Did Rihanna Rent Out An Entire Hotel Floor To Smoke In Peace?

What do you do when you want to smoke your weed in peace? You rent out an entire hotel floor. Rumor has it, bad gal Rihanna rented out the whole fourth floor of her hotel during a stop on her ‘ANTI’ tour so she could smoke weed without disturbing others. Sources say that Ri even offered to pay for rooms of those who still complained about the smell. Things you do when you have the coins!

  • TimeWillTellu1

    I would just smoke in the bathroom and joints only. Blunts will damage the linens with the smell. Unless she planned on smoking 100 blunts then I can see the reason for this but the old running the shower and coffee maker in the bathroom is all you have to do. I’ve done it 1000 times and never charged for smoking.

    • NotTomFromMySpace

      she famous and a Millionaire, what she looks like stuffing towels under doors and running hot water lol

      • RapItUp

        shiiiiet, I’d go right to the car and light up… Millionaire status and all. That’s what 5% tint in the valet section is made for

      • Corey Farnham

        i know right

    • Corey Farnham

      Yea but when you got millions, a few grand to lounge and smoke in peace in noting. Can you picture a multi millionaire going thru all that trouble? hell as a teenager i couldn’t even be bothered with that shit, rather stink out the house and feel the parental wrath later than go thru that hassle. Plus you must be smoking some bland ass weed for it to not smell when you smoke joints…joints are gonna smell even worse because the tobacco smell isnt mixing, its just straight up burnt ganja, minus the fact that joints usually contain less weed but tstill. A good dank skunky indica is gonna smell up the room, blunt or no blunt.

  • ApricotNapalm

    i feel like any splurge moment could be a challenge from God – who ate off that decision besides RiRi with the munchies & Trump supporters & dudes that wanna see u enslaved dead or in jail – then u go speaking out against dudes when u empowered they movement “stuntin”- wake up ppl

  • Markus

    If this is true it just further proves the fact that weed is a drug and weed addiction is real. That’s a lot of money to go through even if at the moment you got it like that just to get a fix. Damn.

    • RapItUp

      Or, B) this story is bogus or C) Rihanna is just a jackass

      • Markus

        Could be bogus. But like I said,if this is true, she’s on a mission she doesn’t even realize she’s on.

    • Corey Farnham

      lmao…I take it you have never smoked? I smoked daily for 12 years and recently cut way back to maybe once a month. During that decade+ span tho i would go a week without it here, 2 weeks there. It’s just a lifestyle and something one really enjoys. Opiates on the otherhand are completley diffrent, i had an addiction (i eventually conquered) to those and thats real. Weed is nothing like that. Problem is that people don’t accept pot so readily so you have to do things like rent a whole floor out to smoke in piece. It’s like someone who loves playing the drums, just cause you play em to relax daily, doesn’t mean your addicted, plus you gon have to rent a whole floor to play those too.

      • Markus

        If weed is so harmless,I just don’t see it that way. Instead I see young kids getting put in the court databases getting fingerprinted and having that harmless drug come back to bite them when they get into real trouble or go out for a job that requires a drug test. I see young black athletes fortunate enough to be given opportunities to amass wealth who have the same come from nothing stories and yet would rather retire before they turn 30 or worse can’t abide by the rules clearly stated that you can’t smoke this harmless drug while employed. Forfeiting millions of dollars because the desire for weed is stronger than you can handle sounds like an addiction problem to me. Especially when you go to the
        extremes of smoking synthetic weed just to beat a test. Synthetic weed that could leave you permanently brain damaged or dead. Just for getting high? Weed isn’t new. It’s just a bigger issue to deal with. And in the case of people of color it’s become a epidemic especially when you choose getting high over getting money. There are a lot of kids fascinated with this that eventually leads to them being on the wrong radar and before you know it the harmless drug has moved in and dominates their day to day. Our entertainment doesn’t help by reinforcing that smoking is fun. Meanwhile the dependency that develops with today’s average kid is real. And they don’t have the luxury of buying floors in hotels . Most of the kids in these hoods all over the country end up never learning about moderation. Once you downplay weed as harmless the way it’s become so prominent than ever before in the culture,before you know more people get lost in the haze.

    • atle fjeldstad

      I think you need too read a little about addiction.. And when you are done, do some research about cannabinoids.

  • Anthony Mason

    She is weed addicted. I remember when her goofy a** got caught sniffing coke. Rhianna is a rich person with no soul left in her $5000 purse….

    • jeffrey Jones

      You just jealous ’cause all you can afford is brick shit.

      • Anthony Mason

        Well I don’t smoke weed little Jeffrey and you don’t know what I can or can’t afford….


    I’m sure there was a private penthouse to rent somewhere in the city. What an exaggeration.

  • The Wackness Vs Dope

    miss when hip hop publications still wrote about the music more then the life style