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Dr. Dre’s New ‘Project’ Dropping Soon?

Dr. Dre might not be doing any more solo albums, but he’s certainly putting in work. I am not sure, but it seems that Aftermath emcee Jon Connor is doing his thing, especially representing for his hometown of Flint, Michigan. But, more recently Jon was in the studio with Dr. Dre putting the final touches on his new, debut album. I remember when dude was on the streets of #SXSW with a whole crew wit signs. He’s come a long way. I wonder if he can turn into the “next Kendrick” to come out of the Aftermath posse.

Before you scream “bullsh*t”…listen up.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 4.58.39 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 4.59.48 PM

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    • cza jones

      basic as basic gets. wheres tyga at?

  • baller187

    DRE is a DONE after jacking us for off 15 years over DETOX, U WENT OUT WACK, the people wanted DETOX, NOT STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON FAIL

  • Nobody checkin for another Dre album…I see Jon Connor starting to dumb it down for the masses

    • baller187

      ya he blew it with the detox thing , he did everything wrong and screw the staight out of compton from 20 years ago

      • Yea I was disappointed that he got our hopes up for Detox only to remake an album he dropped with NWA way back when

  • Ray

    This guy was suppose to drop his debut like a decade ago, FOH!

    • Steve

      ? He already has an album out that dropped in 2013..

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  • Wellington Cousins

    in 1990-1991 @ CLuB GLaM SLaM, as Dr. Dre sat to our left in our drivers seat in one Mercedes Benz 190e he was interjected with the words “F*ck That” and then told “In the FUTURE the way you Sound in the Studio” was to be put into the Mercedes Car Stereo , the Sony Walkman and the Panasonic Car Phone upon the floor of that vehicle. We had listened to Dr. Dre and TOLD him while swiping our left hand as a “Price is Right” hand model across the center console. Dr. Dre’s mouth flung WIDE OPEN and just said “DUHAYMMnnn!!!” as these advents were NEWS to Andre. We shook hands on it and took pictures, and throughout many years of our lifetime we continued to remind Dr. Dre that he was To Do these things, we also utilized Interscope Records 1-800 number divulging to key personnel of what of us was FOR Dr. Dre and how Dr. Dre had been TOLD prior at CLUB GLAM SLAM in 1990-1991. …

  • Wellington Cousins

    GOOGLE wellington cousins. Beats by Dre was TOLD to Dr Dre Andre Young in 1990 1991 in our Car and in PRIVATE. Later we TOLD Jimmy iovene in (1996 1997 because Dr Dre was REMINDED again after singing Been There Done That and this is “the weak album” jimmy iovene refers to with Steve Stoute on Steve Stoute jimmy iovene pt. 3 on You Tube) Interscope Records allowed us into Saturday Night Live New York as Dr Dre sang Been there Done That. Jimmy iovene said “Sure Thing” to our Dre being in the Car the Phone and the Sony Walkman and we took a picture. See Steve Stoute Jimmy iovene pt. 3 on You Tube. The LIE became F*CK SNEAKERS LETS SELL SPEAKERS. In 1990 1991 Eric Wright was one of TWO issues that Dr Dre was TOLD F*CK THAT to. Beats by Dre IS NOT a Dr Dre and Jimmy iovene concept nor invention.. A Steven Lamar was allowed to state that he one day proposed to Jimmy iovene Beats by Dre to REPLACE us…and there has been Declaratory Relief attempted twice in Courts by the HIRED Designers whom WISHED they could have TRUE inventorship credit. Noel Lee of Monster Cable is trying his best while Steven Lamar appeals. Beats by Dre is a Contractual Conspiracy to CONCEAL its TRUE derivation. Beats by Dre became and is the GREATEST Corporate Conspiracy of ALL TIME. Thank you N.W.A. Club Glam Slam boy dr dre and THANK YOU jimmy iovene. Also see WiLL I am Steve Stoute pt. 3 on YOU Tube and look at this LIAR also.

  • JerZeBoy

    i been on to Jon Conner for past 3 years, he spits dope, but im sure with all these simple minded cats these days, he wont sell…smh

    • He will sell, he just hasnt have that fanbase yet.

  • Steve

    I randomly bought his CD at a clothing store a couple years back and had no idea who he was. Turned out to be one of my all time favorite albums and I listen to it constantly still. His song “F’N Right” is a top 5 song for me.

  • Wellington Cousins

    Dr. Dre and Jimmy iovene found a dude named Luke Wood and say he is a Founder of Beats Electronics… … …ah ha ha ha ha ha

  • Wellington Cousins

    1990-1991 @ CLub GLaM SLaM as (Dr. Dre) sat to our left in our car, a BOISTEROUS laugh was shared as Dr. Dre was TOLD as well, “… and charge $2000.00 dollars each for them sh*t’s “, and then we reduced to $1000.00 dollars each, and then we reduced to $800.00 each, and then $500.00. This is the factor that has become referred to as the “Fashion Quality”. “Dr. Dre ” was then TOLD, “…muthaf*ckas is gonna be wearing this sh*t, and don’t even got it plugged into nuffin'”. “In the FUTURE” 2014?, and as SPOKEN into being to Dr. Dre in 1990 – 1991, many walk around and interview wearing our (Musical Flightline Ear Protection) “not plugged in”, nor with requisite power supply, and even “Off”. That a “Social Status” would derive was foreseen, and that “Status” have (Andre) “Dr. Dre”, at it’s basis, by our CHOICE!!!, ….we even made it into the (Benz) “Daimler/Chrysler” , ….and the (Panasonic Car Phone) “H.T.C.”…..


      Nigga go to sleep its your bedtime

    • baller187


  • Wtfcity

    Nah………………hes not it.


      true indeed. The interscope/aftermath iovine machine will make him a household name but this dude is boring.

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  • edeck7

    Let’s us all hope DRE don’t F up his career like another artist of his, you all remember “HITMAN” right?

    • Dope

      Well.. for every mega star Dre created there are about 5 names that never released anything under him. Just to think Rakim was close to releasing a Dre produced album, back when Dre was still doing it big.. damn.

  • Banksy

    One thing about Dre is he consistently puts niggas with talent on. Instead of going for whatever is the current trend like Puffy

    • Golgo 13

      not much ppl on aftermath release albums only ppl 50, em game, kendrick, busta

      • Dope

        Not much, but when they do they are standouts in their generation.

      • Banksy

        Man that can happen for a few reasons though. Why would Dre sign people only to not want to make money off them?

      • Tax write offs, shelving them to prevent competition, maybe they just aren’t marketable?

    • EniggaMA

      whatever works for you

    • SoulFul Epic

      Snoop, Eminem, 50, The Game, Kendrick, and now John … Im a have to agree … Solid resume for talent

  • Lord Quas

    This guy should’ve dropped a long time ago.

  • baller187

    where is DETOX??????????? DUD, DRES IS DONE

  • EniggaMA

    Dre aint been hot in a minute. SOC album was doodoo

    • JJ

      Why’s everybody praising that Compton album? Wasn’t feeling it…

  • El_Gringo

    Dre gonna release an album called “JHERI-ATRIX”

    I’m not looking for dude no more

    • JJ

      kinda dope

  • The Legendary Troll

    Just like Timberland is doing with Tink huh? Lmao. The thing about that “IT-Factor” is, some people got it, Some don’t. If he had it, he’d be on by now. Both yall wasting ya time on these talented yet unmarketable artists. No different from what Jay tried to do with Bleek back in the gap. At some point you have to recognize when its time to move on to the next act.

  • Anjali Joti

    Only thing Dre is dropping is duces in the toilet

  • Ionithus

    All negativity aside, this is a banger. He’s spitting sounds familiar though. Must be a Michigan thing. He still goes in though.

  • Boogotop

    Dre got a small head damn! Free to the mason.