Lawsuits Fly With Jas Prince Over Cash Money Royalties

(AllHipHop News) The fight for alleged unpaid royalties continues as Jas Prince has filed a new lawsuit over unpaid royalties.

Jas Prince has filed a suit against Aspire, a company he co-founded and left. Prince maintains that he brought Drake to Cash Money and that he would keep receiving royalties even though he left the company. The Jas, who is the son of J. Prince, would get a portion of royalties from Cash Money subsidiary Young Money Entertainment through Aspire. Then, Aspire would pay Prince his portion from there.

In a new suit, Prince claims Cash Money has not paid Aspire as it agreed to do and that is former partner Derrick Lawrence has not made efforts to collect the monies either.

Last year, the parties settled on an agreement. Prince was originally asking for $11 million.

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45 Responses to “Lawsuits Fly With Jas Prince Over Cash Money Royalties”

  1. 1Fly_A$$_N!gg@

    He wanna get paid for bringing him to cash money? Would of been better off bringing him to his dad and rap-a-lot

    • mademan3000

      Yeah, but I don’t think they would have known how to market him properly. Drakes career probably would have been done by now.

      • STEPH

        UGK? In case you missed it bruh Pimp C died Lol, before that he was incarcerated…Other than that everybody fu-ked with UGK homie now Turk yeah, UGK never. Don’t know what you seen but the rest of the country fu-ked with Pimp and Bun, even New York was playing that shit.


        I was talking about when Pimp C was still alive. Don’t get me wrong tho, UGK still got a big following to this day but I thought they would be bigger stars than they was. But then again, that was more Pimp C decision than anything since he didn’t wanna be part of mainstream America

      • TheAfroRican

        Exactly. Plus Bun B getting underground love on the east coast. Dude has been working with Termanology to DJ Premier.

      • disqus_lcLBazVyTd

        the whole u.s of a fucked with turk and ugk only mainstream niggaz and dick riders didnt

      • disqus_lcLBazVyTd

        nah i was agreeing with you letting these niggaz know if you aint listen to UGK or even turk then you was one mainstream ass dude idk why out of all those rappers he chose those two

      • Papi Peligro

        You right Drake rode Wayne cred to get in the game. To keep street dudes from making fun of him or making him the butt jokes. Rapalot I don’t think would have had that kind of power. He would’ve looked goofy standing next to Webbie or UGK or Scarface. It just would’ve looked weird.


    This LAME of a son of STEAL-A-LOT RECORDS needs to go GET A JOB! Make Some Money Of His OWN! …& not keep thinkin’ DUMB MONEY gonna pay him! WHAT has he done on his on?! …. break an artist? Run a successful company…. ANYTHING! The ONLY THING we’ve EVER heard from him is cryin’ on how Baby owes him for a simple ‘introduction’….. GTFOH!!!!!!!!!!


        If he HAD a tight contract this THING would have already BEEN in Court years ago….obviously he DOESN’T! So YOU don’t ‘know anything about business’!…. or is that YOU Mr. Steal-A-Lot Records?@!#

      • Papi Peligro

        He took that back. It was silly he got mad cause they were releasing albums he didn’t feel was his best work. At the same time somebody gotta recoup them advances.

      • Knickfan4life

        He had no reason to take it back it was true you have to ask yourself why is he not able to pay his child support when geto boys records are still selling.

      • Anthony Mason

        Yup. Advance=a loan. Nobody no matter how talented is exempt for paying back the label. They are loan sharks….

        That is why I love independent artists. Smartest most winning dudes in the game right now are Tech , Gates, E-40, and mackelmore…

        Meek is in such slavery he would still look stupid even if he could rap…


        What PLANET on you on?! STEAL-A-LOT Records & J.Prince NEVER paid royalties that were due, gangstered everyone out of their Rights, Ownership, Publishing, Royalties & all…… just ask Scarface, Geto Boys & everyone who couldn’t WAIT to get off the label! He even wanted to ‘partner’ with Suge Knight at some point, tellin’ you where his business ‘tactics’ were coming from, you see where it got Suge! If they LOST the case, there wasn’t a ‘case’ to begin with!

  3. Whodi

    Damn this nigga jas wouldn’t give up, he lost the lawsuit twice n he back again with another
    What happen to the threats his father send two years ago about if cash money didn’t pay them it was gonna be something. Niggas still didn’t see a dime… I called it bluff

  4. ZUBU

    Jas get your paper bro, everybody knows how Baby and Slim get down… Baby don’t want to see Jas’ daddy J. Prince… Anybody talking shiitt, please know J. Prince will handle this if he wanted to…

    • Soulrebel1

      This ain’t the streets with that corny gangster mentality like his pops going send some goons and baby going give him 11 million cash grow up dude, , 11 million will only be given through legal channels…

      • ZUBU

        Duh! Who said anything about goons? Who said anything about 11 mill cash? Who said anything about the streets? Lil dude stay out of grown folks biz…

      • Soulrebel1

        So what they don’t want to see jas daddy supposed to mean? Baby already lost to him in court hasn’t paid, what options does his father have that you mention that baby doesn’t want to see him? I’ll be waiting idiot there is none, broadband genius…

      • ZUBU

        Youngster, Baby did not lose in court in fact Jas lost. Now he is filing in another jurisdiction… They are trying to do this the right way, legally…. You are the lil’ dude talking a bunch of street shiittt…… As far as the name calling hmm not exactly a sign of higher intelligence…..
        If you know anything about his daddy then you know, If you don’t then you don’t know…. J. Prince has more money, and more power than Baby/Slim… Step your knowledge game up lil’ man……

      • Soulrebel1

        Maybe reading comprehension is not your strong suite, 11 mill was the original lawsuit cash money settled, but said they don’t owe the money to him directly but to Aspire who is supposed to collect the money and royalties which is why the recent law suit, and as of J Prince having more money I don’t recall him making any Forbes list ever but I’m sure you know him personally and know all the other hidden money he has that somehow makes him worth more then slim n baby lol….

      • ZUBU

        Reading lol, you need to work on that starting from your first comment… Read up on J. Prince and see his value. He is just not high profile like Baby presents to be. Even Slim is never high profile… J. Prince has more money more property, etc. Do your research youngster… At least now you seem to understand this is not about the streets lol initially you were calling me young claiming I was making it a street thing…. We will see who wins in the end.. At least you went back and read the article… Good job Son…

      • Soulrebel1

        Lol didn’t read anything I was driving to work,, J Prince net worth 45 million,, Baby 100 million like I said I’m sure you know all the secret account and why somehow J prince has more money then then slim and baby in your imagination…

      • ZUBU

        Are you serious lol? J. Prince got more than that in property… Educate yourself. Do you know how long he has been around? How connected he is to rap boxing many other biz ventures? He made more than 45 mill managing Money Mayweather, not to mention Geto Boys, etc…

      • Soulrebel1

        Like I said I knew some how a Stan will say it’s a lie lol I Googled three different sites all say the same thing network of 45 million lmao but I’m sure you’ve did an audit of his business ventures, property, investments so you know exactly how much he’s worth lmao stans….

      • ZUBU

        Lol you are funny, his son prolly has close to that amount… You don’t know who J. Prince is… What sites told you that?

      • Soulrebel1

        $45 million
        (Photo : You Tube) J. Prince, the CEO of Houston-based Rap-a-Lot Records, has an estimated net worth of $45 million. For two decades, the American business man has strived hard to promote Houston’s rap scene and rap artists. He is also working to promote underprivileged neighborhoods and communities… I know you hate debating when someone uses objective factual information and you use your own subjective Stan emotional info lol…..

      • ZUBU

        You said you viewed three sites, I asked what were the sites. Give emperical information, not some I saw this on you tube lol. I’m telling you son he has more than 45 mill in property. Google that. Calling me a Stan lol you’re young… Damn you act like Baby was kissing you and Wayne…

      • Soulrebel1

        Even though it takes 3 secs to Google yourself; I know it burns you that your idiotic rant about his worth is a falacy I’ll still oblige to your request
        Celebritynetworth. Com
        Gonetworth. Com
        Therichest. Com
        There you go Stan,, by the way I don’t listen to hardly any south rapper’s they all suck so don’t care for either camp just hate loud mouths like making up things on the Internet passing it as factual…

      • ZUBU

        Ok then I will peep it in the morn. Not that important, but I know the truth. You mentioned gossip sites… Not very credible, you got a bro crush on baby lol that dude be kissing you lol

      • Soulrebel1

        When no logical response is available, commence with gay jokes lol I know you know the truth you’re j prince CPA bro….

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