LL Cool J Comes Out Of Retirement

(AllHipHop News) LL Cool J has officially come out of retirement and a recent well-received freestyle seems to be the culprit.

The veteran rapper dropped a verse on Dr. Dre’s Beats 1 show, The Pharmacy and over 4 million view later, he made the announcement.

“Today I’m officially coming out of retirement. And starting a new album .. studio time is set for 8pm.. I’m gonna massacre the rap game!!!,” Uncle L said on Twitter.

The 48-year-old last dropped Authentic in 2013, which was a somewhat experimental venture. Since, LL has continued to expand his brand as an actor and has hosted the Grammys five years in a row.

  • ApricotNapalm

    Maybe Dre can help…..

  • Wetwork510

    Please LL don’t do it unless you started sipping syrup and shopping at the forever 21. All your fans is 30-40 years old, we don’t buy music because we have bills to pay.

    • JerZeBoy

      wait…. you are saying that because someone sips sizzurp or takes painkillers that makes it so they can rap?

      • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter

        Or have a job ?

      • Wetwork510

        I’m saying all these new niggas weird, when I came up we’d blow trees and sip on some drank. Now niggas abusing prescription drugs and wear tight jeans and shirts. I grew up listening to LL in the 80’s & 90’s. 90% of his fans are OG’s, I’m not gonna buy a LL album because I have mortgage to pay and people to take care of. Dr Dre album even tanked because all of his fans don’t buy music anymore.

      • BlackFist

        It doesn’t even really have anything to do with buying the album or not, most people ain’t even buying these new artist that area supposed to be hot,but that doesn’t mean that people won’t listen and promote the album. I might not by his release but I would go and see him perform. Real hip hop isn’t even about selling records, back in the day niggas wasn’t rapping to get paid it was more about making dope ass music to listen to for You and your crew or to rock the party. Once it became about financial gain is when the quality went down and the control was taken over by the powers that be.

    • C. Black

      My G, you kind of confused me when you said you don’t buy albums because of bills. I don’t get it. I mean, of course I don’t know your specific living situation but come on dude, five to six bucks on music every now and again shouldn’t hurt you financially. I say five to six for the fact that songs on iTunes only cost a buck and I’ll buy a few every now and then. You’re making it sound like a one dollar song is something you have to balance your check book about. If it is, my bad and hope things get better for you cuz.

      • Wetwork510

        Nah you know what the issue is? I’m not in love with music anymore. I came up when the music meant something that’s all.

  • DrakeDoesn’tWrite

    Wow….this is the dude Canibus bodied on “Second Round Knockout”. I remember him. He used to be pretty good…

    • Nightmare

      The same guy who killed Canibus career before it even started ✌🏾️

      • DrakeDoesn’tWrite

        But we’ll always remember that he bodied LL. You couldn’t drive a half a block without hearing Second Round KO, back then lol

        I respect LL though.

      • Nightmare

        I don’t know anyone from my area that really listened to Canibus.

      • Wetwork510

        Me either lol

      • DrakeDoesn’tWrite

        You didn’t have to be a fan to like 2nd round ko

      • Nightmare

        Didn’t like it. And wasn’t a fan of Canibus’ repetitious style of rap.

      • RapItUp

        LL didn’t win that battle. The MACHINE won it for him. Canibus wasn’t playing with LL and as you can see from these dudes replies, they were fooled by the machine. ‘bis got up in that ass in such a manner LL would never stand the physical feat of replying in an acceptable format. Lol!

    • Bruh,the ripper strikes back was an amazing reply, what real hip hop fan didn’t think ll wouldnt reply to that average az 2nd round ko? LL bodied canibus but canibus does have the better catalog of albums and music from a hip hop level of quality

      • “fucked by a stick of dynamite” not amazing

      • In 4, 3, 2, 1, he explains if that mic leaves his arm, it turns into a time bomb

        In Canibus’s reply song “2nd Round K.O.”, He quotes “Now watch me rip that mic off your arm!”

        It’s the art of reply in battle…
        But hip hop fans don’t know that
        That’s why ll is cold at that level

        Play ya self out of position, and mention my name..
        -ll cool j

      • dude dont be preaching to me about the artform

        talking about a tattoo leaving an arm isnt a dope line my dude.. smh thats not a cold battle line..

        LL isnt cold at all.

        even canibus line is.. meh…

  • JerZeBoy

    LL always held his own even though he went with the female crowd, when Jack the Rapper came out he can spit with the best of them. that line for the promo was weak like 7 days though “pop off like fish batter” come on man pick a different line lol

  • Dadon850

    Do y’all know what a freestyle is?? He’s cleary rapping lyrics that’s written down on the papers in his hand. Where is the freestyle?? I’m confused.

    • he actually wrote the rhyme, ultra wicked, like the wicked witch” ahahahaha too funny..

  • ZUBU

    LL is always gonna have skills its just a matter if he has the desire or not. Now if someone pisses him off he will come with a vengeance. Basically once you know how to do certain things you can always recapture those skills…

    • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter

      I’m going to have to agree with this. Even though you liked a comment where someone suggested I kill myself.

      • RapItUp


    • Wetwork510

      Honestly bruh all bullshiting and trolling to the side, would you buy a new LL album?

      • ZUBU

        Not saying I would buy an album, but I stand firm that LL could ether almost any of the dudes if he wanted. On sight! No disrespect but some of y’all too young to recall how hard LL was before he started rapping to women…

      • i dont thin he could, he got dem weak bars, those abc rhymes.

      • ZUBU

        If you think L has weak bars you must be young. He still got it. JACK THE RIPPER, GOING BACK TO CALI, ETC. He was young battling older dudes this is 80’s stuff. In the 90’s he lit up Canabis, etc.

      • dude his cannibis diss was weak as hell lol cannibis lit ll up

        full of hell wack lines, like fux with a stick of dynamite.. some stupid ass shit, and the rhymes basic as hell

      • ZUBU

        Your opinion but he is a beast once awaken! Nas could get L, yet the God Nasir would never do that. Rakim KRS, Not many can get LL…

      • nas could get the L ahahahahahaha dude thats funny

        LL just rapped “ultra wicked like the wicked witch” on that dre “freestyle” to whitch wasnt a free but something he actually took time to write!!! cmon now.. LL is wack juice

      • ZUBU

        I said that Nas could get L, Not Nas would take an L…. Read Dude…

      • get L as in take L, same shit lol you need to be more clear bruh

      • ZUBU

        Nas, Rakim Allah, and KRS can beat LL Cool J, James Todd… Is that clear enough?

      • no shit, theres a long list of people who can LL the L. lol hell i bet i can out rap him! you too!!

      • oh and no shit nas could give LL the L.. thats common sense, why even say that? ya mean?

      • The City

        I don’t know about that…LL would have to much ammunition…Those Queens n!ggaz live for that shyt, they love airing out the hood’s dirty laundry lol.

      • Wetwork510

        I totally agree with you

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      his lat few album was trash and im from QUEENS!

  • Tanman01

    Nah I’ll pass. Next.

  • LL wack doe

    • Nightmare

      Well, who do you consider dope ?

      • lupe, kendrick, cole, joey bad ass got bars, eminem, nas, jay, royce da 5’9, MF Doom, joe budden when inspired, and many more.. LL doesnt make the list

      • Nightmare

        Fair enough, although I feel that Joey Bad Ass doesn’t fit the criteria.

      • The City

        Joey’s nice…and getting better.

      • All Headz Realize

        They bit his style before he got known it worldwide but true b boys peeped that.

      • The City

        No doubt…there’s a couple of cats that’s holding it down for the city right now A$AP Nast and Stro just to name a few.

      • Boston80sbaby

        Joey got a few nice tracks

      • The City

        His last album was dope and slept on for real.

      • oh yeah earl sweatshirt another young bohl wit bars, i enjoy him more than badass

      • Nightmare

        You’re starting to mention guys who don’t have staying power.

      • staying power? Bars homie. i mentioned cats with BARS!!!

      • Nightmare

        It’s plenty of rappers with bars that have staying power. Just not someone like a Earl Sweatshirt or a Joey Bad Ass. They’re more like novelty acts so to speak.

      • they got bars.. LL dont have bars.

      • Nightmare

        LL has bars. Maybe you’re just from this new era that doesn’t want to acknowledge it.

      • my era started with wu tang bruh, pac, biggie.. jay nas… eminem… dre chronic 2001.. that 1st obie trice album is still my shit.. 50 g unit..

        LL is meh…..

      • Nightmare

        Well, LL is from the era before them.

      • oh throw in wiki from ratking too

      • All Headz Realize

        LL top 10 greatest MCs of all times! Check the record, kid!

      • you are out of ya mind bruh

      • All Headz Realize

        Nah, look at the discography.

      • loo at the bars bruh!!! dookie!!

      • All Headz Realize

        You’re allover the place as if you’re some kind of real HipHop expert but you are clearly a newcomer to the culture. You think LL is an actor but anytime that true b boy gets that real HipHop ich, he comes up with classics for the real heads of HipHop. We all know the LL has been making classic HipHop hits since he was 16 years old. Yeah, he has made some bonk but real HipHop head can tell when LL Cool J is about to come up with some of that old good feeling HipHop music. You’re a very late comer to this here but first things first, stop disrespecting legends, kid! LL Cool J had a big part in bringing HipHop music to the worldwide HipHop heads.

      • my hat is like a sharks fin bruh

        go no bars.

        accept that truth

      • my head is like a sharks fin

        his career and discography jumped the shark long ago!!

    • Lou Velazquez

      You sound stupid

      • you sound like the truth got you feeling butthurt

      • Lou Velazquez

        Definitely not

      • mos def

      • Lou Velazquez

        And who’s truth some idiot online foh 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      • you are the idiot online

      • Lou Velazquez

        I’m done with your young ass go to bed before your mommy wakes up

      • 30 years young, try and get a clue before you spout off bohl

      • *insert emoji here

  • “ultra wicked, like the wicked witch” – LL cool J from the new “freestyle” that they talking bout in the article.. yeah… #Dookie

  • TruthTalk

    Dope! Its a good look. Hip hop shouldn’t have an age limit as long as theres an audience for the artist music.

    • they just gotta bring heat

    • All Headz Realize

      I totally agree with you and someone need to tell NY rappers that! A lot of New York rappers feel that they shouldn’t be still pursuing or putting out HipHop music after they’re in their 30s. My NY rappers need to realize that this is a multi billion dollar business that needs maturity. We can’t have maturity in HipHop if they leave it to the youth to continue to destroy! “50 years down the line you can start this, cuz we’ll be the old school artist, and even at that time I’ll say a rhyme, a brand new style ruthless and wild, running around making money having fun, cuz even then, I’m still #1!” KRS-One

      Listen to the classics, kid!

      • onehunglo


      • All Headz Realize

        Your maturity is what is wrong with HipHop! What do you know about HipHop music anyway?

        Your personality is equal to your AVI! 😀😃😄😅😅😅😆😄😃

      • onehunglo

        What a fag

  • BlackFist

    And even when LL started making songs for the females, even they where dope, “Back seat of My”, “Hey Luv”, “Doing it” all them where bangers and still sound dope today. And let us not forget LL stands for “Ladies Love” So he was always making stuff for the females, which makes him even doper because he can do something for the ladies, and still drop bangers for the streets and never lost his street cred. I need Love was just being played on the radio today, so damn near 30 years later he still get radio play, and is doing movies, and television. I bet 30 years from now 99% of these artist won’t even be a factor or even able to make the transisition from music,to movies, to television. #facts

    • Dope

      99% of today’s scene will most likely be long dead, in prison or at best broke and back in the hood, being annoyed by young kids and their new wave. None of them will have enough relevance to be mentioned even when they die of old age, and music relevancy or a switch to movie industry will be just a dream.

  • All Headz Realize

    “The Prince of HipHop”, respect to the legendary! The “I’m Nice” joint ft Raekwon, Murda Mook and Ron Browz last year was nice! Word up!

  • Anthony Mason

    LL is not going to drop fire….pleaaaseee

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  • onehunglo

    his face getting round………………………………..pieface niccas must be stopped

    • Anthony Mason


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  • my head is like a sharks fin!!! #LOL

    • ZUBU

      LL said my hat not head is like a sharks fin… Back when no one had ever seen LL’s head, nor Slick Rick’s head… Kangol’s…

      • either way…. #Wack

        let be honest

      • ZUBU

        WTF… you know nothing about old school rap… You’re young and out of touch… Have a good eve Charlene….

      • dude you clearly have no respect for the art of crafting bars.

        buy ayyy get cha nostalgia on my dude. lol

        deepest bluest my hat is lie a sharks fin!! thats the hook too!! im in tears laughing over here

      • Celz

        You’re right that was unbearably horrible.. But the line originated from an old LL song where it was actually dope considering the song and the era. But LL is closer to MC Hammer than Jay Z..

      • All Headz Realize

        Metaphor to a very popular famous scary movie about a HUMAN KILLER SHARK around those times called “JAWS”. He was painting a picture with his lyrics which you know nothing about. You are not a true HipHop head yet, kid! Go have a seat somewhere when grown men are talking!

      • lmfao it was wack bruh, lets be honest… at least

  • Thought Dog

    After nearly 30 yrs of listening to hip hop…I’ve learned to never trust LL Cool J when he says he’s about to drop some fire.

  • Markus

    Not optimistic about dude coming back at this point in rap. To do it successfully he’d have to change his style and if LL can’t be himself, I doubt him trying to adjust to modern styles wouldn’t work out.


      Why should he adjust? he should just be himself, win , lose, or draw, that what real artists do. I’m just saying, every music form comes in full circle. Come in style, Go out of style, then come back in style. Same way and old album can gain new life.

  • BigBabyBesus

    LL is like a great boxer who shoulda retired and stayed retired. His music is punch drunk. He made classic joints/albums but stayed waaay too long and lost his skills. It’s really sad to see him at a diminished level that he is operating on now.

  • Dude you’re a legend. You’re going to f*ck around and mess up your legacy with a comeback. I know seeing Kendrick Lamar get his problack on at the Grammys while you were hosting made you question your Token Black Grammy presenter status, but every rapper chose their lane and should accept their part in hip hop history. Stay retired and do your tv thing. Hip hop is doing just fine with what you contributed. We don’t need a “new” LL. Especially one holding a surf board trying to ride the wave of the latest trend. Shiiiiit….


      He’s not the only one, Lotta old school artist are coming out with music this year. Tho they won’t make sites like these, you’ll be surprise that other hip hop format will embrace this, because this article is 5 days old.

  • Papi Peligro

    Yeah bra it’s kind of over. I dont want to hear u on DJ mustard, zaythoven, metro boomin, Flo just ain’t built for that.

  • Sgt. H. Jennings

    If LL shouldn’t be doing music anymore then 90% of the rappers in the game today shouldn’t be doing music at all. Bar for bar there are only a select few cats in the game that can hang with LL. This goes for old and new school artist.. I’ll give it a listen just like I do everything else. If it’s hot I’ll keep it in rotation. If it’s not well uumm it goes into early retirement. Who that artist is and or his/her age isn’t a concern. I just want to hear good music.

    I don’t care if you’re 65 yrs old. If you spittin, I’m listening…

  • SoulFul Epic

    Im all ears … Working with Dre … Im sure it will be better than 99% of the bullshit you hear at stop lights … Lets let it drop before we judge …

  • Wtfcity

    Wow…………..people saying he should stay retired. Lol…….Id rather listen to LL than 99% of these lames that claim to bet artist with their trash bag music.

  • yomomma

    hes dope(or was) i welcome his comback as long he brings the heat and dont try to sound like todays corny ass rappers

  • WeakSauce

    Please LL, bring it back son!

  • greeneyedbandit

    Yes! Dr. Dre is a perfectionist, so whatever he drop should be hot.

  • 86Jordan

    Another album for the ladies album??? Most of his albums don’t spark my interest, and I don’t own 1 whole LL album. I have about 5-10 songs in my library.

    • hoeyuno

      I was thinking the same shyt..

    • takin over the carter

      his first couple albums were dope….. and he had some scattered hits through those moist albums after he went hollywood.. u kno thats when he started making that moist music …. L can spit tho

  • takin over the carter

    gimme that young l flow …. he should have a whole lot of stuff to talk about … better not come with i need love part two shit anywhere on the album!

  • even in his latest stages his flow never sounded wack or dated, I think he can put out a good music if chooses to stay true to the art. I like many don’t want to hear too much of the commercial shtt but if his album is gonna make some type of splash on the airwaves then one should expect a commercial joint or two. But after that one or two keep it the rest grimy and underground. At this stage it shouldn’t be about the money cause he has it, do it for HipHop baby! The Ripper!!!!!

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  • Celz

    You better give me the respect that I deserve or I’ma take it by force
    Blast you with a 45 colt, make you summersault
    Shock you with a couple hundred thousand volt thunderbolts
    Before you wanted a war, now you wanna talk
    It’s about who strikes the hardest, not who strikes first
    That’s why I laugh when I hear that wack ass verse
    That shit was the worse [pause] rhyme I ever heard in my life
    cause the greatest rapper of all time died on March 9th