Hip Hop Stars Who Have Proudly Stumped For Trump

Many things have been said about GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump with much of it being unflattering when it comes to his views on women, minorities and people coming from bloodlines and beliefs that are not historically established as a part of America’s Mayflower worthy ruling class.  In fact, in many cases it would seem that Trump actively courts and encourages very specific, highly xenophobic segments of society to be aggressively exclusionist when it comes to America’s time honored tradition of referring to itself positively as a great melting pot when it comes to important questions of race, class, power and creed.

As Hip Hop comes from a tradition of thriving artistically from a point outside of any cookie cutter ideals for society that work consciously or unconsciously to cast down one group in favor of another, it is frankly surprising if not a little disheartening when a musician, who calls him or herself a part of the universal soul that is Hip Hop, endorses a man that many major newspapers have called a demagogue.  But this is America, and no matter what anyone thinks about it, for the time being, all of us can endorse whomever we want.  So, in these cases, maybe the love is real, maybe it’s just a show to be contrary (which Hip Hop rebels do well), or maybe it’s just for the twitter hits, publicity and imagined future tax breaks, but these are the latest in a short list of Hip Hop Artists who are not ashamed to love The Donald:

1.Foxy Brown, aka Inga DeCarlo Fung Marchand.  The often reclusive Ms. Brown, who took some time off from the rap game due to an illness that briefly impaired her hearing, is now back in the studio, and has intimated that her new album could be a tribute to Donald Trump.  In her own words to the New York Daily News: ” I know so many people won’t agree with me and will try to change my mind, but I’m a smart girl.  I’m excited… I haven’t been this excited in a long time, ” gushed the former Ill Na Na, continuing,” I know people say he’s a racist, but that’s just crazy.”  Apparently it didn’t take that long to change her mind.  In the aftermath of the steep and deep twitter blowback she received from the Hip Hop community and others for her statements, Brown quickly doubled back on instagram with the all caps entreaty, ” I AM IN NO WAY ENDORSING TRUMP!!!” However, on the business of whether Foxy believes Trump is or is not racist, the details are still fuzzy.

  1.  Chingy, aka Howard Bailey, Jr.,  Mr. “Right Thurr” and “Holidae In” rapper from St. Louis, Missouri tweeted the following with regards to Donald Trump on January 22nd: “People should innerstand that politics is a business jus like the job you work at. I vote for @realDonaldTrump ‘YEP’ 3”  After receiving a landslide of criticism, Chingy quickly retracted his endorsement later on that same day, saying that his original tweet had been “taken out of context,” with the twitter rejoinder, ” I’m trending though. Lmao #LifeOfACeleb #TwitterIsTheDevil #NoEndorsement.”

  2. Azealia Banks, who has always been outspoken when it comes to African American civil rights, along with the need for over $100 trillion to be paid by the U.S. government to African Americans as reparations for slavery, had this somewhat passive aggressive endorsement of Donald Trump: “I think Donald Trump is evil like America is evil and in order for America to keep up with itself it needs him.”  To her credit, Banks, aka Miss Bank$ is the only one who has not succumbed to pressure to retract her statements post community backlash.  However it is important to note that her incendiary statements did go public on Feb 1, exactly one week before Banks’ record “The Big Big Beat,” was set to drop. As such, whether Ms. Banks’ words were savvy coincidence or just the serendipitous remarks of a true believer we can never really know.

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  • Anthony Mason

    Foxy must not be able to hear Trump. We’ll blame it on that….

    • Q.

      Cheap shot. LOL

      • Anthony Mason

        Lol! Kind of messed up…. (hangs head)

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  • Mec-One

    Wow ….y’all still decided to run with this story when Foxy already cleared up the fact that the story of her endorsement of trump was bogus this morning ……smh

    • RapItUp

      Lol beat me to it.. The ‘journalism’ on this site is laughable at best. At the very least, more pub. for Foxy, that she wasn’t thirstily after. Good for her. These click-bait based, spineless bastards running the stories will keep at it regardless of the outcome

      • Dark Matters

        That must be why we keep coming back – for the laughs. lol

      • Anthony Mason

        We all like viewing “journalism” trainwrecks because most of us on here like to read and write. I think the errors are on purpose…

  • Q.

    This might be an issue, if anybody really cared what any of these three people thought.

  • D Rednblack Middlebrooks

    2 people who haven’t been relevant in YEARS and one who’s trying to become relevant……Good Job AHH

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  • Uncle Ruckus

    IMO the more hip hop dislikes Trump, the more he’s likely to win

  • In Black America Radio

    i mean…………what options do you really have? Trump, hillary, sanders. hillary and sanders are both jew’ish. sanders is FOR reparations to be given to jews but not for black people. and please dont fall for his civil rights photo opt either, we know he isnt going to get the nom, the role he is playing is the role of RON paul. like ben carson role was the role of herman cain. hillary is aligned with the murder of babies and eugenics. the last 8 year we saw the democrats push like hell for ghey rights……… they forcing us to except transgender’s………..and next up to bat is the pedo’s (look up the story about the pedo symbols on kids toys). so thats your democrats………oh, and barack and his TTP which is just NAFTA Pt 2. so thats your democrats the garland dude that barack want to put in the supreme court……….another jew, which would make the courts have 5 catholics and 4 jews………he was the DA during the clinton admin and handled those drug cases.
    so thats the democrats

    now the republicans…………they not running for president lol they are actually going to be locked out of this election if you pay attention. but they supposed to be anti gay (which black people claim this ghey agenda is an attack on the black family structure) and posed to be anti abortion (which we claim abortions kill more blacks then gun fire, and is part of the eugenics that magaret sanger pushed for useless eaters).

    THEN you have Trump………….we dont know what the HELL his agenda is and what his policies are………..according to the Minister Trump didnt except any bread from jewish lobbyist (dont know if thats true or not). he say he wants to build a wall and basically control the number of immigrants in the country. (oooooo thats racist) but isnt that the same thing Claude Anderson said? in the conscious community we talk about these other groups in our community taking money out our community…….. how we need to build a black economy, how the arab them enslaved and still oppress black people to this day………how the china man dont like us, how the mexicans is killing blacks in LA etc etc but then when someone like trump say the same things we get upset. and to be clear……….this is just an observation not an endorsement

  • Papi Peligro

    Article is misleading. I can find a positive about Trump thats not an endorsement definitely not a proud endorsement. Foxy already said she doesnt support trump and Azelia Banks said Hitler also made the cover of time magazine.


    If the article is clear or not, these 3 losers are an afterthought. Trumps not going to win anyway…Hillary Clinton for president…When her husband was president America was in a lot better position and I don’t think that he will let her go at it alone. Any democrat matter of fact as opposed to those fu-k ass republicans, that’s why we’re in the position we are in at this moment…Dickhead bush locks us into 2 wars (totaling 18-20 billion a month for over 10 yrs), destabilizes the middle east by killing Saddam (now we have ISIS, and Iran on the verge of obtaining a nuke), let the auto market damn near fall to pieces, the housing market also through derivatives (gutted entire neighborhood communities) the Guantanamo Bay fiasco, Wall Street fucked, and Social Security. How the hell when 9/11 happen a fool (Bin Laden) makes a video claiming responsibility that we send over 90, 000 troops to Iraq (yellow pound cake uranium LMAO!) (became a lot more after the “surge”) and 80,000 over to Afghanistan. Then the fool never even caught him. When Vietnam happen a lot of those soldiers were a lot older than these guys, and we’re still taking care of them….These kids are like 18-19 with limbs missing and shit and we have a lot longer to take care of them. Not to mention our (The United States) biggest budget is defense…Normally it’s a bid that companies like Halliburton, Boeing, etc make bids for that contract….Why is it that the Carlyle group (which daddy Bush, and Bin Ladin’s father are on the board) win the contract year after year? Then they want “To stay the fight”? while shooting off missiles that are valued at 3-4 million apiece, Bush’s dumbass arming the Iraqi army with like 4.7 million weapons and then the fake Iraqi army fu-ks around and takes them and start shooting our soldiers…Then the idiot leaves office and leaves Obama to fix this fu-ked up mess….Give me a fu-king break.

  • dbfromdc