Drug Deal Or No Deal: Uber Driver Kicks Passengers Out After Witnessing Drug Exchange

What to do when you’re not on wheels and need a ride to handle some extralegal matters? Don’t call Uber– that’s for sure.

This Uber driver was not having it when he transported four men in what he thought was a trip for one of them to pick up a pair of keys.

The video shows the driver stopping at an obscure location and ask the passengers, “So we’re waiting for somebody to ride with us?” The man who does the exchange in the backseat responds with, “No, I’m getting some keys.”

Unfortunately enough, the Uber driver’s idea of keys were somewhat different than what the passenger had in mind.

Watch below.



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  • Markus

    The culture has to distance itself from the type of ignorant coonery it gets unfairly associated with. Case in point, if these fools committing crimes met with pigs and things went sideways, that’s not the same as a Trayvon Martin or Tamir Rice situation in my opinion. Like it or not these fools should know that in these days and times they’re representatives of the culture and their individual actions reflect poorly on the whole especially in the hands of media.

    • Phillip Fuller

      Lmao .as long as your skins dark it doesn’t matter . You can be rich as them. you can dress like them you can even talk like them . To them you’re still a thug or aka nigga.

      Yo want African tribe are you from? what language do speak?whats that style of dress do they have? Just trying to see where you get your culture from .

      • Markus

        Who mentioned clothing or speech? Who said in order to be accepted you have to talk dress or act like “them”? And while no matter how I conduct myself wouldn’t change the perception of the narrow minded, that doesn’t give me or anyone else a reason to confirm their prejudiced views. As far as what tribe I claim, I’m from the anti- skinny jeans down at my knees wearing,hoodie rocking in 70 degree weather, not smoking weed every day being dishonest with yourself that you have an addiction problem,not down with gangs who rather roll on their neighbor in the ongoing struggle over streets they don’t own and colors they get no royalties from than band together against the powers that be tribe. There’s a way to conduct yourself and not emulate “them” while still maintaining your sense of self. Those are idiots and buffoons in that video. That’s not a real black man’s behavior. That’s their behavior.

    • ZUBU

      Exactly, if you look and carry yourself a certain way you will very likely be treated as such…

      • Anthony Mason

        Respecting peoples vehicles is really easy. If they all had cars of their own maybe they could appreciate it. That guy who was complaining about the bill and sitting in the seat once they got out doesn’t sound like he has ever paid a car note…

      • ZUBU

        Yeah that dude has never had a car or a car note… Sometimes its not so much what you do but how you do it… SMH…. No self snitching but years ago (early 90’s) East Coast. I alone took a cab to the bootlegger, and to the smoke-spot. I got out each time let him keep the meter running, tipped him very nicely and kept it moving…. I had no problems….

      • Anthony Mason

        Yeah. Violating people in their car is a no no. That is like walking up in their house and taking a piss in the livingroom. These grown little boys needed a mentor to show them how to carry themselves in the presence of a man providing a much needed service to them. He is not about to f*** up his life over them…

        He did the right thing. He got up out the car so that dumb nigga got the message that sitting in the car wasn’t doing s*** and they could talk outside.

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  • JamalFromGhostwriter

    If you really want that you can get that. Three five sev with the kick back.

    Don’t mind me. Just thought I’d make an actual hip hop contribution to all of this foolishness.

  • Anthony Mason

    I like how the last dude played a victim like he owned part of the back seat or some s***. This is embarrassing. Ubers are taxis not narcotics transporters…

    • ZUBU

      Bro, I would have never let 4 suspect dudes in the car with me…. At night driving through the hood no, no…. They drinking and spitting nigga this and nigga that. They were not even smart enough to jump out the car and handle that real quick….

      • Anthony Mason

        Yeah I agree man. I would be tight.