Is A Fetty Wap & Young Thug Collaborative Album On The Way?

Photo via Young Thug and Fetty Wap’s Instagram

Well if you were hoping for a Fetty Wap & Young Thug collaborative album, it just may be on the way. Fetty believes that him and Thug could get in the studio together and make an entire album in one night. Fetty says the two have the same work ethic, and they just vibe out when they are together. He also says he typically can book out the studio for seven hours and come out with an entire mixtape. Would you be interested in a collaborative album featuring these two?

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4 Responses to “Is A Fetty Wap & Young Thug Collaborative Album On The Way?”


    A ‘LAME & a DAME’……?! A gimmicky singer with one eye who never heard of a ‘condom’ & a Cross Dressing tranny loving men, LAME + DAME = 0 (SUPER LAME!) … these guys will be HAS BEENS in another year!

  2. Anthony Mason

    I can’t stand these 2 cats. Fetty is nice with the hooks but he says “yeaaaah baby” 30 times a song…

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