks?

    However 50 needs to sit his ass down and handle this quietly. Stop the antics bruh.

    • STEPH

      Your right and wrong.

  • Dark Matters

    Take some of that prop money and buy yourself some common sense, Curtis. Yep – it’s that cheap.

  • Larry Sandwiches

    Talib called Hip Hop “the new WWF”…..they got props and everything now. Dumb.

    Hostile Gospel in case youre wonderin

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  • WeakSauce


  • Celz

    Why would you make counterfeit money, then use it as a prop? These questions are why people don’t trust the police, that makes no sense.. Why even ask that?

    • Dude, this ain’t about the money. This is about 50 making a mockery of the judge and the court. She personally made the phone call to the Feds. Secret Service only needs one person to bring it to their attention. Not to mention, the IRS will also be in 50’s sh*t with an official audit. Before this sh*t is over 50 is going to be one of the 9/11 hijackers 😂. The Feds hang any and every charge they can find on your ass. And with a conviction rate above 90%, 50 Cent had better take this sh*t seriously now.

      • Is every one guilty, or are the lawyers working for the system so sophisticated, they get folks to plead guilty?

      • Sure, they get a lot of people to plead guilty. But in 50’s case, they’ll make an example out of him whether he’s innocent or guilty because he tried to troll the legal system. And Black or White, rich or poor, you just don’t do dumb sh*t like that. There are trillions of taxpayer funds being leveraged to put your ass in jail. You can’t win. And in 50’s case, everyone knows he only filed bankruptcy to try to beat the lawsuits. But in doing that he f*cked himself.

        Think about this….

        If the money was fake, the Secret Service and the IRS wants to know what’s up.
        If the money was real, the bankruptcy courts, IRS and the creditors want to know what’s up.

        That’s literally a no-win situation. 50 basically f*cked himself up so bad that at minimum he’s facing paying everyone most of their money plus an IRS audit. And in an audit, they ALWAYS find something. Shiiiit…. This is a slam dunk for the Feds. Like taking candy from a baby.

      • No doubt, not talking about 50, I meant the 90%, having just copped out when I was innocent & the prosecution knew I was innocent, I was just extorted, I could have fought, but the system is corrupt.

        50 should have been chilled like 10yrs ago.
        Hard to judge because it got him where he is, but for me, I would have been low key like seashells.

        Back in the day, I would hit the block, make $60 & shut it down, come back later & make $40 & be out so fast, it made the “PEOUN” sound. I remember my homey laughing just as much as I remember his 1st call from behind the wall :
        “Dayum, Yo! You were right! All this time I thought I was getting away with something, and I didn’t get away with chet!”

        Twelve years for a 2 Min call complaining got him caught him up with about 18 people he didn’t know, that chet turned into a snitching contest.
        “Not my lifestyle, so I made a U turn!” – Road To The Riches
        Kool G Rap

        To me, simply getting old equaled “MAKING IT!”

      • So many brothers got caught up the same way. The thing people don’t tell you about the cops and the attorneys is that they operate on quota. If a murder investigator doesn’t close a certain number of cases they’re trying to fire his ass. For a prosecutor, once they’ve built cases on your back, and they discover you were innocent, they’re not going to go back and right that wrong because their stats take a hit. And it’s the same thing for judges too. Can you just imagine how many innocent cats got put to death because of someone didn’t want to f*ck up their stats? F*ck! And with the cops out targeting the corners, what the f*ck are they really doing? They know most cats on the corner not caked up like that. But it’s easier to f*ck with n*ggas because they’re right there in the cops line of sight. F*ck trying to catch the White dude or the Columbians bringing the sh*t in by the boatloads. The whole system is f*cked. Which makes this 50 Cent sh*t so infuriating to me. He made it out. He had over 100 million in the bank. Endless p*ssy. Endless potential to make more. And he gave that sh*t away to his childhood demons. More than anything that pisses me off.

      • I feel that 100%.
        Not pi$$ed at 50 because he’s living his life, but yeah, on the outside looking in, like MC8 on Pac’s death, it’s a waste to go out like that when you don’t have too.

        Hard to believe IG was 50’s downfall.
        I use social media like a news feed, I post chet to open minds, fugg flossing pictures of breakfast for “LIKES” or whatever.

        Yeah, I talk chet too, just like on here, but for the most part, I try & drop some jewels when I can…..just like you.

      • Real sh*t….

  • Poseidon

    All the drama in this dude’s life revolves around pictures – his own, and other people’s. All his problems are self-inflicted. He has created his own down fall through his constant buffoonery and now he’s gon’ break down and cry about it. Smh at this clown all day. Denial’s a muthafukka.

    • baller187

      all this is from his bad decisions, he must be ready to off himself

  • Poseidon

    Instagram did 50 the way Twitter did Meek Millz. It’s like crack-cocaine for attention whores, smdh.


      lol… It’s like crack-cocaine for attention whores, smdh. my nigga

    • lmao

  • baller187

    now could this nigga fall so low, this whole thing is an EMBARASSMENT, you were a god in 04, NOW WASHED UP

  • Savimbi

    The usual 50 defense team aka ” Donald Trump filed for bankruptcy too” is pretty quiet today lol

    • Yeah… Team 50 is having a moment of silence today….

      • Savimbi

        Lmmaoo literally, all crickets. guess that Effen supply is low!!!

    • Rozay23

      They don’t want to accept the reality lol

  • Vinsanity

    50 looks very pathetic right now, borderline retarded. I think he’s autistic and I think he hid it long enough.

  • Nightmare

    Maybe 50 can ask Game for a loan.😩😩😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Vinsanity

    50 don’t got money, 50 got collateral.

  • The Legendary Troll

    see u next week 50

  • ZUBU

    The best thing 50 can do is stay off social media, and lay low… Can’t be on here calling secret service agents shiitt-heads and stuff like that, they will fukk around and make it personal on you.

  • MLB44

    I’m not one who particularly believes in karma (good or bad), but if everything that has happened to 50 over the past couple of years is karma, oh well. I wish it happened more often then maybe the world would be a better place.

  • disqus_9oMBNqiEJX

    Punk is scared now!! Lol. Karmas a bytch!!! Aint no future in yo frontin. I hope they lock him under the jail. Fraud perjury and being a azzhole

    • DJ7

      If karma is this bitch you speak of…what will be yours for wishing jail on a brotha?

      • OUCH!
        Oh, so now that you got a sword in your avi, you going to stay chopping fools heads off, huh?


      • DJ7

        You already know fam…someone’s got to check these cats…EDOGZ818 used to be the whip kracker b.u.t. that brotha stay MIA😏

      • The boards are like the streetz, sometimes, after putting in so much work, you like to kick back & watch others put in work!

        I be here, just in Lurk & Murk mode!

      • DJ7

        I feel you…I do the same most days…

  • disqus_9oMBNqiEJX

    No more cheezeee pics. Lol…Suckaaa

  • Rozay23

    Meanwhile be on the lookout for DC4, Self Made 4, TMT promotions, EBM, GABOS and plenty more to come

    • Lyrics

      Haha. #MMG

  • Wetwork510

    He went back to court for better being a coon. Us minority’s are the only ones that have to constantly show everyone how much we got. Niggas can’t just work hard and be regular, it’s always like look at me I got a gold chain, look at all this cash I have, look money phone, but you can’t find not one photo of warren Buffet, Bill Gates or Mark Zukerburg with a dollar in their hand.

    • Aint that the truth

    • Real sh*t.

    • Apex Productionz

      You stole this statement from Lord Jamar on VLADTV.At least least give a source of the quote bruh! Lord Jamar said this same statement lastweek.!

      • The City


      • Wetwork510

        Who is that? And if he said the same thing why can’t it be lord who ever the nigga name is said the exact same shit. Why a nigga have to had stole some shit, when I posted it I had on a white tee and hoop shorts, did I copy what he had on too fuckboy?

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      lets assume that’s true a min, — explain whats wrong with that

      • Wetwork510

        Because silence is golden, his ego takes over and he still has to show people making fun of his bankruptcy how much he really has. If he just played the part and stayed quiet he wouldn’t have not been back in court.

    • STEPH

      Everything you said was true , but you shouldn’t using words like “coon” is beneath you brother….Your better than that, and racist love to see things like that.

      • Wetwork510

        You’re absolutely right my G, thanks for putting a nigga in check. As I can see your a real nigga and real recognize real, enjoy your weekend.

      • STEPH

        U2 my be safe out here.

      • Propz on that exchange!

      • ** Propz on that exchange! **

      • Wetwork510

        Thanx cuh

      • Pirate7X

        ‘Coon’ is worse than ‘nigga’?

        On the real, I don’t a problem with my Latino or Black brothers saying either if it’s in context of the definitions. But both terms use need to be examined.

        In this case 50 could arguably acting ignorantly in front of the public so the terms ‘coon’ and ‘nigga’ may apply. He knows better and should do better.

        I have no hate for 50 (I wish him the best and more success) or anyone else. We all have to held accountable.

        Wetwork510 or anyone else feel free to respond also, respect.

    • ZUBU

      “but you can’t find not one photo of warren Buffet, Bill Gates or Mark Zukerburg with a dollar in their hand”
      You are comparing 50 to the aforementioned men… How about comparing them to Bob Johnson, Oprah, Mike Jordan, etc… Then you want to talk about what niggas do? You’re not Black or you are dumb as fukk…

      • Wetwork510

        eat a dick fuckboy, what I said was true whether I used Oprah, Jordan or whoever. Real wealthy people don’t do stupid shit or have to show their money. And I’m not black, the nerve of you nigga. You’re just one of the niggas that enforces all black stereotypes.

      • ZUBU

        You’re the fukkboy because you can’t even read. If you could read I was indicating it is about class not race, color or ethnicity… Hence reason why I told you not to compare the men you mentioned to their cohorts… Then you showed how racist you are, with the name calling not exactly a sign of higher intelligence… Go back to the trailer park and bang your cousin/sister/brother…… SMH….

  • Lyrics

    Learn to walk a tightrope
    Ever seen a rich nigga go broke?
    They putting liens on a nigga’s things
    Publicize your demise, and by all means
    Your family fortune is forever what you stood on
    Sold dreams, fantasies that put the hood on
    You reap what you sow, and they speaking repossessions
    To the culture itself, these are powerful lessons

    Foreclosure ~ Ross

    • STEPH

      😂😂😂😂 That man is learning a hard one now.

  • Dadon850

    They gonna make 50 turn over that “prop” money so they can investigate it. If he don’t have none, he better find some quick. He really playing with the wrong crew. This ain’t Ja Rule or Officer Ricky, this is the US government. They will hide yo azz. It’s best he stay off social media.

  • GoodMusic36

    He brought this on himself. He’s trying/tried to troll the US Government, usually not a good idea. I’m a big 50 fan too, both business and musically (GRODT only).

    • Pirate7X

      I respect 50’s business moves and better music too. Yes you don’t troll the gov’t because they look at indifferent corporations and egocentric business men (from Jewish-run financial firms to flashy rappers, nobody’s safe) as big game to take down.

      It’s waaaay beyond playa-hate with these guys, they get a rush off of taking down seemingly invincible corps. And rappers flashing $$$ definitely are prey for them because they have no love or connection to our community, brothers need to be more careful.

  • sparkchark

    Lmfao he said the secret service asked if the money was counterfeited and his response was…”I don’t know shithead” oh my god I can’t. Stop laughing….plus martin is playing on the TV and he just told Pam “I don’t mess with you on groundhog’s day”

  • therealjjohnson

    When people live their life outside of the justice system, make music about it, then try and get legit it’s funny. Its funny because now you are looking for fairness in a system you used to work outside of. Not only that,the IG picture you’re talking about was posted to combat the system you’re talking about. Stop lying trying to appear richer than you are to rap fans. Or stop trying to appear poorer than you are to the courts. You lost some lawsuits based on your own poor Decisons, pay the people their money and move on. This is happening in part because you are ducking your responsibilities. You put the tape out, pay the money. Your company took patents from other headphones, pay the money.

    • STEPH

      Damn. You are so right, this guy continues to take “L’s”. Smh

    • Pirate7X

      True facts RJJ, salutes. Don’t play anti-establishment hustler if you aren’t willing to pay the price, Al Capone learned that with the IRS nearly century ago.

      He’s making Ricky Rozay look like a real ‘mastermind’ using the 48 Laws of Power 50 Cent used against Ja Rule and others to massive success. 50 needs to fall back, re-read 48 and his own 50 Laws book, and regroup.

      This public and financial loss could quite damaging to his career and rep. If anyone out there watches Showtime’s ‘Billions’, this is parallel to the fed DA Giamatti attacking egocentric billionaire Axelrod who can’t keep a lower profile. Take notes 50.

  • he’s a victim of his own stupidity.

    • Pirate7X

      …and ego.


    You illegally release a sex tape on another person without their consent, you steal technology from another company for your failing headphones, you bully EVERYONE with outrageous slander online….. & let me get this right……. it’s ‘others’ fault…..& you are being ‘targeted’ for no reason?@!#!? GTFOH………….. gonna end up being WORTH about 50 cents, dumbass!

  • Does he want some cheese with that whine?? Move over Carl Thomas, this dude is “emotional”

  • doughboy215

    Either you the fraud that you portrayed to the judge or you really went 250 million down to 16 million. Damn homie, you use to be the man homie tha fuk happen to you.

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