Rick Ross, Bentley SUV

Bentley CEO Explains Using Social Media Of Rick Ross And Mayweather To Hype New SUV

(AllHipHop News) For years Rick Ross has championed the Bentley brand despite flexing the Maybach Music Group chains and pushing Maybachs like a “bawse.”

Well recently the rapper teamed up with Bentley in a social media campaign to further assist the brand in reaching out to greater audiences with its Bentley Bentayga,

Rick Ross reportedly gave the luxury whip his stamp of approval as video emerged in January showing the Carol City, Florida bred rapper showing off Bentley’s first sport utility vehicle.

The post made its way to social media and YouTube generating free publicity for the Bentayga months before the United State release of the utility vehicle.

According to Automotive News, a Bentley spokesperson said “Ross has put a down payment on the vehicle”

We also learned that Bentley encourages the exposure by celebrities because the luxury auto-maker does not place television ads instead opting to rely on social media, word of mouth and exposure from celebs.

But, the Bentayga comes with a price tag as large as Rick Ross himself, computing to $229,100 before shipping,

Michael Winkler, CEO of Bentley Motors Inc., spoke about the brand’s marketing strategy going forward and the use of celebs like Rick Ross and Floyd Mayweather to bolster the brand’s image.

I like to finish what I Start.

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“If we can help them get more publicity, that’s great (laughs). It is a compliment, obviously, when you see celebrities driving your brand. Particularly because in contrast to other high-line, premium brands, we don’t have to give the cars away. They actually buy them. That is a real compliment and I think very positive for the brand,” he explained.

“It’s 99.9 percent positive. But then the odd guy who puts purple stripes with fire blowing out the side and 30-inch wheels on the things — maybe you don’t want that so much. It is a huge compliment that high-profile people want to drive this brand and do so with their own money,” Winkler answered.

When asked if he could quantify the value of free social media marketing, the Bentley CEO said that without the marketing of Bentley drivers on social media, “you’re dead.”

“Whatever I’d tell you would be way off the mark. I wouldn’t be able to put a number on it. What I do know is if you don’t address it, you’re dead. I will say that,” he added.

The SUV will reach 187 mph making it the fastest SUV in the true luxury segment according to the Bentley CEO.

The SUV is set to arrive stateside in April or May so expect to see Rick Ross showing off the luxury SUV possibly as soon as next month.

Check out the gallery below with images of the SUV and also several promotional videos that showcase the speed of the new Bentley Bentayga.


  • The Legendary Troll

    wait…so they are using your brand to promote their car yet they are making you buy it? You better be gettig some kind of check off this Rozay

    • Nightmare

      How is Maybach Officer Ricky’s brand, when the brand was created by Mercedes Benz long before anyone heard of a Officer Ricky ?

      • The Legendary Troll

        im saying they want him to buy the car AND promote it on social media. where does he benefit from it?

      • He will get a check, otherwise they could use his likelyness.

      • Tanman01

        They’re using his name (rick ross) and subsequently his brand (rick ross) for marketing he should be compensated for.

    • Shit like this go to show you how much of media puppets these wankstas be.

    • mademan3000

      I feel ya fam, but I’m willing to bet u that they got huge discounts in exchange. They probably just aren’t putting that part out there bcuz they want to continue living up to their baller status. Meaning hey, look how much I just spent on yet another car I’ll drive every blue moon.

  • ZUBU

    “Maybach Bentleys”
    @AHH different brands…. Bentleys are from the Rolls Royce family tree… Maybachs are from the Mercedes Benz food tree… Great Brit. and Germany….

    • Nightmare

      They didn’t do their research.

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  • Markus

    I would expect more from Bentley than a station wagon hybrid. And for almost a quarter of a million too? Pass.

  • Wetwork510

    I’d rather buy a house instead of a luxury car

    • TheAfroRican

      “Sometimes it’s cool to floss, but don’t buy a hundred thousand dollar car before you buy a house…” – E-40

      • Wetwork510



    Putting THE BIGGEST FRAUD IN HIP HOP HISTORY, William ‘Officer Ricky – the Fake Rick Ross’ Roberts as ‘the face’ of a new car model, is QUICKEST WAY to LOSE ALL CREDIBILITY, trust or believability, if F*CK BOY is your ‘mascot’! GTFOH…..

    • shad

      Apparently, Bentley don’t agree with you nor does several other businesses. Because, Ross is definitely a trend setter and he has swag. not only that, he is very dedicated to what ever he is doing. you is the F*CK BOY..Ross is Selfmade, Credible and very trustworthy.


        ‘Selfmade’?@!? Using a REAL OG’s Name, likeness & street legend?! He couldn’t GIVE AWAY his last album, as his stock falls EVERY year! You F*CK BOY are on his payroll & D*CK! In the Streets & Hearts of REAL PEOPLE, he’s a total FAKE, FRAUD & TRICK! Non-credible & non-trustworthy! FAT FRAUD. Period!

  • Realest760

    The dumbest thing any American can do is finance any car over $40k


    nothing to see here people

  • Dark Matters

    I wonder how much Bentley paid for this ad, and if not – why not?

  • Fasted suv slurping 10 gallons a mile…There are speed limits anyway

  • Obi Won

    A guaranteed buyer……a rapper

  • yomomma

    this dude pushing 40 and still sags his pants…take this bag of Ls!

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