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Max B Launches High End Line Of Hoodies, Wale Supports Free Max B Movement

(AllHipHop News) With his name being stirred up in the recent Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa saga a few months back, and with his French Montana collaborative Wave Gods project out, Max B is continuing his push for freedom.

In doing so, Max B has launched a line of hoodies that feature a side profile of Max B and a “Free Max B” emblem on the bottom right corner.

Each wavy hoodie has a front pouch and is a heavy blend sweatshirt by Gildan.

The no-pill hoodies have double-needle stitching with a double-lined hood, set-in sleeves, rib knit cuffs and a spandex fitting waistband.

The artist rendering was done by Ozzy Oz Da Vyrus who has also done work for the incarcerated Bobby Shmurda.

It appears the hoodies are already getting support as Wale Tweeted out a link for the sweatshirts in support of Charly Wingate aka Max B.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 10.29.31 PM

In addition to the hoodies, Max B has t-shirts that feature Max B with his hands held high and handcuffed.

Below the caricature is a quote that says, “Hip-Hop Isn’t Dead, It’s Behind Bars.”

The hoodies are priced at $80 a piece and t-shirts are priced at $20. There is also a packaged deal that includes Blue Ray discs of the Wavy Baby Volumes 1-3 and all three of the t-shirts for $50.

The move for the clothing line comes just several years after a 2013 lawsuit in which Dame Grease exclusively told AllHipHop that Amalgam Digital filed a court order to prevent Max B’s clothing release with clothing brand CKDOUT.

Max B, born Charly Wingate, is currently serving a 75-year prison sentence, for his role in a September 2006 robbery, that turned into a homicide.

In 2009, Max was convicted of sending his ex-girlfriend Gina Conway and his stepbrother Kelvin Leerdam, to rob two men of $30,000 in a Holiday Inn, in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

The robbery ended in the death of a man named David Taylor.

Gina Conway testified against the two men in exchange for an 18-year sentence for manslaughter, Max B. received 75-years and Leerdam received the harshest penalty, life in prison.

Max B., who has been incarcerated since 2007, was hoping to receive another trial, but in August of 2012, his hopes were dashed when an appeals court denied his claims that the jury had been “improperly instructed and handed down an excessive sentence.”

All proceeds from the hoodies and t-shirts go to the Free Max B organization petitioning for 100,000 signatures to get an official response from the Obama administration.

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Check them out below:

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  • El_Gringo

    dope ish #FreeBiggavelli


    I’ll cop one….Free Max sign that petition yall

    • ZUBU

      Yeah I’ll sign the petition… Those numbers are crazy…. While Cops kill people of all races and get away… Licensed to kill… SMH…

      • STEPH

        Your right and all the training they’re supposed to receive doesn’t do a bit of good when you consider cases like the little kid in Cleveland Tamir Rice and several others around the world. I hope he gets out just for the fact that its been since 2007 he’s been locked up, and he was accused of setting this whole thing up. I say let him out with a 5 yr parole tail to make sure he’s about his business.

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    ni99az rather idolize niccas doing football numbers rather than a ni99a trying to go to harvard. lol truelly sad

    will smith is that ni99a not big meech, not max b, none of these niccas is doing sh*t. yeah they had a run but now they having a long stay.

    a ni99a working at wendys now having a better life them both of them combined so shall i continue or do yall get the picture yet? if the shoe fit, comment and say some hoeee shit. if u real one, like and subscribe.

    • W.$.G.T.$

      Will Smith sold his soul long ago in Six Degress Of Separation getting fucked by a man on camera. That Hollywood shit is deceiving don’t get it confused

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        While i am not a fan of Will Smith’s movie. Why in America is portayed negatively if a straight dude PLAYS a gay person in a FILM which no penetration of any sort is authorized. You people are not the brightest crayons in the box are you? Even if he did smash a man, what business is that of ANY OF US!!!?!??!! Dont get mad cause he got Jada and has children while your baby momma hollering at you $100 in child support a month and looking like Precious.

      • Kiel HybridGlobal Freeman

        clown smh

      • Papi Peligro

        You can’t wait to see Will Smith play gay huh. LOL. I’m dead. Anyway dumb ninja. Its room for everybody. Money doesn’t make you a man. Its not just black people that like the tough guy image. Gangstas in the 20’s turn to James Cagney movies. This didn’t start with us. Whenever a black person do it oh its N!&&A sh!t now. Sit down stop hating on yourself. Nobody hating on Will Smith the ninja played Ali. Let these dudes have their shine too.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        You are delusional

      • Papi Peligro

        U day dreaming about will Smith singing Aretha Franklin.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

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      • Papi Peligro

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      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

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      • Papi Peligro

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      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Don’t be mad at my life.

      • Papi Peligro

        LOL. I’m good on that “Alternative” “Jaden Smith” life style. Do you though whatever gets you where you need to be.

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      • Papi Peligro

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      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

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    • Kiel HybridGlobal Freeman

      i dont think anyone is idolizing max b by showing support and big meech is close to being released and is still well known today and making money…for you to say will smith is that nigga lets me know how misguided and ignorant you really are…therefore u cant be taken seriously and maybe you should stick to commenting places where u can speak intelligently…like Donald Trump politics

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        ^Exhibit A

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        YOu speak like a true ni99a in the hood. RIP

      • Kiel HybridGlobal Freeman

        like i said stick to what u kno you obviously are a clown

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        All you know is Obama phones

      • Kiel HybridGlobal Freeman

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      • Papi Peligro

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  • W.$.G.T.$

    COOKIES brand just dropped their Max B collection today and it’s clean as hell! S/O Berner & the Wavy Crocket himself! #FreeMaxB #OWWW

  • dswagchamp

    I’m not wearing anything with another man face on it, His music wasn’t even that good and the designs are trash

    • right? why do people act lie max b some great rapper? he mediocre at best lol

  • JerZeBoy

    $80 though? I spent $60 on Crooks hooded sweatshirt that is twice as heavy as as a gildan and everything is stitched into it. i have had it for 4-5years or more and is still in great condition. these wont hold up after washing them inmy opinion….

  • Q.

    That gif is hilarious. Shoulda had homie on a surfboard.

  • Free charles manson!! lol

  • yomomma

    i respect the hustle,especially from jail,thing is he wasnt a good rapper(my opinion) and this dude killed someone so why the push to free this dude?