Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar Surprises Youth Workshop, Freestyles And Raps With The Kids

(AllHipHop News)  It’s been a whirlwind the past several years for Kendrick Lamar. He met President Obama, went RIAA Platinum two times and won 7 Grammy’s – all in a three-year span.

But it hasn’t stopped there, Kendrick has focused on giving back to his community in various ways, never forgetting where he came from.

Not only is Kendrick contributing to lives in his hometown of Compton and getting the key to his city, but Kendrick is making a difference inspiring lives across the globe.

Take a look at a recent Reebok Classic event as Reebok Classic partnered with Brighter Sounds and the Wonder Inn to host a Hip Hop Workshop for 46 young musicians in Manchester, UK.

Without any notice to the kids, Kendrick Lamar unexpectedly surprised the session of 46 young musicians who were ” left speechless” as Kendrick began rapping and flowing with the kids.

All the musicians gathered in an impromptu cypher captured below on video.

“Obviously for Reebok to make this happen is incredible – we were able to offer such an amazing experience for the participants, but for Kendrick Lamar to take the time out to come down is beyond words. We could see how much it meant to the group – it’s enough to inspire young people for a lifetime, and it’ll be remembered by every young person here,” Brighter Sound Director, Debra King said 

While this wasn’t part of his mentorship program, recently Kendrick encouraged his community and communities across the country to join in mentoring the youth via Obama’s #MyBrothersKeeper mentoring program.

Find out more about that here. and #MBK #MYBROTHERSKEEPER

  • The City

    A true King always walk amongst his people.

    • All Headz Realize

      King of what, I know you ain’t talking about New York city?
      Dude had about 50 rappers respond to his king of New York claim. Resulting in a no answer, just tucked his tail under his butt and went pop with some overrated song with another overrated musician, Taylor Swift! I’ll give it up to dr dre for the propaganda but he ain’t got no one fooled in the Eastcoast, bruh! Ain’t nobody out East bumping Kendrick Lamar like you westcoast and midwestern kats. Waaaay overrated!

      • The City

        Who’s better right now?

      • All Headz Realize

        Getting overhyped doesn’t make you king, it only makes you a target. A true king eliminates comp not avoid or ignore them.

      • The City

        Over hyped? Every project King Kendrick dropped has gotten Critical Acclaim…that’s talent so he earned his hype.

      • All Headz Realize

        Acclaimed by who? Look how long it takes Kendrick to go platinum after supposedly selling 400k albums the first week. It didn’t take Drake and J Cole that long! He’s overhyped, man!

      • N*gga, did you really mention Drake and J Cole in the same sentence? Please log off from your computer and go to your room for 2 weeks of time out. Your commenting privileges have been temporarily suspended….

      • All Headz Realize

        I said J Cole is a lot better than Kendrick Lamar. Now what?
        You keep dancing around the #facts because you Kendrick fans are jealous of Drake’s success. I don’t think Drake is that good of a rapper, but he makes hits, something your mans Kendrick can’t seem to do, make one hit bruh so we can all say you’re great. If I can’t get through your album, and I consider myself a self righteous brother, you ain’t dropping no knowledge and you lacking in that real HipHop feel in the music I so much love. I can feel it in J Cole’s music and I don’t know if it’s the production or so called ghostwriting but I even feel real original HipHop in some of Drake’s song. I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL KENDRICK AND HIS TEAM ARE DOING BUT A LOT OF HIS MUSIC IS BORDERLINE WACK,BRUH!

        P.S. Go back to your HipHop school ir due them cuz they didn’t educate you right.
        And stop beating around the bushes!

      • The City

        The only competitor that could be a considerable threat to King Kendrick is Lupe…J Cole is nice too but Drake and I say this respectfully is a modern day TJ Swan.

      • You need to choose what you want. You sound like a tepid school girl who wants a boyfriend but wants to stay a virgin. You either want hip hop or you want to chart surf. Which is it? You can’t say that awards don’t matter but then in the same breath talk about selling records. Chart surfing and award shows go hand in hand. Neither is a true reflection of hip hop value or quality. Those two things only mean exposure and profitability. But… If Drake were getting it (according to your usage of popularity) why is his awards cabinet so bare? Why is Kendrick’s so full? How can a Jewish squeaky clean image half-White rapper be less popular than a dark-skinned n*gga talking about slavery and police brutality? Maybe because everyone knows Drake has ghost writers? That’s worth exploring. And how can Kendrick survive while displaying his Blackness so consistently in front of White folks? Any answers? Hmmm…. Kinda shoots up your chart theory, huh?

        But even at that, Kendrick does well. Because the main argument against “lyricists” is that they can’t sell on the charts. Well…. J Cole and Kendrick silenced those idiots. And while you may not think Kendrick can sell a record, facts prove you wrong. If I’m correct he did whip Drake’s ass by setting a streaming record AFTER his album was leaked early. And he’s also had two platinum albums. So like it or not, he can move units. But bottom line…. He’s a better artist than almost every single hip hop artist out there right now. And that includes squeaky clean white boy image Drake. You’re playing yourself. Your hate of dude is unjustified and you sound dumb. He’s not even my favorite artist but I give props where props are due. Drake ain’t doing sh*t for the culture except singing. N*ggas like you be secretly rooting for the police when n*ggas protest. You probably got a Milli Vanilli/ Drake mashup on your iPhone. Ole hatin’ ass n*gga… 😂😂😂

      • All Headz Realize

        First off bruh bruh, I have a teen daughter and if she wants to remain a virgin, that boy has better comply.
        1. Kendrick gets more promotion and hype than any other rapper today.
        2. They all get their albums leak.
        3. You are a big Kendrick fan with posters on your walls and stickers on your laptop and all! 😂😂
        4. Ol riding another man ass nigga!😃😂
        5. Once again, I said J Cole is better than Kendrick but I’ve noticed you keep ignoring that.
        6. I’m into underground HipHop and once again I never said that I was a Drake fan. I’m just giving h credit because his success is not from overhypeness.
        7. I know street kats and niggas that be in and out the joint that be listening to YM and Drake.
        8. Kendrick ain’t holding down any streets except westcoast and not everywhere out west either.
        9. You must not understand the music industry but I’ve noticed that Kendrick’s sales aren’t living up to the money being spent to promote him.
        10. Listen, ain’t no company in their right mind would buy 1 million of Kendrick’s album like they’ve done JayZ and Rihanna because they won’t make their money back.
        11. What happened to the sales of “Untitled Unmastered”, if your mans is so hot out here?
        12. Looking at you, getting all emotional!😂😃😄😅😅😅😅😆😯😯😢😢😂😂😂

      • The City

        Pretty much the whole music industry brother…once again his talent warrants his hype because his music speaks for itself…knit picking aside.

  • Meanwhile in Canada, Drake held a surprise R&B session with 25 of the hottest female school choir members. Word has it that he also tried to enter a workshop for up and coming song writers, but when they refused to let him enter, he sent Noah “40” Shebib to steal their sh*t….

    • All Headz Realize

      Bruh, Drake donated $75,000 for a state of art recording studio at a Philadelphia high school. I’m not the biggest fan of neither of these overrated rappers but be fair in your assessments. I remember when Drake & The Game donated $25,000 for funeral expenses to the mother in Ohio who lost 5 kids in a fire. Where was Kendrick then? I know you have a favorite but lets not assassinate characters without #facts .

      • First of all…. You’re tripping. This isn’t character assassination. This is comedy. Glib sh*t. There’s a difference. I know you’re a fan of Drake but you’re being overly sensitive with your emotions (a hallmark of a Drake fan). If I wanted to go at Drake’s character I could choose any number of reasons. For instance, how he’s always sh*tting on Christianity in a lot of songs and never makes light of his own personal Jewish faith. How he uses ghost writers. How he’s afraid to engage Kendrick. How people get on Iggy for faking her whole hip hop persona and Drake is basically doing the same sh*t (that n*gga ain’t from Texas).

        I could go further but why? Trust me. If I wanted to sh*t on Drake’s character, it wouldn’t be hard. Stop being so emotional homie. It’s jokes.

      • All Headz Realize

        Bruh, I’m a music fan but I hate propaganda! If you observe what really just happened, you’ll notice that this was clearly a publicity stunt. How do you surprise anybody when the press is waiting for you with cameras? I’m sure not the biggest Drake fan but as I follow the music I love, I noticed that Drake’s music takes off on its own practically without big time promotion. Drake’s music is always on the top of the charts. I just don’t know why Kendrick gets so much promotion from Dr Dre but he doesn’t have one number one hit. I know I know, you’re so much of a fan that you think it’s because he’s so deep but I see otherwise, his music is overrated. Its good that they’re trying to promote Kendrick in Europe cuz maybe it would help his sales live up to his hype! Bruh, I’m never emotional, I’m just kicking #facts .

      • Bruh… I checked the thread to see what you wrote. You’re obviously emotional about Kendrick. But if you really want to know why Kendrick is getting more acclaim than your big Drake, let me be the first to break it down for you. First, Drake is a pop star. He moves for the charts. And while no one is saying he shouldn’t, with all of the unrest that’s happening in the world for Black folks, he hasn’t said JACK SH*T about it. Which is the equivalent of caring more about your career than your “supposed” people. Maybe Drake identifies more with being a White guy (since he flosses them like crazy up in his videos). And there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, he’s half White anyway. But artistically speaking, singing about heartache and f*cking b*tches is typical and therefore will never merit any serious consideration to the artist for stepping out from their comfort zone and taking a risk. Also, Drake claims to be an emcee. Yet, he’s been killed by rumors of ghost writing. As a pop star, there’s nothing wrong with it but as an MC, you can’t claim to be the illest and you didn’t write your rhymes. #fact (since you seem to like that a lot). Also…Drake is a calculated risk taker. That’s good for some things but when it comes to an MC battle that can be seen as hoe sh*t. He went at Meek because Meek spilled some real sh*t about his ghost writing tendencies. But meanwhile, Kendrick called his name out on wax, in a BET cypher and in interviews. Drake didn’t take him on because Drake knows what everyone else in hip hop knows…. He’d get murdered. Drake also didn’t take on Common because once again, he would’ve gotten murdered (let’s not forget Common murdered Ice Cube in his prime). But he decided to go against Meek Mill (who has been known for his flow but NOBODY ever viewed as a lyrical MC). Calculated = b*tch.
        Why is Kendrick better?
        1. He makes killer EVENT albums (and we’re talking whole albums, not hot singles)

        2. He’s an artist and not a pop star (granted, he made a song with Taylor Swift but his career has been consistently HIP HOP and had very little pop shine, unlike Drake whose whole f*cking career has been on some pop sh*t)

        3. He is a lyricist. Drake only talks about hoes and money. Kendrick writes stories that pull you in.

        4. Kendrick is more in touch with social issues, He stands with the people who’ve experienced police brutality. He came from poverty. Meanwhile, Drake can’t even spell section 8.

        5. Kendrick takes risks. It’s one thing to get your record deal. It’s another thing to risk pissing off all of White America with some in your face sh*t about racism. Hell, at the Grammys Kendrick said the most problack line I’ve ever heard from any performer in history.

        6. Kendrick will battle. That doesn’t mean battling a bunch of unworthy weak ass n*ggas who want to come up off his name. That means, if you have your own platform and fan base and you come at dude, he will battle your ass without question. Sorry Papoose isn’t in his league for a battle.

        All of these reasons are why Kendrick crushes Drake. #howyoulikethosefacts

        Class dismissed.

      • All Headz Realize

        I just made my point about Drake because you were overreacting everything Kendrick does. Bruh, J Cole better than Kendrick and I know kats, I mean real street dudes who be feeling Drake’s music. Kendrick is a phoney wanna be conscious rapper! Look here, ain’t no real intellegant conscious rapper gonna go to a high school in a foreign country and start cursing on the mic. That was straight up ignorant! Those English kids probably went through hell to vouch for dude to come to their school and the first thing your “Mr. So called intellectual conscious rapper” is start using foul language? Way to represent Kendrick!
        Bruh, I can’t believe you standing up for Common after Drake took Serena Williams from him! That was the lamest thing anyone could’ve done was to start trying to diss the dude that stole your girl in a rap song! Lol😂😃😂
        Ain’t you think Common went in on Drake like how?
        I thought you were from Cali until you said Common won the battle against Cube. I also noticed that you hold kangay a lot too so you gotta be out the Midwestern way like Chicago. Its all good but look more into reality of the matter and stop looking at these rap dudes as some kind of superheroes!
        Back to Kendrick, lol, he’s been doing more commercially pop moves than Drake. Drake just make hits whether he’s singing or rapping, you can’t knock that.

        Kendrick making songs with rock and roll bands and Taylor Swift! Lol!
        They love using Kendrick!
        They wanna kill Beyonce for “Formation”, but say f the cops and does all that at the grammys and no one cares. Your man ain’t no threat to them because they know he’s just doing it for fame only.
        When we were protesting in Ferguson, J Cole was there but where was mr. so called intellectual conscious rapper Kendrick Lamar then?

      • How shall I school thee? Let me count the ways….

        1. You really need to stop f*cking hating dude. Really.

        2. Do you think Tupac was a weak n*gga? Because he went at someone over a woman too. So if anything, Common’s approach was normal.

        3. Your high school comment about Kendrick was sooooo lame. First, high school kids in every country curse worse than any R or XXX movie you ever saw. Also, what cypher have you ever been in where nobody cursed? Maybe in a Seventh Day Adventist cypher or some sh*t. Real hip hoppers say what comes from the mind and heart. We call that free styling.

        4. Since when did Kendrick Lamar label himself a conscious rapper? You did. He didn’t.

        5. You complained about Kendrick working with pop stars and rock bands. But wait…. Run DMC worked with Aerosmith. Big Daddy Kane rocked with Madonna. Jay Z did a whole joint album with Linkin Park. Once again…. WRONG!

        6. When it came to ANY AWARDS SHOW, Kendrick Lamar is the only hip hop artist to take it from prison to Africa to the modern day protest. No other artist in THE HISTORY OF ALL OF THE MUSIC AWARDS shows has done anything as Black.

        7. And lastly…. Stop hating. You’re sounding kinda emotional for no reason. Kendrick is the sh*t and Drake is an R&B artist. Face it. Just face it.

      • All Headz Realize

        Lol bruh, you’re allover the place with deceitful words and basic lies!
        1. Kendrick fans always speak of him being socially conscious rapper but I’m glad you’re not because he’s nowhere near!
        2. You criticized Drake in your earlier comments for not touching the “unrest happening in the world for black folks”, which comes off as you suggesting that Kendrick is socially conscious while Drake is not but you can keep beatin around the bush on what you really ment!
        3. Who took 2Pac’s girl and what song did he diss the advocated on? I know you’re not talking about “Hit Em”?
        4.Everybody and they momma knows that Common was madly in love with Serena Williams but Drake was like “Your bit*h chose me”! “Common sense” needs to go on and hold this big fat L for even coming at Drake after that. That ain’t no way to approach the situation, PLAYER, probably turned the woman off for good!
        5. I see how you keep trying to put Kendrick in the company if the greatest rap artist ever. All those artist you named were very acclaimed by a concencus of the HipHop community. Kendrick’s acclaims comes from mostly non traditional HipHop community that you can tell were paid to give positive feedback on the albums. Kendrick at most have the Westcoast and Midwest but they rest of the country ain’t sold on him.
        6. With all the hype and “positive reviews” and not including all the pop stars (I forgot Lady Gaga) and popular rock group at the time that Dr.Dre has paid for Kendrick, the majority of HipHop fans still buy more of Drake and J Cole albums and at a faster rate.
        7. How the hell does it take a great album a whole year to go platinum after selling 400k in the first week? Answer=plenty of overhypeness!
        8. If Kendrick sneezes and say “Excuse me” at an award show, you’ll say “Kendrick was the first artist to sneeze on stage and say excuse me”! 😂😃😂
        9. I think Kendrick has great potential but stop putting him on a level he ain’t yet, then maybe he can actually achieve that status for you.
        10. Know where you’re at and who you influence. That’s some bullish*t that you think that it is OK for Kendrick to be cursing at a high school freestyle session with administrator there. I didn’t even hear any of the kids use foul language because they’ll probably have to face the consequences.
        11. Kendrick not knowing when not to curse I n a freestyle battle shows the lack of maturity from a 28 year old man who has been propelled into a level that he’s not wise enough to handle.
        12. If you get to a very high level of success on your own, you prepare for the way you’ll handle any and every situation at hand. It was hard to watch that video seeing how Kendrick had absolutely no chill while hanging with high school kids at least 10 years his youth. Smh

      • Bruh… Just stop. You’re looking like the biggest hater on this joint. You claim I’m all over the place. But I dissected, point by point, every issue you hated on Kendrick for. If you’re a fan of Drake, just say that. But going through trying to build him up to be better than Kendrick is a waste of time. A real MC teaches and lifts up his people. I haven’t seen sh*t like that from Drake. But I have seen it from Kendrick. You stand alone on this thread in thinking that Drake is better than Kendrick. Kendrick is a real MC. Face it. I’m done.

      • All Headz Realize

        Listen, you just don’t like being proven wrong. What song has Kendrick made that make you think he’s a true MC? I’m not even saying whether Drake is better or not but you like to beat around the bush and you get mad when called our on it. I said J Cole is better than Kendrick and Drake as weak as you say. I’m telling you bruh that Drake’s popularity is from the press and overhyped promotion but Kendrick Lamar gets oveehyped by Dr.Dre more than any other artist but all the hype doesn’t translate in sales. That is the apex of overhyped. He gets 11 Grammy nodes, wins 5 and only sell 25k in that same week? #Overhyped
        Bruh, his album was so overhyped that he sold over 400k in one week but it took over a years for him to go platinum. You’re using that word MC loosely but I understand, they’re either paying you or you’re just an obsessed STAN!
        Maybe we should just agree to disagree but I can tell you are no one to arguing about HipHop with me, bruh! You are new to the game and I’m from the foundation of the entire culture. You can’t teach me nothing but you need to go back to your teacher and reevaluate your knowledge of real HipHop, brah!

      • disqus_9oMBNqiEJX

        Speak the truth BJ. Drizzy is B. And cant fuzk with Kendrick.

  • Markus

    Dude continues to impress and present an alternative to the ignorant trap trash that has rap in a choke hold. Keep winning, K-Dot.

  • Q.

    Dope. Good look vibing out with the British youth.

  • timwest1000

    Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga.

  • 3rdEye_Sharp

    Kendrick Lamar is DEFINITELY The Leader of the New School! :No Busta, lol

  • jacksjus

    UK has some talent.