Did Billboard Magazine Make 50 Cent’s Instagram Money Problem Worse?

Photo via 50 Cent’s Instagram

As you know, 50 Cent was doing everything he could to avoid paying Rick Ross‘ baby mama her money! However, 50 Cent has still been seen flaunting money on social media leading the rapper back to court about how much money he really has. 50 said the money he was stunting with on the ‘gram was fake. It looks like Billboard Magazine may have created more problems for 50 Cent by suggesting his money is counterfeit money which is punishable by the U.S. Secret Service.

Billboard Magazine said,

“….His answer may soothe the judge’s concerns, but how about the U.S. Secret Service, which is responsible for protecting against the counterfeiting of U.S. currency.”

The Secret Service has the rules for printing, publishing and illustrating U.S. currency listed online. According to he rules illustrations must be less than three-fourths or more than one and one-half the size of a real bill and that anything used in the making of an illustration must be destroyed and/or deleted or erased after their final use. 50 behave! 50 Cent says he’s taking a break from social media anyway. GOOD!

  • Anjali Joti

    50 cent made 50 cents problems worse stop looking for a escape goat! Always want to blame someone else for your own problems.

    • 5789007

      Escape goat? Lol.

      • Anjali Joti

        LoL yeah


        He put LOL because you meant “scapegoat”.

      • ZUBU

        LOL, He or she missed the difference between scape and escape…. Will give her/him a pass from the looks of their name, and sentence structure they are not American… The person just wants to be part of the culture… Wanksta… Shiitt…

      • WeakSauce

        She still trying to figure it out looking at her screen with that stupid “HUH” face lol

      • Gonja


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  • Yeah…. The dog ate my homework. Hahahahaha….. 50 Cent’s actions got 50 Cent in trouble. When you clown the judge and the court, you’re literally one phone call from the Feds. Stop AHH. Let 50 lick his wounds and recover. No sense in making up sh*t to try to get him to sue. 50 wouldn’t have a case anyway.


    This dude stay taking “L’s” smh


    Why are yall study saying he is doing this to avoid paying ross baby mama he would’ve paid that bitch he knew he would have to take a lawsuit but they steady dickriding trying to make ross look good he is trying to avoid the 20 million dollar loss from sleek ross baby mama is like 3% of his debt. Yall steady talking about he taking Ls to who because aftet these lawsuit’s he still richer than the whole mmg put together

  • I don’t know who took the most L’s for the first quarter of 2016. Initially Meek was nursing a big ass L in the beginning. Then Kanye came through with a 6 pack of L’s with that weak ass album and social media meltdown. Now 50 Cent came through playing Russian Roulette with 5 L’s in the chamber and him shooting himself in the mouth with all 5. Damn!

    Which rapper do y’all think gets the vote for the biggest L of 2016 thus far?

    • Chris

      50. Most of his L’s were self-inflicted and could have been avoided. Smh.

    • Boston80sbaby

      Meek caught mad Ls at the end of 15, but in 2016 he put out 2 solid 4 track tapes, Kanye and 50 been battling for biggest Ls IMO

  • Lyrics

    Learn to walk a tightrope
    Ever seen a rich nigga go broke?
    They putting liens on a nigga’s things
    Publicize your demise, and by all means
    Your family fortune is forever what you stood on
    Sold dreams, fantasies that put the hood on
    You reap what you sow, and they speaking repossessions
    To the culture itself, these are powerful lessons

    Foreclosure ~ Ross



  • DrakeDoesn’tWrite

    Curtis the Clown did it to himself. He didn’t need to flaunt for the fanbase because NO ONE BELIEVED HIS ASS WAS BROKE! He over-managed his reputation and he got burnt.

  • Rozay23

    Damn homie…In high school you was the man homie…wtf happen to you

  • Aiden_Abetting

    Just give it up 50

  • Dominoatchu

    I said it before, he trying to prove to other ppl that he ain’t broke an it back fired on him! He knows he has money, ppl close to him knows he has money, his accountants & the bank knows he has money, an for the ppl who thinks he doesn’t; oh the Eff well!!! The childish games will get shut down quick when ppl r paying enough attention to it. Just go back to work promoting ur Vodka, underwear an ur tv shows….an once in awhile dope mixtapes (still waiting on the Meek diss).

    • RapItUp

      Lol you’ll see Detox before 50 actually relays a diss on wax and not on Instagram. Don’t hold your breath

  • therealjjohnson

    Hold this L. Again.

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    Oh but when you see fake money in movies it alright…No laws broken on the sliver screen?

    • heavyboy

      Who ever said that money was fake?

      • cxcvin€ cxbvin

        so you believe that’s real money in movie heists???

      • heavyboy

        Some of it could be real and some could be fake. The money that they hold in their hands might be real and the money that’s put in the briefcases or whatever might be fake. Like the article said, if the fake money is a certain size then it’s ok to use. Problem here is that he’s holding what appears to be some real money therefore you can measure the length of the money on the floor…. hence the counterfeit accusation.

      • cxcvin€ cxbvin

        paper money in movies is nothing more than a prop. you can order movie quality prop money online. billboard magazine is reaching.

      • heavyboy

        Bruh you have to pay attention to the article. You can use prop money as long as it falls within certain guidelines that the article clearly mentioned. That money in the picture looks REAL. Size and everything. And when you add the fact that there’s a bankruptcy case along with it people tend to feel like you’re mocking the system and the government doesn’t like that ish.

      • cxcvin€ cxbvin

        again i will say this. if he was using prop money, which he claims that he is, he is completely safe from any issues with the secret service. you probably don’t know but prop money is very very close to what real money looks like but the words on the bill are different. For example the words “the united states of america” on the front will say something completely different. plus the secret service rule only applies to reproduction / copies of money. not money created with collected pictures and borders (and btw, thats how prop money is made and why the rule doesn’t apply to it) It’s just a likeness not a reproduction… don’t school someone if you are guessing at your answer my g. again, billboard magazine is reaching if 50 can prove he purchased that “money”

      • heavyboy

        And you’re suppose to be schoolin somebody by saying that movies use prop money? No shit bruh. But his money LOOKS REAL. Plus these movie studios aren’t in court claiming to be broke while flashing what appears to be real money so they can do whatever the fck they wanna do. They have enough money to say hell yeah the money is real.. if they wanted too. He’s getting the wrong attention because he’s going to court claiming to be broke but flashing what appears to be real money in the systems face. That’s the difference between him and a movie studio using props.


    U ‘Rich’ as your flauntin’ to the public, but cryin’ ‘Broke’ to the Judge & Courts…… WHICH is it?@!? You startin’ to sound like Weak Meek cryin’ to tha Judge….. “I’m NOT a gangster or rich your honor’…. pants down around your knees takin’ it up tha AZZ…… boo hoo! I remember years ago this guy actually was known for ‘music’, & said he’d RETIRE if Kanye outsold him that week, which he did….. HELLO?@#!? GTFOH……….

  • big brain

    50 tired of going to court and telling the truth about his life style, making him look bad for his fans. Whiteman got him by the nuts… No more stuntn and balling on the Gram.

  • barbershopwindow

    50 biggest mistake was making Those crappy headphones.. he should’ve went in with DRE instead of doing his own CRAPPY HEADPHONE SHIT! beats by 50 would’ve worked.. going against Jimmy got his ass blackballed

  • Papi Peligro

    This don’t sound good.This sound like the judge is going to get to the bottom of whether that money was fake or not. If it wasn’t RAID.

  • Wetwork510

    Put the shovel down 50! His larger than life ego makes him dig that whole deeper and deeper. If he just stayed quiet he would’ve been good, but no he has to let the world know he’s not broke.

  • youKNOWthatYOUugly

    50 did this to himself. Ya live and you learn.

  • Realest760

    Black people will never learn that sometimes you just need to STFU and take the L !!!!

    I.e Meek mill