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Kanye Plans To Release Three Albums A Year

(AllHipHop News) Being consistent in the rap industry is very critical to for a rapper (or producer’s) career. Artists such as Future and Curren$y has always keeping up to date by dropping consistent new projects. Now, it looks like Kanye West will be following up with that strategy.

Today on Twitter, Ye announced that he is going “Mad Max” with his efforts in fashion and music. According to Pitchfork, The rap star plans to drop at least three albums a year along with six “collections.”

Kanye West has already been at work on his next project Turbo Grafx 16  only weeks after the rapper dropped his anticipated project The Life Of Pablo, which is also not fully finished.

  • Lord Quas

    Who cares? His music is doo doo

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    So tweets now constitute articles as facts no pun intended. after TLOP and the confusion on EVERY THING> im good.

  • Q.

    Quality over quantity, or nothing! People are getting tired of the happy meal content and are craving more substance. Don’t flood the market with more TLOP SLOP, please…And your clothes suck–them sh!ts look like Blade Runner hobo wear and your shoes look like modified Uggs.Take a hiatus, bruh–form a therapy group with Katt Williams, do meditative yoga or something. But please, no more boo-boo from Kanye. Please, no more boo-boo from Kanye!

    • Anthony Mason

      “Modified uggs” “hobo wear”….

      Too true. Kanyes s*** looks like Bosnian refugee garb that got donated to goodwill. Nigga puts holes in his wide stretched out shirts then puts his hand out and asks for $1500. To replicate the look you just need to leave a new Super size tee shirt with some bacon fat on the floor with a teething puppy when you go to work. When you come home the shirt will be ready to sell according to kanyes standards of fashion…


    Yeah WHERE tha f*ck did this ‘Quantity’ vs ”Quality’ idea come here?!@! If they’re ANYTHING like that Garbage ‘Yeezus’ – KEEP ‘EM! F*ck 3 ‘albums’, nicca give us ONE classic hit! Between you & FUCTURE you’ll be putting out an immediately forgettable, disposable ‘album’ a week! ….or should I say ‘weak’!!! GTFOH………………

  • Anthony Mason

    Kanyes beat game is falling off hard. Nigga is an ok rapper but should stick to beats….

    What is his next album after that? Dreamcast sonic tales? Game boy color chronicles? Nigga is getting lazy as f***….

    • TheAfroRican

      Maybe Super Kontra?

      • Anthony Mason

        Speaking of video games I just beat the whole Uncharted bundle for PS4. Those games go too hard on the graphics tip and overall gameplay. It’s like a movie…

      • Anthony Mason

        Gameboy advance boyz. Genesis 32x squad. PS one crew…..

  • N*gga just focus on making one good hip hop album at this point. F*ck those pants you’re try to sell.

  • Roy

    Kanye will 💩 on all of you ignorant MF’s!